His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 16



Today when I woke up I had to leave my baby alone for pack training and my other Alpha duties. I quickly showered and changed my clothes and went to the gym. Before going to the gym I placed a soft kiss on my baby’s forehead and a peck on the lips. I worked out for about one hour then went to the pack grounds and started training with other warriors and Colten. I trained in both human and wolf form. After our training ended, I went straight towards my room to shower.

I entered my room and heard a humming sound coming from the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and saw my baby washing her body with her shower gel. Every inch of her body was covered in soap. I quickly stripped myself before I entered the shower and wrapped my arms around my baby’s waist. She jumped a little and smacked my chest with her small little hands. “Xavi! You scared me! Don’t ever do that again!”

I just laughed at her cuteness. She quickly poured some shower gel on her loofah and started to clean my body. After she was done cleaning me and motioned me to kneel down so that she could wash my hair. I knelt down and hugged her stomach and nuzzled my face into it. I smirked when I felt her shiver against my touch. She then slowly started massaging my scalp. She sometimes treats me as a child but I love it when she takes care of me. Ares was purring continuously in the back of my head. I can’t believe the big bad wolf whom everybody is afraid of acts like a freaking puppy in front of his mate. Ares’s face turned up into a snarl when I called him a puppy.

I stood up after Rose was done washing my hair. She then knelt in front of me and stared up at me with her innocent eyes. I realized what she was going to do further. She seemed hesitant. “You don’t have to this baby if you’re not comfortable.”

“No Xavi I wanna make you feel good too.”

“Just guide me ok? I have never done this before.”


She wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and swirled her tongue on it. This made me groan. She then started to take me inside her mouth after a few minutes. I then started sucking on my cock. It felt so good to fuck my mate’s mouth. She then increased her pace. I grabbed her hair and started to vigorously thrust it into her mouth. I was so close. “Swallow it, baby.”

She nodded her head and continued doing what she was doing. I came with a loud groan in her throat. She quickly swallowed my cum like a good girl she is. I quickly picked her up and wrapped her legs around my waist and hands around my neck. I slammed her into the shower wall. I thrusted my cock into her without any warning which made her shriek out in pleasure. I quickly started thrusting faster. When I sensed she was close I immediately pulled the small shower head off the wall and turned it on and quickly pointed it at my mate clit. This made her clench more around me. I continued thrusting chasing my release. She came around me with a small scream. I then came after her with a loud groan. I kissed her passionately one more time before releasing her. I carried her out of the room and got dressed and helped her in getting dressed up as well.

We went downstairs and started eating our breakfast. After finishing my breakfast I went to my office and finished some paperwork. After finishing the paperwork it was almost evening so I went straight towards the dungeon to see the rogue which was caught yesterday. I went to the cell where he was kept. When I looked at him I saw him beaten up and tied. Seeing his beaten-up state made me smirk. I went near him and saw that he was still unconscious. I motioned the guard to use the method we use to wake up prisoners aka rogues. The guards threw icy cold water on the rogue which immediately woke him up. “What’s your purpose here?“, I asked the rogue without any emotion in my voice. He then started laughing maniacally.

“I am a messenger sent to tell you that our leader wants your Luna and he will have her.”

“I heard that she’s quite a beauty isn’t she?”

“Imagine her on her knees in front of our leader begging for mercy.”

All I saw was red and my vision blurred when Ares took control of my body and shifted in our wolf. He tore the rogue into pieces. He was still growling in rage. He then went to the place where water was kept and cleaned all the blood which was on our muzzle. He then ran into our house to find our mate. We entered our house still in our wolf form in search of Rose. We heard slight humming from the kitchen so we went there and saw that our baby was cooking something for us. When she sensed my presence she turned towards me and ran towards me. She stood on her tiptoes as I was still taller than her in my wolf form. She quickly pecked my snout and ran her hands through my fur. “Ares, Lily is asking if you want to go on a run with her?”

Ares quickly nodded his head and we went outside the house and into the woods. Soon Rose came in her wolf form. Ares quickly pounced on her and started licking her and nuzzling her neck. He then turned her around by the scruff of her neck. He then went towards her cunt and licked it to make it wet. After some time he mounted her and snapped his muzzle around her neck and started mating her. Lily started giving out a low whine of pleasure after the mating and licked us. Ares licked her in return. He then ran into the woods and caught a rabbit and went towards our mate dropped the rabbit in front of her as a sign of affection which we male wolves show to our females. Lily nuzzled our neck in return and ate half of the rabbit and left the other half for us. We quickly ate the rabbit then ran back home and change into our human form. We quickly showered and ate the food made by Rose and then went to sleep.

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