His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 5


When we entered the school we saw everyone looking at us. I was not used to having this much attention so it made my anxiety rise, I guess Xavier might have sensed my discomfort due to my tightened grip on his hand. He growled at everyone making them look away and mind their business.

“Are you okay baby?“, He asked.

I assured him that I was okay. We went to my locker then I got my stuff out and went to the first class of the day which was maths. I have always been good at maths thankfully and I liked it as well. We sat down in the back and the teacher began teaching. The sums were really easy and I finished them really quick. I turned towards Xavier saw him frowning and unable to do a sum.
“What happened?”

“Nothing baby I am just not getting this sum”, he replied.

“Oh! you have to do it this way.

I explained the method to him and the step he was doing wrong.

" Thank you, baby.”

I blushed and looked down, but then looked up to him saw him looking at me with adoration in his eyes.

He bent a little and kissed my forehead and cheek and I blushed again.
Lily purred in content having our mate show affection to us and giving us his attention.
RING!!! RING!!!! RING!!!
The bell rang and me and Xavier closed our books, got up and went out of the class, and started making towards our next class. Our next class was the gym. We both went separate ways this time which was to the locker rooms. I, Jade, and Anna changed into gym clothes. The clothes for gym class were sports bra and yoga pants which were really tight and showed everything.

Whereas Xavier wore a muscle shirt and sweat pants. He looked so hot with that muscles all bulging out.

You are drooling!! HAHAHA!!!, said Lily.

As if you aren’t, I said.

Lily purred when I looked at our mate again and he was typing something on his phone. I went near him and asked, “Xavi should we go?”

He looked at me with his mouth open stared at me up and down, his eyes darkening. He pulled me towards him and purred. “You look ravishing baby.” I blushed and started to fiddle with his shirt. We went towards the school ground and saw everybody looking at us. Xavier saw some boys checking me out, he growled at them. Then, a girl with very short clothes came toward Xavier and started flirting with him. Lily started growling that we should kill her for flirting with our mate. Xavier then growled at her and told her to get the hell away from him. She shivered in fear and started making her way back from where she came from but not before giving me a glare.

The rest of the day went without any drama. We went to my house so that I could introduce Xavier to my parents.

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