His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 2


Hi! My name is Xavier Ares Knight. I am 18 years old. I am not only the alpha of my pack, The Royal Pack but also the king of werewolves. I was handed the title when I turned 18 as my dad thought I was capable of ruling. Today is the first day of high school and hopefully, it gets over soon, I cannot wait to get off this hell hole. I have been waiting to find my mate for the last two years but I haven’t found her yet. Whenever I find her I am not letting her out of my sight and I will treat her like a queen well of course after all she will be my queen. She will be right beside me, even Ares agrees with me on this. I just want to hold her in my arms, love her, protect her.

Now let me tell you about my family well I am the eldest son, then my brother James and then the youngest knight the little princess of our family my dear little sister Amelia. Me, my dad Noah and James are very overprotective of her and even decided to lock her in-home all her life but our mom and dad’s mate Jenna gave us her best glare to quickly shut us up and a warning that we will be punished if we go against her.

AHHH!! where was I, thinking about my future mate about who she will be, will she love me at the thought about our mate loving us Ares purred. HE FREAKING PURRED, and then what people call him the beast.

SHUT UP YOU BRUTE !!!! I can be a puppy if our mates wants me to be, he hissed angrily.

YA YA I know, I said teasingly.

Well now that I have mentioned Ares, let’s talk about him, well he is my wolf and he has black fur and he has bluish-gray eyes and we argue with each other but at the same time, we support each other.

Well about me, I have black hair and green eyes and a drool-worthy body which most females at school drool after seeing. I am very popular at school cause I’m the quarterback of the football team and sluts and cheerleaders keep throwing themselves at me in thought that I will make them my Luna. Well, that place is only for mate and nobody else.

Right now I am driving to my school with my best friend and beta Colton and his twin little sister Jade who is also like my little sister. When we reached school I immediately felt restless and Ares also started to lowly growl. It was kind of weird but something is different today. I feel like something is going to happen today.


When I entered the school feel I could feel the anxiety starting to rise within me. Then I took deep breaths to calm myself down. Suddenly I could feel Lily getting restless but nonetheless ignored it. I then again took a long breath and made my way to the office by following the directions and after reaching there I asked the lady in the reception to give me my schedule and locker number shyly. I then made my way outside the reception in search of my locker, while walking I bumped into something hard and I fell flat on my butt.

Owie, I whimpered as it pained even some tears fell from my eyes then I realized that something hard that I bumped into was a person. OMG!! I may have hurt him too by bumping into him which I felt really bad for STUPID STUPID ROSE! but I thanked God that no one was there or it would have been so embarrassing, the midst of me feeling guilty I smelt an intoxicating smell of cinnamon and forest, then I looked up and locked my eyes with the person I bumped into and the world seemed the freeze then and there and Lily then suddenly started yelling in my mind.

MATE,MATE,MATE,MATE!!!!!!! ,she growled.

I then whispered mate looking into his eyes.


While walking into the school I smelled the most intoxicating smell of vanilla and roses, it was coming from near the office. I started walking there when I reached there I felt a small body bump into me then I heard a really soft sound.

Owie! I looked down to shout but saw a girl whose face was covered by her hair and then I also noticed some tears leaking out of her eyes which made me sad but then suddenly she looked up and locked eyes with me which made the world seem to freeze, there was just me and her. Ares kept yelling the word which I have been yearning to hear.

MATE,MATE,MATE,MATE!!!!!! , he growled again and again.

She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had black hair and the prettiest doe-like grey eyes and full soft pink lips. One look and I was hooked. She was a freaking goddess. I could feel Ares howling in my mind that we finally found her. I then whispered mate looking into her eyes. As she finally realized she turned a deep shade of red. It made me want to kiss her.

I cleared my throat and came to my senses. I extended my hand as she was still on the floor and extended my hand. “Come on. Let me help you up.”

She then removed reached out for my hand and placed it mine. The mere contact made my hand tingle. I pulled her and she stumbled on my chest and her little pale hands were on my pecs and she was looking up at me with wide eyes. She was very small comparing to my height of 6′2 and her height maybe I guess 4′11. It made me want to take her in my arms and protect her. She was then looking at me with wide eyes, hopefully, the next time she looks at me like that is when I’m making love to her in bed.

“S-Sorry.” I heard her squeak out before stepping back to make some distance between us. His voice was like music to my ears, I could listen to it all day. “I-I’m soo sorry I b-bumped into you. It was a-an accident. I didn’t hurt you did I? Oh darn I hurt you, d-didn’t I? I-I’m soo sorry.” She stuttered while some tears fell from her eyes. I immediately took her in my arms and consoled her that beautiful girls like her should not cry and wiped her tears.

She blushed and looked down. Her blush was gorgeous. Then I told her that she didn’t hurt me and couldn’t even if she tried. Her face turned red even more if possible.

“What is your name mate?“, I asked her.

“I’m Rose. R-Rose William. You can call me what you want and you are?” she asked innocently.

“I’m Xavier Knight and you can call me Xavier,” I said softly smiling at her.

I then wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her to me.

“My mate,” I whispered looking into her eyes. “So fucking beautiful.” I cupped her cheeks gently and kissed her forehead. She blushed shades of a hundred. My innocent little mate.

“Let’s Go now,” I told her

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