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His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 1




A soft cry was heard after a lot of screaming of the Luna Lavender. The doctor announced that a baby girl was born. After hearing this the Alpha Carlos was elated. The nurse asked if he wanted to take his daughter in his hands. He was almost on the verge of crying as finally his baby girl was born.

His wife told him to take the baby into his arms and in reply, he said, “I think I may break her.” She chuckled and said, “No honey you won’t .“He sighed and took her in his arms, the baby girl immediately opened her eyes and took a hold of his fingers. A traitor tear rolled down his cheeks as he looked at his daughter.

Lavender then took her in her arms and started to feed her. She asked her husband, “Where are the boys?” Just when the boys entered. The eldest of all asked his father if his sister was born.

Carlos replied, “Yes, now come here boys to see you sister. “He gave her to his eldest son he, as he looked at her for the first time his heart melted then and there. Then chance by chance each and every brother took her in their arms except the twins who were just two and they asked their father in their cute baby voice, “Daddy can I hole my baby shishter?” He replied,” yes but be careful and tell me what did daddy teach you before your baby sister was born?” They said, “You told us to protect our baby sister no matter what!” “Yes”

Now, what shall we name our cute little bundle of joy? ,he asked the boys and his wife. His wife replied, “Rose Lily Williams”.


Hi! My name is Rose Lily Williams. I am 18 years old. I am the daughter of the Alpha of my pack, The Blue moon pack. Today is my birthday and I turned eighteen today, now I will be able to find my mate. I have always dreamt about finding my mate, loving him. don’t care who my mate is but I just want my mate, rank doesn’t matter to me. I love my family to death and I have six overprotective brothers.

The eldest is Alexander, then Elijah, then Axel, and then the twins Matteo and Marcello and I’m the youngest. They all including my dad are sulking today because they think I will go away from them if I find my mate today that’s why they are against the idea of me having a mate. My dad is the Alpha of the pack and his name is Carlos and he loves his mate that is my mother Lavender to death. My dad will be handing over the responsibility of being an alpha to my brother Alex.

Let me tell you how my brothers are the best brothers and I love them to death but they are annoying. Now, mom is calling for breakfast. I went downstairs and saw that everyone was seated on the dining table eating their breakfast with my dad and mom being the eldest sitting in the head chairs. When they saw me they wished me a happy birthday.

Dad ordered Matteo and Marcello to drop me at school and go for their border patrol. I was nervous as hell because today’s the first day of high school and my senior year as before this I was homeschooled my whole life as my brothers and parents refused to let me go out, but this year I begged them to let me go to school. Today I wore a printed dress for school.

I have raven black hair and grey eyes. My eye color is a mixture of my mom's and dad’s eye color. I got in the car with my brothers and drove to school. I hope maybe today I will find my mate. I am very nervous, what if he rejects me?

"No, he won’t reject us," told my wolf Lily

Oops! I guess I forgot to tell you about Lily, well she is my wolf and her fur is of white color. She always tries to encourage me. She has blue eyes.

How do you know our mate won’t reject us?

"Because he would be an idiot to reject someone as sweet as you," she reassured.

I sighed.

I just hope everything goes ok!

"It will!!", she replied.


Here is the first chapter guys!!

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