His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 4


Xavier opened his eyes and saw his little mate curled up to him, seeing this brought a smile to his face. He pulled her more towards him protectively. He was obsessed with his Rose even if it was one day of the meeting. He would do anything for his rose. He kissed her forehead, then nose, and trailed kisses from her jaw to neck. Rose slowly opened her eyes and giggled due to the kisses she was receiving from her mate. She could hear Lily purr in pleasure, Ares was no different.

“Xavi Stop! , it tickles,” she giggled happily.

He stopped and looked at her with a big smile on his face. He laid back on his back and pulled her on top of him. “Xavi! Can I call Alex”? she asked innocently. His blood boiled hearing a male’s name coming out from his mate’s mouth. “Why do you need to call him and who is the”? he growled. Hearing him growl she laughed. This made him angrier. This time he growled in full rage, “WHO IS HE?”

“He is my big brother Xavi.“, she said meekly.

He relaxed hearing this, he relaxed and gave his phone to her.

Rose called her brother and told him that we would be coming to dinner in the evening.

He pulled his little mate towards him and she blushed then he kissed her on the whole face and then finally on the lips. She tasted so sweet like honey, then he noticed that she wasn’t kissing back.

“Why aren’t you kissing me back baby?“, he asked.

“I don’t know know how to Xavi.“, she answered meekly.

“Just follow my lead baby.“, he answered.

She began to slowly move her lips with him. Ares was purring loudly. He picked her up and wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her to bed.


Well right now me and Xavi were kissing, I pulled back as I ran out of breath but then I felt something hard on my stomach, and reached my hand and touched it and it twitched. After I touched it I could hear Xavier groan.

“Watch it, Little girl!“, Xavier growled.

“But Xavi there is something hard there and when I touched it, it twitched!“, I told him confused.

He scratched his neck and said, “Baby girl that was my cock.”

“But what is that Xavi?“, I asked curiously.

“My penis”, he told me.

I gasped and blushed. His chuckles soon filled the room.

I started to wiggle in his grasp but somehow freed myself and ran to the bathroom. Xavier shouted that we will shower together. Just the thought of being naked with him made me blush. Before I could enter the bathroom two arms wrapped around me and pulled me so that my back was pushed into a hard chest and I know who it was, Xavier nuzzled his face into my neck inhaling my scent. “My sweet Rose you smell so so good.” He kissed my neck softly.

“Xavi, we have to shower.”

He then carried me to the bathroom and settled me on the sink and told me to remove my clothes. I removed my clothes and entered the bathtub which was now filled with bubbles. I waited for Xavier as he removed his clothes then entered the tub behind then pulled me into his lap, I rested my head on his shoulder. We stayed like that for 5 minutes then he grabbed a loofah and started cleaning my body. He then washed my hair and rinsed it with water.

“Can I wash you Xavi?“, I asked Xavi for which he nodded.

I turned around in his lap and started washing his hair and chest, he purred in satisfaction. We both got out and dried ourselves and wore clothes and got ready for school. I wore a skirt today with a white turtle neck which Jenna brought for me.

Xavier wore a plaid shirt with a white shirt underneath with classic dark blue washed jeans and white sneakers.

We sat in his car and drove to school. I have a feeling that today will be a lot more interesting. I looked over to Xavier and saw him already looking at me. I blushed and looked down. He grabbed my hand and intervened our fingers together and kissed them and then rested our joined hands on his lap while he was driving with another hand. I kissed his cheek lovingly. We reached school, got out of the car, and made our way into the school building with our hands still interlocked.

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