His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 7


I couldn’t sleep all night. I was thinking about the talk I had with Carlos. I looked towards my Rose and saw her asleep while clinging to me. I admired her. Her beautiful grey eyes and a cute little button nose and her soft pink petal-like lips. I then suddenly remembered the talk I had with Carlos again. I couldn’t afford to lose her. I don’t know what he was trying to say but he was warning me about something. Something that is gonna happen. It can be bad or it can be good.


We went outside in the balcony. Carlos started speaking,” You know Rose was a blessing in all our lives, if you ever I mean ever hurt my daughter then I will hunt you down.”

“I know and I will never hurt her,” I said truthfully.

“I know you won’t but I have to tell you something.” I motioned him to continue.

“You know Rose is not normal. You will have to take care of her for the next two weeks before the full moon. You will have to mark her as you haven’t. She can be in danger and pain if you don’t.” I was very alerted by this as thinking of my mate in danger brings me to the edge of insanity. I didn’t hear Ares saying or responding to anything about this fact.

“Why?“, I asked.

“Something beyond your imagination is gonna happen or you can say beyond anyone’s imagination is gonna happen. It will change our lives and the whole supernatural universe. So you have to be careful.”

“La verità sta in una stanza piena di pace e la chiave sta nelle nostre famiglie.

Ascolta il tuo cuore perché ti guiderà alla verità.

L’amore sta nel tuo cuore ed è la chiave di tutto.“, he said in italian.

{“The truth lies in a room filled with peace and the key lies in our families.

Listen to your heart as it will guide you to the truth.

Love lies in your heart and it is the key to everything.“}: (Translation)

I think he was trying to warn me about the danger. I asked him,” Carlos what’s gonna happen?”

“I can’t tell you. Only time will tell the truth. Just remember Rose’s power can never work on you as you are her mate.”

“Solo il tempo lo dirà. L’amore vince su tutto.“, He told me.

{“Only time will tell. Love overpowers everything.“}

Then he walked out of the room with me following behind him to think about what he said.

Flashback ends


I don’t know what he possibly meant but something that’s gonna happen on the full moon night will change our lives and the supernatural universe. I can’t get his words out of my head. I guess he was right I have to mark her before anything. Her safety is my priority. I won’t let anything happen to my life. My mate! My most prized possession!

I fell asleep about the thoughts of protecting my mate.

I woke up when I felt someone staring at me with an intense gaze. I know it was. I opened my eyes and saw my mate staring at me. When she saw that I woke up and caught her staring at me she blushed and hid her face in my chest. I chuckled at her shy nature. ” Come on now get up baby we have to go to our house as I have some important work to do.”

“Ok.” She replied and quickly got up. We went to the bathroom and brushed our teeth and had a nice warm bath together. While relaxing in the bathtub I thought that I would call a meeting with my officials about this issue. We got out of the tub and got dressed. We went downstairs and had breakfast then bid our goodbye after her brothers threatened to kill me if I hurt her.

We reached our packhouse and I immediately went to my office after giving Rose a quick kiss. I called Colten, my Beta, and best friend, and Jade the gamma to discuss this issue. I told them the riddle he gave me and started solving it.

“It could be the secret library which both of our packs share,” Jade said.

We rushed to the library and I took the keys with me. I opened the library and searched for all the ancestral history books there. There we found a book that mentioned that after exactly two weeks’ time there will be a blue lunar eclipse. It didn’t mention anything to do with Rose. We planned that we will tighten the security as Carlos’s pack will be here as well. They always come on lunar eclipses.

I went home and saw my beautiful mate looking all gorgeous cooking for me. I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind and switched off the gas., I turned her around and placed my lips on hers and kissed her passionately until we were out of breath. I moved towards her neck and started placing kisses all over her collar bone and the point between the collar bone and shoulder. I could feel my canines coming out with a strong need to mark her and I could feel Ares pushing to come out and take control. I paused and I looked at her face and asked, “Can I mark you?”

“Yes!” That was all it took to break my patience point and I bit her neck marking her as mine. I could feel her sweet blood in my mouth. I suddenly felt two pricks on the side of my neck and I moaned in pleasure which made me realize that my mate has marked me. I took my canines out of her neck and licked the wound and she did the same. I could feel her losing energy. Soon she passed out due to exhaustion as the marking took most of her energy. I carried her to our room and placed her on our bed and fell asleep with her in my arms.

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