His Fragile Rose

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Chapter 8

DAY 1 (Days till the full moon)


Today when I woke up I felt that my neck was sore and paining. I then remembered yesterday’s event and immediately blushed. I let him mark me. I also marked him. I looked towards my side and saw Xavier sleeping peacefully with his hands wrapped around me and his face in my neck. I shook him a little so that I could wake him and go to the bathroom and make breakfast for us.

Remember that our heat will be starting in two days so we will have to stay with mate until it gets over. It will be the strongest for us as we are mated to an alpha., Lily reminded me.

I immediately remembered and I have to tell Xavier about it. I didn’t realize that all this while thinking I kept looking at him. I turned towards him and got on top of him and ran my fingers through his hairs. He moaned liking the sensation of my fingers in his hair. I slowly opened his eyes and looked at him. “Baby as much as I like this position but I know you are not ready for that.”

I blushed hearing his statement and laid my head on his chest and he tightened his arms around me. We stayed like this for a few minutes. “Xavi?”


“I have to tell you something important.”

“Okay tell me, baby.”

“Myheatisstartinginnexttwodays.“, I muttered quickly and I could feel my face heat up.


“My heat is starting in the next two days,” I said while looking at his face. His eyes widen after listening to that.


My mate just gave me a heart attack. I could hear Ares yelling and growling again and again. Claim Mate! Claim mate! “Shut up Ares now is not the time.” I blocked him out after saying that. I looked towards my mate and saw her looking at me.

“Are you ready, if not then I will wait for you!“, I told her softly while caressing her beautiful face. I will always wait for her she is my life. I saw the blush and hid her face in my chest and nodded her head shyly. It took all of my power not to mate with her right now. I want it to be special and memorable for her. “I promise we will have the best night of our lives,” I assured her.

I started thinking of ideas to make that night special. I looked towards my mate again and asked her,” What do you wanna do today?”

“I just want to cuddle with you and relax and maybe watch some movies.“, she said.

“Let’s eat breakfast first!”

We went downstairs and made breakfast together. Thankfully our mom taught me and my brother to cook so that we can treat our mates like queens. After having breakfast me and Rose went to Amelia’s room and saw her jumping on her bed. When she saw me she squealed. “Xavi!!!”

She came running towards me and jumped in my arms. She saw Rose next to me and her smile widened. She jumped out of my arms and motioned grabby hands towards her so that she could pick her up. She picked her up and settled her on her hip. She then walked towards the living room. There I saw my parents making out. Suddenly my sister shrieked, “Daddy stop eating my mommy!!!!”

Dad and mom separated from each other and I saw my mom blush. Like seriously seeing your parents make out is the grossest thing ever. I muttered gross under my breath which was heard by my mom. Then I received a flying slipper which hit me in the back of the head.

“Don’t gross it young man and someday like this, you will be giving us grandkids. I scratched the back of my head awkwardly. Mom is too much sometimes.

We went to the theatre room and settled ourselves on the couch. I pulled Rose in my lap as first she sat down beside me. I kept my chin on her shoulder and my hands were wrapped title around her thin waist. She started watching Friends. It was a really good show as we laughed a lot.

“You’re cute!”

I’m not cute. I am hot, sexy, manly, and handsome.”


I started tickling her. Soon she shrieked in laughter. “Tell me That I am manly, sexy, hot, and handsome,”


“Speak first!”

“Fine you are manly, sexy, hot, and handsome.”

I stopped tickling her and saw her yawn. It’s almost dinner time as we have been here for almost the whole day. We went downstairs and quickly ate dinner and then went to sleep.

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