His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 20

DAY 13


A man was grunting in pleasure while a woman was riding him. After releasing together they started laughing maniacally. “Thank you for rejecting me. I want Xavier only.”

“And I want Rose only. When I will be the king she will be my queen. She is so beautiful. Only mine and mine.“, The man said darkly with a dangerous glint in his eyes. They both were mates but they didn’t want each other. Both of them loved power. The wolf inside the woman whined and whimpered sadly as her mate didn’t want her. The woman felt hurt for a second but then that hurt vanished for her hunger for power. On the other hand, the man’s wolf wanted Lily. He was obsessed with her. He had never seen anyone as beautiful as Rose.

“Once I get her I will be the strongest wolf in the world. My beautiful Rose will give me strong pups whether willingly or not.” The man said sadistically and smirked at her.

He picked the picture frame and said looking obsessively at the photo, “Just one month and you will be mine. Spend as much time you want to spend with the bastard.” The lady now had her own sadistic smirk.

“Now get out you whore! Never show me your face ever gain until and unless it’s about our plan.“, He growled at the woman when he remembered that she was still present there. The woman gathered her clothes and rushed out of there. The man laid in his bed looking at the picture in his with dark eyes. After some time a man came into his room and told him something. He growled listening to his news. He immediately started shaking in anger.

’“Just kill it anyhow but make sure she doesn’t die.”

The man nodded and went out of the door to follow his order. But the man kept looking obsessively at the photo.


Today I woke up when I felt someone kissing me on my whole face softly. I opened it and saw Xavier looking at me with a smile.“Good morning baby!”

“Good morning Xavi!”

I hugged him tightly and snuggled into his warm and bare chest. I was drawing random patterns with my fingers on his chest. He was softly running his hands through my hair. There was a peaceful silence between us. I raised my head up and pecked his lips. I gazed into his green eyes which reminded me of the forest. I got on top of him and kissed him. He kissed my forehead softly. “We need to get up and get ready for school.”

Xavier just grunted in response showing his displeasure at the idea of getting up from the bed but reluctantly got up. We went inside the bathroom and took a quick shower. We quickly got dressed and went downstairs.

I wore one of Xavier’s sweatshirts and a plaid skirt. I let my hair open. I wore a small heart necklace which went matching with my dress. I applied some lip balm and mascara. I matched my dress with my white converses. We quickly ate some cereal, then we got into the car and drove to school.

When we reached school, we got out of the car. We started walking towards the school building after Xavier parked the car. We saw Colten and Jade bickering at the entrance of the school building. Anna was standing near them and was trying to control her laughter. We reached them and heard them bickering about Jade finding her mate.

“No, you will not go near boys until you’re thirty! I would be damned if I let any bastard come near my baby sister.” Colten said angrily.

Jade just stuck her tongue out at him and came towards me as soon as she saw me. “Come on Rosie let’s get away from these overprotective men.“, She said glaring at Colten and dragged me and Anna inside the building. Luckily we three had the same class. Xavier and Colten didn’t come with us as they both had football practice till lunch.

Time went really fast so that now it was lunchtime. I have not seen Xavier since morning and I am missing him. Lily whined in agreement. She was missing Ares as well. me, Anna, and Jade went to the field and saw Xavier and Colten shirtless and we’re playing football. Xavier looked so hot looking all sweaty with sweat running down his abs. He was wearing shorts that were running low on his waist. I could hear Lily purring and panting like a bitch in heat. I could feel myself getting wet just then Xavier turned his head upwards and sniffed the air. As if sensing my arousal Xavier’s head snapped towards me and his eyes turned black. He started coming towards me. One minute he was coming towards me and the next minute I was hauled on his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He took me towards his car and threw me inside. He quickly got into the other seat and started driving the car at a really fast so speed. In a few minutes, we were at the castle. He got out of the car and threw me on his shoulder. He carried me to our room. He quickly reached the room with his supernatural speed and threw me on the bed. I both need a little sir to the impact. He quickly came on to of me and started kissing me. “You have been a very naughty girl baby! And do you know what naughty girls get for being bad?”


“Yes! And I am gonna punish you, sweetheart.”

Before I could say anything he quickly removed my cool others and bend me over his knee and started spanking me.“I am gonna spank you teen times baby! You have to count every time.”

I nodded my head in return and started counting as he started spanking me. After he was done my ass was sir and red and I was dripping wet so that my wetness was leaking on his thigh. He turned me around so that I was on my hands and knees and my ass was up in the air. Xavier quickly removed his clothes and started eating me out. After eating me out he suddenly thrusted his length inside of me. He started ramming it inside of me. I can say that I like rough sex more than gentle one. He didn’t stop even after I came. Finally, after my two more orgasms, he came. “Baby I am gonna fuck you in each and every position possible and till the morning and you will be begging me to stop!”

True to his words he fucked me till the morning till I begged him to stop. After our intense lovemaking, I passed out.


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