His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 17

DAY 10


When I woke up today I felt sticky and wet and a little pain in my lower abdomen. I hurriedly got up and saw that our bedsheet was covered in my period blood. I was so embarrassed. I hurriedly freed myself from Xavier’s grip and went to the bathroom. I quickly searched for pads but I found none. I could feel tears forming in my eyes and Lily was whining and whimpering in the back of my mind.

What am I gonna do now?


I woke up due to the smell of blood. I hurriedly got up and started searching for Rose. I found blood on the bed and I panicked. I immediately ran inside the bathroom and saw that my baby was crying her eyes out. Ares whimpered seeing our mate cry. I immediately ran towards her and picked her up and cradled her in my arms like a porcelain doll. “What happened, baby? Are you injured somewhere?” She shook her head still crying.

“I got my period Xavi and I don’t have pads here.” She said still crying a little. She then suddenly whimpered holding her abdomen.

“What happened, baby? Is it paining a lot?” She nodded her head a little still in pain. Ares whimpered seeing our mate in pain.

“Just wait here right here baby I will go get the pads for you right now ok?”

She just nodded her head whimpering. I immediately got up and ran downstairs and got my wallet and car keys. I immediately drove to Walmart. When I went there, many options of pads were available so I was confused about which to buy?

“Fucking buy every one of them mate can use whatever she wants”, Ares growled at me while pacing around in my mind. I was going to the billing counter but then I saw the chocolate aisle. I read somewhere that chocolate helps in easing period pains so immediately bought a lot of chocolates for her as well as some snacks. I also bought some Tylenol to reduce her pain and cramps. I paid for them and immediately drove home. I quickly parked the car and went upstairs to my room. I entered our bathroom and saw that my mate was still whimpering in pain. I quickly went to her and cradled her in my arms.

“Shh baby I am here.” I cooed at her. I picked her up and took her inside the shower.

“Let’s have a warm bath baby it will help you relax.” I slowly and gently washed her body. I reached my hand down there and gently rubbed her clit to clean blood. I then washed her hair and then I washed myself. I dried her with a towel. I gave her one of my shirts and a pair of undergarments to wear. I handed her the pads while scratching the back of my neck, “I didn’t know which one to buy so I bought all of them.”

She said a quiet okay and went inside the bathroom. I looked at the bedsheets and saw there was blood on them. I quickly removed them and threw them in the hamper and sprayed some air freshener to erase the foul smell of blood and replaced the bedsheets. The bathroom door opened and Rose came out wearing my shirt which reached down till her knees. I immediately went towards her and picked her up and placed her on the bed. I quickly went downstairs and made some scrambled eggs and bacon for her with some juice. I fed her breakfast and gave her chocolate. She immediately started munching on the chocolate. “I wanna stay with mate give me control”, Ares said.

“Baby I am gonna shift Ares wants to be with you.” She nodded her head in return. I quickly shifted and gave Ares control.


My mate. My beautiful mate was in so much pain. It pained me so much to see her whimpering every now and then while clutching her abdomen in pain. I jumped on the bed beside her and nudged her with my snout. I whined slowly. “I wanna cuddle with you love”, I mind-linked Lily.

She then shifted a little and made space for me and opened her arms. I immediately went into her opened arms. I went to her abdomen and pulled the shirt up with my teeth. I licked her abdomen gently as my saliva will ease her pain. She ran her hands through my fur and kissed my snout and I licked her cheek in return. I then snuggled into my fur. She rubbed my chest a little which made me purr in pleasure.

“If you were not on your period I would have punished you my love”, I said with a smirk in our mind link. Lily immediately whined a little. I chuckled at her but it came out like a scoff in my wolf form.

We then watched a movie for some time while cuddling. I looked at Rose and saw her sleeping peacefully and then at the clock and saw that it was time for lunch. I immediately shifted back and went downstairs to prepare food for our mate. I quickly made some pasta for her and took it upstairs. I woke her by gently shaking her.

“Love wake up! You need to eat, it is time for lunch.”

She got up rubbed her eyes a little and looked at the food. “Have you eaten?” She asked me.

I shook my head in return. “Come on then we will eat together.” We quickly ate our lunch then cuddled again after I shifted in my wolf form. Soon Rose was asleep. I also fell asleep after that. I woke her up when it was dinner time and made her eat the Lasagna that I made for her. Then we played with Amelia for a while then we went to sleep.


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