His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 18

DAY 11


Today I woke up to someone licking my face. I opened my eyes and saw Ares hovering over me and licking my face. I started laughing as his tongue tickled me. He then went to my neck and licked my mark. I moaned immediately. I then rubbed his fur behind his ears and he purred. He then nuzzled into my mark which caused me and Lily to purr. “Ares let Xavier come back we have to take a bath.” He whined nudging me with his paw.

“I know baby you want to stay longer but we have to get up”, I cooed at him while kissing him on his snout and forehead. He scoffed and trotted towards the bathroom while stomping his paws.

“You look so cute my Ares when you are angry.“, I said giggling happily. He just lowly growled at me for calling him cute. I went inside the bathroom giggling and saw Xavier preparing hot water for our bath. I quickly stripped my clothes and got in with him. He quickly pulled me in his lap and started washing my body. He was so sweet. He would place soft pecks all over my shoulders and neck. He made me feel so good. He was perfect, “Baby you are staring.”

That made me realize that I was staring at him for so long. I immediately blushed in embarrassment. He chuckled at me. I slowly cupped his face in my hands and pecked his lips.“I love you, Xavier! I am very lucky to have you.”

“I love you too baby.”

After some time we got out and dried ourselves. “Umm... Xavier! Today I am going shopping with Anna and Jade.”


He gave me his black card for shopping. I got ready and I wore a black dress with small flowers on it. I left my hair open and just applied some moisturizer, lip balm, and eyeliner. Thankfully we female werewolves go through a period once a month and just for one day.

Me. Anna and Jade sat in our car and Jade started driving the car towards the mall. We reached the mall and they both dragged me to Victoria’s Secret to buy lingerie to impress my mate as they say.

We also bought some night suits. We then went to Forever 21 and bought some dresses. After shopping, we went to the food court and had some burgers and waffles.

We quickly ate our food and went home. I entered our house and went to my room and dropped kept all the shopping bags on the bed. I went downstairs in the kitchen and unpacked the burgers and took them to his office. I knocked on the door but there was no response. I opened the door and saw that the office was empty. I started to follow his scent and saw that he was in our room and snooping around in my shopping bags.


He jumped after hearing my voice and his cheeks turned red. “Come on I brought your favorite burger for you in lunch.” I gave him the tray and he started eating his food.

“Would like to give me a show of the clothes you bought baby.” I blushed but nodded. I took the shopping bag with me inside the bathroom and changed into my black lingerie. I walked out and saw Xavier shirtless on our bed. When he saw me he looked me up and down with black eyes. His eyes were filled with lust. He immediately came and picked me up and threw me on the bed. He pressed his nose into my underwear and inhaled my scent.

“Baby you look ravishing but I think this will look good on the floor right now more than you.” He immediately removed my lingerie and his clothes and turned us around so that I was sitting on his chest. My wetness was seeking on his chest. He pulled me on top of his mouth and started to tease my folds with his tongue. “Baby ride my face.” He then started to suck on the clit while fingering me. Soon I started to move my hips against his face.

“Xavier!” I mewled like a kitten. I came soon after that. Soon he turned us around and pulled me on my hands and knees and entered inside me without any warning. He was rough today but I enjoyed it very much. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and kissed me. He had a bruising grip on my hips. He soon released my mouth and started to slam into me more roughly when I started to cum.

“Yeah, baby just like that! Clench that cunt on my cock baby!”

Soon he came inside me and laid on the other side of the bed panting. I cuddled closer to him and closed my eyes and soon darkness engulfed me.


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