His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 15




I was in the middle of the woods. I could see fog surrounding me. Suddenly cleared and I could clearly see the things around me. I saw myself kneeling down on the ground with a body in my arms. I could see the wolves of my pack surrounding me but everything seemed frozen. I went near and saw that the body in my arms was Rose’s. Bad thoughts started coming into my mind. I ran towards Rose but was stopped by a wall. I couldn’t go further. I saw myself pleading Rose to come back to me. I was crying. I let out a howl which was filled with pain and agony.

Suddenly everything went dark. I kept looking here and there. Suddenly a light emerged in front of me. It almost blinded my vision. I then heard a sweet, “Xavier son!”

“Who are you?“, I asked the person. I then saw a lady, she was very beautiful and had a motherly aura around her.

“I am the Moon Goddess”, she said. I quickly knelt down and bowed my head in respect. I got up when she signaled me to get up.

“Xavier I have come here to you tell you and warn that in the day of the blue moon you will gain as well lose something.”

“But you have to make quick decisions and correct choices and keep everyone you love close.“, she told me.

“But what will happen Moon Goddess?“, I asked her.

She didn’t reply and faded away. Once again I saw the seen in front of me with Rose laying dead in my arms. I let out a scream.


I woke up with a jolt and started frantically searching for Rose. I saw then saw her peacefully sleeping beside me. I quickly hug her and try to take in her scent as much as I could to calm me down. “I love you so much, baby, “I murmured against her neck. You are mine baby I wouldn’t let anyone take you away from me. I looked at the time and saw that it was 6 A.M.

I think I should wake her up. I could feel me hard on paining when I remembered the ways I woke her up every day. I got up and knelt between her legs and spread them apart. I ran my nose on her underwear and took in her addictive smell. I could feel her starting to get wet but she hasn’t woken up. I placed a kiss on her clit on top of her underwear. My baby was just sleeping in my shirt. I quickly removed my shirt from her body and ran my gaze on my most prized possession. I slowly ran my finger on her breasts and watched her nipples harden from my touch. I removed her underwear and started to eat her out. Oh, she tastes so good! My baby soon started moaning in her sleep. I then gently bit her clit and sucked on it which made her gasp and wake up quickly. She opened her beautiful eyes and looked at me. I winked at her and continued eat her out till she came undone. I quickly stood up and removed my boxers and pushed my length inside her. I threw my head back and moaned at the feeling of her tight little cunt. She feels so amazing. That’s why people say that sex with your mate is amazing beyond limits. I started slamming into her with a need to cum. I quickly changed our positions so that she was on top of me and I was on my back. “Ride me, baby.”

She started to jump and grind on my length. It was too much for me. “Yeah, baby just like that, Oh yeah!” I started slamming upwards into her, which made her moan and gasp my name. I came inside her after she came. She slumped down on my chest from exhaustion. I soothed her hair and rubbed her back. We both were breathing heavily. “I love you, baby!”

“I love you too Xavi!”

I kissed her forehead and took her to the washroom and started showering with her. After we showered I wrapped a towel on her body and one on my waist. We soon got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. We quickly ate breakfast as it was around seven-thirty which meant only half an hour for school. We got in the car and I started driving to school. Realization hit me while driving that I have not been using a condom while having sex. I turned towards Rose and said, “Baby I have not been using a condom while having sex.”

“I know but I have been on birth control from last year.”

“Why were you on birth control since last year?”

“Mom put me on it. assuming that I will find my mate.“. she said blushing. I chuckled at her cuteness. I bent forward and kissed her forehead lovingly. We reached school and I got out of my car and went towards Rose’s car seat and opened her door and held my hand out for her. She is my queen and she needs to be treated like one. She came out and I closed the door behind her. I am an Alpha and I am very territorial over my mate. I looked around and saw few males eyeing my mate in lust. I growled at them. I could hear Ares snarling at the back of my mind.

“Kill them! KILL THEM NOW! They dared to eye what’s ours!” Ares snarled.

They quickly ran away shivering from my murderous gaze. Suddenly a soft hand latched on my arm. I could feel myself calm down due to the touch of my mate. I quickly pulled her to me and sniffed my mark on her neck which calmed me down fully. I placed a soft kiss on my mark before pulling away from her. I wrapped a protective arm around my mate.

We went inside the school building. We went to our first period which was chemistry. The teacher was absent due to which we were watching some boring documentary. We were sitting there quietly when I felt a small hand in my inner thighs. I immediately tensed up. The hand soon moved upwards and grabbed my cock through my jeans. I gasped as my cock immediately hardened. I looked towards Rose and saw her looking at me with purple eyes. Her purple eyes meant that her wolf Lily was in control. She quickly opened my zip and put her hand in my boxers and started jerking me off. Oh, that felt so good. I threw my head back in pleasure. I then remembered that we were in school so sit up a little and grabbed the desk in my hands. I could see my knuckles were turning white. I was so close. She then removed her thumb-scooped a little pre-cum from the tip of my cock then sucked it off. She then moaned quietly after tasting me. She then opened her eyes and winked at me. Her eyes then turned into her normal blue ones.

I heard Ares growled in lust at Lily’s action. She was teasing us. “We should bend her over and fuck her little ass till she learns not to tease us.“, Ares growled lustfully. I agreed with him. The bell rang and I quickly zipped my pants and got up from my seat. I could still feel my hard-on which was painfully erect. That little vixen was giggling with a mischievous look in her eyes. The next period went on and now it was time for lunch. We all were sitting at our table with our friends sitting with us eating our lunch. Rose was sitting on my lap. We were all peacefully eating our lunch when we heard the screechy voice of Britney aka the slut. “Xavier baby why did you mark this ugly bitch, I am your mate and your rightful Luna,”

Before I could growl at that bitch, my mate got up from my lap and slapped the bitch across her face. She fell to the ground at the impact of the slap. “Shut up slut and stay away from my mate or otherwise I won’t think about ripping you apart, but I will rip you apart.” She soon snatched away Jade’s coffee and poured it on top of her head. The bitch soon got up and ran away.

The whole day went by. We went home after school. While I was parking the car I got a mindlink from a pack warrior that a rogue was caught on our pack border. I told him that to keep him locked up in the dungeons I will deal with him tomorrow. We soon took a shower together after I saw that my baby was tired. We quickly ate the dinner which by the way was made by me and was lasagna then we both went to sleep.

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