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I found the Pluto

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Elizabeth Miler is a 17 year old highschool student who is an orphan living with her grand parents. She lives a hard life ,working part times and studying hard and she is unconsciously just striving half dead until she meets a strange and mysterious guy , Jaden Ash who just seems like the lost Pluto to her . Who knew this cold , unloved sinister guy will help her find her way back into the solar system and vice versa.

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1: When we first meet

It is pitch black at night as I walk my way home from my part time work at cafe and the only thing that illuminates the way for me is the single lamp out of all the others on the street that have died out but nobody ever replaces them.
Now as I think about it , I shouldn't have been wearing a skirt because it's pretty late , almost 10 pm and I have no company . I am not afraid , I actually am pretty confident most of the times but you know the kidnappers and axe murderers , they attack you in a way you can't defend yourself , or they simply just put a bag over your head , anesthesize you with some drug and off you go to hell. Yeah hell with this dark alley , I increase my pace as I enter into the small short cuts where it is darker than usual. I want to reach home quickly that's why I take the short cut but maybe it was a total noob move and it's way more risky than walking on the road . I am lost in my thoughts when a sharp light blocks my way . It's a motorcycles head light. I hear some people laughing and saying something accompanied by a heavy curtain of smoke. The bike comes to a halt in front of me and I see there are three tall guys in funky outfits , holding cigarettes , smirking at me.
Hell no.
I can spin a kick at them but they are three and I am one and it's dangerous to meddle with them , I must escape safely. I avoid their glare and try to pass by them but one of them grabs my wrist.
Something's boiling inside of me , it's anger ofcourse but I must admit i am a little scared now. But more angry , because how dare these rude jerks just grab me ?! I jerk off my wrist angrily now glaring back at them .
"What do you want?!" I demand.
One of them comes forward , seems like the leader of his gang . He smirks again , oh God how badly I want to punch him.
"You must be tired , let's have some fun" he says in a slow voice and then all of them crack up as if it was so hilarious.
My nostrils flare. I need to get a composure of myself.
"Let me go before I break your faces off."
I say through gritted teeth.
The leader becomes serious , looks at me and suddenly grabs me by my wrist and this time he's not letting go.
"Don't be so difficult , it'll just be harder for you " he whispers to my face .
I have no other choice , I get my muscles tightened up and kick him with all my strength in the face ; pOww
He screams like a girl and falls down. I notice there is blood on his lips. I smirk this time .
But the other guys get a hold on me before I escape.
The leader stands up comes forward. He glares at me and then suddenly punches me really hard in the face . There is ringing in my ear. I can't let go off their holds and my cheek bone aches with the pain.
Oh God please help. I pray inside my head.
"What are you scared now you brat? Look what you did there , I told you it'll only be difficult for you "
I am still in pain when another sharp headlight blocks the path . It's another motorcycle and another tall guy. The bike comes to a halt right in front of us. The engine makes a roaring sound as it stops.
I guess these are my last moments . What a foolish way to die.
The guy gets up from the bike and looks directly at me . I can't see much ij the darkness but he surely has a bug built and smokes as well. There is something so dangerous and empowering about him but he's not smirking. A real murderer is what I think. He must be the leader , actual leader .
He comes closer and I close my eyes shut. I hear a punching sound and bone cracking punch I must say. Oh it's going to hurt a lot more I think . But then I feel no pain at all. I open my eyes.
What I see makes me so confused and leaves me utterly dumbstruck. This guy has punched the one I kicked before. He is on the ground wailing in pain. And soon the two guys loosen their grip on me to join this duel but he punches and they are on the ground soon too.
What is happening?
Has he switched sides all of a sudden?
Is he angry because they started off without him?
" You reckless rats, find something better to do before I finish you with my own hands ." He spits at the gangsters who are all on the ground. When one of them tries to speak he kicks him ninja style and he collapses again. They eventually get on the bike and head off , their faces shining with fear.
What is he exactly?
Wait did he just saved me?
Hell no , but he looks so more dangerous than those thugs.
He stretches out a hand towards me . I notice I am on the ground . I take it, shaking .
And then I notice , he looks so dangerous because his face is so stiff , his eyes shadowed and his lips tight as if he never smiled. I can't see much because of the dark and tinging pain in my face. His hand is strong and cold as he helps me up.
He looks at me , we make eye contact. I can't tell what color are his eyes but I can figure it out that they're light , they reflect in the dim light like a black cat's. Now we're staring and it for some weird reason feels so gravitating as if the whole world sounds has been shut down.
"Don't go around alone like that." He finally says after that staring contest . His voice is husky and deep.
I don't say anything. I am in too much shock and awe i guess.
"Where do you live ? I'll drop you off."
He asks.
Wait what? Oh can I trust him ? He looks not trust worthy at all but he just saved me didn't he? I am arguing inside my head when he starts his bike and motions me to get on.
Man what should I do. I can jump off the bike if I notice any bad signs but If i don't get on the bike I wonder what is going to happen next as I'll have to walk all the way home.
I walk numbly and to my surprise get on the bike.What am I doing? Is he a member of illuminati or something? Am i being lured into a trap?
"Which street?" his voice shakes me out of my mental mess.
"Oh , yes , camp street .." I say in a voice unlike mines.
"Hold me tight." he utters.
And before I can think , we are speeding off at a speed so high I can't even see anything passing by , I hold on to his leather jacket so tight it might rip out but now I am really scared. We might crash with any poles or cars and it's making me sick . Bold of me to assume he would help me , he must be kidnapping me and the reason he asked the address was to calculate how easy it would be to abduct me.
Hell this demon man. He is too evil and smart as compared to those previous guys.
My head is ringing so loud when i notice the bike suddenly coming to a halt . I slam into his back like a bullet . He smells of smoke too.
"You can get off." he says.
I open my eyes , it's camp street.
I get off the bike with shaky sloppy legs and stand there like a silhouette.
He gets off , "Can you walk home by yourself?" There is a gold chain glistening around his neck and now when there is proper light , i can finally see him clearly. But his face still seems so shadowy like a dark curtain being spread all over and nomatter how hard i try i can't seem to know what he looks like , maybe there is not enough light.
He's staring again as if expecting an answer.
Oh God yes he asked me something.
"Um , no , I am fine.."
Without exchanging another word he gets on his bike.
Wait it means he actually is not a kidnapper or an illuminati or a thug . Then I must thank him right? He's just about to leave as he starts his bike.
"Wait! wait." I suddenly am shaken awake.
He turns around.
"I just want to say ,, thankyou . Yes that's it oh I mean I am so grateful for what you did back there . Yeah.." I am breathing hard. He didn't say anything and I stand staring at his back as he speeds off on his back down the road.
What a strange guy , I think.

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