His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 6


I could tell Xavier was nervous when we reached my pack’s territory. “Do you think your family will like me?“, Xavier asked me nervously while scratching the back of his head.

“They will love you Xavi.”

There was a peaceful silence between us. I leaned my head on him shoulder so that my touch could give him comfort. I hope so everything goes well. But deep down I think Xavier’s gonna have a few broken bones. My dad and brothers will chase him all around and then, they will beat the shit out of him, which scares me the most. We reached my house and Xavier parked the car, after then, we got out of the car made our way inside my house.

We rang the bell. It was opened by my mom. My mom’s face lit up after seeing me and she immediately pulled me into a hug. She then released me. She looked over at Xavier and her eyes got wide, she asked, “Is this your mate?”


She pulled Xavier into a tight hug which he returned. “Hello! My name is Xavier Knight and you must be Rose’s mother Luna Lavender.

“No formalities needed son, you can call me mom.”

“Okay! now come on in.”

“Carlos! Boys! look who’s here.“, my mom called dad and my brothers.

Dad came downstairs with my brothers following after him. When Dad saw me, he immediately smiled and opened his arms. “Daddy! I missed you.”

“Princess! Daddy missed you to the princess.“, he then kissed my forehead.

I then jumped on Alex “Lex!” He laughed and spun me around and all my brothers did the same.

“Now now princess we heard that you found your mate !”


I then went towards Xavier and wrapped an arm around his waist and told my family. “Dad, this is Xavier, my mate.”

“Hello, Alpha Carlos! I am Xavier Knight, nice to finally meet you.”

“Alpha King Xavier, Can I have a word with you.”

“Of course.”

They went to the balcony to talk and I couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I started chatting with my mom and even told her that I have met Xavier’s family. We talked for a while. I went to my brother’s playroom and saw they were all playing COD on Xbox. I sat with them. After playing they started to wrestle. I cheered for them. Then it was time for a tickle fight. OH NO! They all looked at me and smiled evilly. I ran away from them as fast as I could. I saw Dad and Xavier laughing about something. I quickly ran towards dad.

“Daddy save me from the tickle monsters!.”

I quickly hid behind dad. “Alright boys leave my princess alone otherwise I will ground you all and take away your credit cards.” I stuck my tongue out at them as they groaned. I smiled cheekily at them but then I looked towards Xavier and saw him looking at me in adoration which shined in his green eyes. I blushed and look down. Suddenly mom asked, “Why don’t you two stay the night?”

I nodded my head and looked towards Xavier who agreed with me. ” Xavier, did you meet Gigi?” He shook his head and asked, “Who is Gigi.”

“Gigi is our golden retriever.“, I replied.

I went into the backyard and dragged Xavier with me. There was Gigi with a yellow rose in his mouth waiting for me. “Oh, my baby got a rose for me!” When he heard my voice he came running to me. I bent down to his height and he licked all my face due to which I giggled. I pecked his snout. He barked happily and cuddled closer to me. Then he saw, Xavier standing behind me. He bowed his head after seeing him. Xavier bent down and petted his head. This made Gigi happy and he jumped on him and licked his face which made him chuckle.

After playing with Gigi for a while we went inside. “Let’s go see Momo! He is very cute.”

“Who is Momo?”

“My hamster.”

I went into my room and Xavier followed behind me. I went to Momo’s house but saw that it was empty. I searched for him in my room but he was not there. We went downstairs. I grabbed a hold of the twin’s ears and asked glaring at them, “Where is Momo?”

“Umm, the princess he died.”

“Who is Momo?”

“Her rat.”

“When did he die?”


“Oh!” I felt bad. We talked for a while and had dinner then everyone went to bed.

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