His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 21

AY 14 (PART-1)



The crowning of the new queen was the latest news of all the packs. There were many rumors about the queen that she was very beautiful and is an alpha’s daughter. the people were excited to meet their new queen. There was a lot of hustle-bustle in the castle due to the ball. People in each and every pack were excited to meet family, friends and even find their mates.

On the other hand, the ladies of the William, Knight, Miller, and Wilson families were enjoying and treating themselves with luxurious spas and other pampering sessions but the men were grumpy to be away from their mates. Everyone was very much enjoying themselves. But Rose’s mood was a little dull as she hadn’t seen her mate since the morning. Today she woke up to a cold bed without her mate. She missed her mate’s warm touch and the tingles which erupt every time they touch.

The same case was with Xavier. He was missing his beautiful mate too much but much to his displeasure his mother kicked him out of his room and told him not to meet Rose till the ceremony as it was a tradition that was followed for centuries by the royal family. It was so difficult for him to control himself and not to try to barge in his room and ravish his mate. Every now and then he could feel Ares growling in his mind to got to mate but he would block him every time. He could feel Ares pacing around in his mind anxiously. He himself felt that something bad was gonna happen. He ordered his warriors to tighten the security around the castle and no unknown person should be allowed to enter the castle premises.

Soon it was evening and everyone was running around and getting ready. Rose was got dressed in a light blue gown and wore matching accessories with it.

She was looking like a true queen. Rose was very nervous to go in front of so many people. According to the werewolf tradition, this crowning ceremony will be like a wedding but not a wedding. Rose will be walked down the aisle by her dad and then after some rituals Rose and Xavier will be crowned as the new King and Queen of all the werewolves.

On the other hand, Xavier got ready in his suit and waited for his beautiful mate at the aisle. Rose was wearing her heels when her Carlos cane in. “Are you ready sweetheart?”

“Yeah, Daddy just a second!”

She quickly wore her heels and went near her dad. Carlos opened his arms and hugged his precious daughter and patted her head soothingly and lovingly. “It’s okay sweetheart don’t be nervous! And you look very beautiful.”

She pulled away from him and said”What if they think I am not capable of it?”

“Don’t worry Rosie if you weren’t capable moon goddess wouldn’t have made you Xavier’s mate. Let’s go now.”

They both walked out of the room and into the hall where the ball was. The doors opened and they went in. They walked down the aisle and Carlos placed Rose’s hand in Xavier who was still in shock and awe of how beautiful his mate looked. “Take care of her,” Carlos said to Xavier who nodded his head at him.

The ceremony started after all the guests had arrived. All the people were murmuring among themselves about how beautiful Rose was. Both Rose and Xavier went to the stage. Noah said, “Today we all are here for the crowning ceremony of the future king and queen .”

“Do you Xavier Ares Knight and Rose Lily William promise to protect this pack, uphold peace and stability and stay by the side of the pack till death and fill your duty as the Alpha King and Alpha queen of the werewolves? He questioned.

“I do,” They both said.

“With this blade, I will cut your plans and mix your blood together to complete the vows and then I will crown you.” He said as he cut their hand and held their hands together. After completing this ritual they went to the stage where their thrones were placed. They went there and sat down on the throne. Jenna and Noah came forward and took the crowns off their heads and placed them on Xavier and Rose’s heads. After the crowning Xavier and Rose could feel the flow of power in their bodies.


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