His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 3

Well, I was So happy after finding my cute little mate. She was so innocent and when she looked at me with her doe-like eyes I just wanted to kiss her all over her face. My innocent Rose was so pure just like her name that she wasn’t even touched by any other male to accept family which made my chest filled with pride and excitement that I would be the first one to ever touch her.
I then asked her to show me her schedule. She handed it to me confused and I looked at it. Thankfully she had all her classes with me.
Suddenly she asked me shyly, “Xavi Can you help me find my locker? ” Me being the whipped bastard I am said, “Of course baby.” She blushed and look down, which I found really cute. Then I smirked, “Xavi huh?” She blushed even more which made me chuckle.
We reached her locker she then took out her books and as a good girl told me that we should not be late for class. I asked her in which school she was before? She suddenly became sad which made me frown but she quietly answered, “I have been homeschooled all my life today is the first day that I ever came out “, which made me proud and a little happy that her family protected her well.
I then asked,” Tell me something about you and your family baby.”
“Well, my full name is Rose Lily William. My wolf name is Lily she has white fur. I turned 18 today. My dad is the alpha of my pack. My pack’s name is Blue Moon Pack. I have six brothers, they are very protective of me. I am the only girl in the family. My favourite colour is lilac and pink. I love reading books now tell me something about yourself.”
“First of all are you Alpha Carlos’s daughter?“, I asked
“Yes, why do you ask do you name my dad?” she asked cutely.
“Yes, baby”
Her mouth formed an ‘O’ taking in the fact that I knew her father.
“Well about me, I am 18 years old I am the alpha king which means you are my luna and my favourite colour is black and grey. I have been looking for you since I turned 16, but that doesn’t matter now cause now that I have you my beautiful mate” and nuzzled my facing in her neck and inhaling her scent, for which she giggled and placed her hands in my hair due to which Ares purred. ” My wolf name is Ares and he has pure black fur. I have a younger brother and sister.”
I placed kisses all over her face and she giggled which was music to my ears.
“We should go to class now.”
“Ok baby as you wish.”
While walking through the corridor I can see many fuckers checking out my Rose and due to which I growled at them and they averted their eyes.
I could feel my and Ares anger rising but then I felt tingles on my fisted hand and saw my baby calling me, “Yes baby what happened?” “Why are you angry?“, she asked innocently. ” Nothing baby nothing.”
We then reached class everyone bowed to me but then the teacher asked my mate her name. She introduced herself.
She blushed when she noticed that everyone was looking at her, suddenly I could feel her breathing started to get heavier then I noticed that my baby has anxiety, I growled at everyone they turned their attention back to the teacher. She told us to sit down. I sat next to my baby and kept my hand on her thigh due to which she became flustered and started squirming trying to remove my hand. I then removed my hand but kept staring at her. My cute little kitten.
Many periods went by and it was finally launched now. I took my baby to my table to sit with my friends. When we reached there my mate’s grip on my hand tightened. She asked me timidly, “What if they don’t like me?” I replied they will love you, baby. We then sat down at the table and I could see all of them looking at us.

Jade asked, “Who is she?” I replied, “Hey guys meet my mate, Rose.”

Jade then suddenly squealed and hugged Rose which she returned with a small smile. “Hi! I am Jade and this is my brother and your mate’s beta Colton.” When they were finally done with the introduction, I pulled Rose in my lap, due to which she blushed like mad and tried to get up but I tightened my hold on her. “Hey guys can I call my best friends here?“, Rose asked

“Ya sure you can”, we replied.
She then called her friends and introduced them, ” Guys! this is Anna and this is Kyle they are twins. She hugged Anna but when she hugged Kyle, I growled, Ares was yelling to kill him for touching our mate.
“Calm down Alpha! I mean no harm and plus I am gay.”
That seemed to calm me down.
I then took a hold of Rose’s hand walked out of the cafeteria. I reached inside a classroom pushed Rose inside and locked the door and then pushed her into the wall and held her hands up her head and growled,” NO MAN IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH YOU MATE. YOU ARE ONLY MINE AND ONLY MINE.”
“I am a very possessive man Rose and I don’t like to share anything which is mine especially you now tell me Rose who do you belong to?“, I asked while trailing my nose from her jaw to her neck.
“I belong to you Xavi,” she said timidly.
“Yes now remember it baby or I will punish you by spanking your little ass red”, in a husked tone, I told her.
“Am I clear baby?“, I asked
As the day went by and now it was time to go home. I asked Rose who will come to pick her up, She answered that her brother will come but instead I offered her to come home with me and meet my parents.
She was a bit hesitant but agreed. She then called her mom and told her to which she agreed.
We pulled out of school after getting in my car.
We reached home then I mind linked my parents that I found my mate and they were very happy for me and also told them that she will be coming home.
They were ecstatic to meet their future daughter-in-law.
Suddenly Rose spoke, “Xavi can we run in wolf forms after reaching your home?”
“Yes, Of course”
When we reached home I took her to the forest where we removed our clothes and shifted.
Ares was very excited and happy to meet Lily.
Her wolf was beautiful just like her. I went near her and started to rub my body over hers to spread my scent on her. She then barked and wagged her tail and ran which was for me to catch her and let me tell you alphas enjoy a run.
We yipped at each other then laid on the floor and nuzzled into each other’s muzzle and licked each other’s snouts. We then shifted back to our human forms. When we entered the house we saw my parents and siblings waiting for us. They came near us when they saw us.
“Oh my god! she is beautiful Xavier “, Mom said and immediately hugged Rose and she blushed. “Mom and dad this is Rose, my mate.” “Rose this is my mom Jenna and my dad Noah and my younger brother James.”
“Whenever you get bored of this idiot I am always there”, James said while flirting.
I growled at him and he put his hands up in mock surrender.
Suddenly Amelia squealed and ran towards Rose and hugged her leg, “Rose this is my younger sister Amelia.”
She picked her up and settled her on her hips then they both started talking Amelia asked her if she wants to see her toys, rose nodded.
They went upstairs but came down after some time. We had dinner then I took Rose to our room to sleep. I gave her my shirt to wear to sleep.
She then started to remove her dress when she removed it and wore my shirt on. “You look good in my clothes baby.”

She blushed and wiggled in my grip and I took hold of her chin and looked into her eyes.” Don’t ever try to run away from me baby!” She nodded her head. “Words!.


“Let’s go and sleep, baby.”


After wearing my shirt she laid on the bed but I pulled her close to me, her back was touching my now naked chest and my arms were around her.

I kissed her neck and said, “Goodnight baby.”

“Goodnight Xavi.”

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