His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 19

Day 12


Today I was woken up by mom and Xavier’s mom. “Sweetie get up we need to get ready and go shopping.“, Both my moms said giggling.

“Shopping for what mom?”

“We are gonna go shopping for a ball which is on the full moon. You will be crowned and the new Alpha Queen.” My eyes widened at that.

“That brat! I will beat him with my slipper when he comes home for not informing you. I even told him beforehand.”

“Mom he was busy all this week because of his Alpha duties I guess maybe it slipped out of his mind.”

I quickly got ready and had my breakfast and sat in the car with both of my moms, Anna and Jade. We reached the boutique.

After trying many dresses, we finally found a dress for me. It was a beautiful light blue dress and it had I slit on my left leg. Some roses embroidered on it. We also bought dresses for both of the moms, Anna and Jade.

After shopping, we went to a nearby cafe. We had some food then got back into the car and drove away.

“Mom where is Xavier? I didn’t see him the whole day today”, I asked mom.

“He went to another pack in the morning as it was urgent he will come in the evening.“, Mom replied. I nodded my head taking in the information. I miss him as I didn’t meet him in the morning. We reached the castle and started cooking food as all the males of the family will be coming here after work and we will have dinner together. I forgot to tell you people didn’t I that we are staying at the castle tool the ball.

After cooking I went to Amelia’s room. I went inside and saw her playing with her toys. ” Hi, baby!” When she heard my voice she immediately came ruining towards me.


She squeaked and hugged me. “I missed you!”

“I missed you too sweetie!”

I played with her for a while. I went downstairs and saw that my dad and brothers have come home. I immediately ran towards them and hugged them. I was waiting for Xavier to come home. After some time the bell can’t which meant Xavier came home. I immediately went towards the door and opened it and saw him and jumped in his arms. He immediately wrapped his arms around me. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist and placed my lips on top of his. He immediately kissed me back.

“I missed you Xavi!”

“I missed you too baby! It killed me so much to be away from you.“, He said while pecking my lips and forehead softly.

“Come on in everyone is waiting for you in the dining room. You go freshen up I will prepare a plate for you till then.” He just nodded his head and went upstairs. I went to the kitchen and filled a plate of food filled with his favorite food. I went into the dining room and set down his plate and started eating mine. After a few minutes, he came down and sat beside me, and started eating. We all made small talk while eating. My brothers Matteo and Marcello as always we’re making everyone laugh. After eating dinner we went into our room in the castle.

Xavier was looking very tired today. “What happened Xavi? You look very tired!”

“Nothing baby just tired because of Alpha duties.”

“Let’s go take a warm relaxing shower, it will make you feel better.”

He just nodded his head and got up went in the shower. I filled him and stripped my clothes and entered under the shower. I immediately squeezed some shower gel on the loofah and started cleaning his body while he just wrapped his arms around my body. I could feel his muscles were still tense. I reached my hands up and massaged his shoulder which relaxed him a bit. I quickly washed my body and got out of the shower. I quickly wore my underwear and Xavier’s sweatshirt. When I entered our room Xavier was already laying in the bed. I quickly climbed on the bed and he immediately wrapped his arms around me and snuggled in my boobs. I giggled at his silliness. “You’re a pervert Xavi!”

“Only for you and only for you!”

“Good night Xavi!”

“Good night baby!”


A man was sitting in a dark room starting a photo on the wall. He had madness in his eyes. “You are mine baby girl! You will be mine and mine alone after I kill you pathetic excuse of a mate! We will live happily ever after then. I will be the king of all werewolves and you will be my queen.“, The man said with a sadistic smile on his face.

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