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Quinn’s Pov

As I drive back to the ranch I try not to think much about Cara, I want to erase her memories and every thought I have towards her. Seeing her again made my blood rush, it is amazing how she always has this effect on me. Having her near me, tempted me to rip her clothes, delay my anger, take her there on the conference table, then be mad all over again. Fuck! her sensual body, It has gotten better with time; she must have been at a beauty boot camp. I am doing it again, thinking about her, imagining her on her knees…. Shit! I step on the brakes as the car comes to an abrupt stop. Theo stirs in his sleep but doesn’t wake up. I watch as the antelope hopes off the highway and i breath in relieve. I must get her out of my head. I turn the radio on for the entire ride.

It is almost ten pm when I get there, most of the workers have retired to sleep. As soon as the engine dies I pick Theo up. He looks so peaceful sleeping, like an angel. For a moment I forget about how he drew all over my manuscript beyond recognition. I place a chaste kiss on his forehead as we head towards the house. From a far I can see a shadow under the moonlight. It is seated on the porch. As I get closer, I can for sure say it is a woman. Did she realize her mistake, is she her to apologize? What now? The thought of Cara being excites the blood to my cock. I have had the longest dry spell, I am useless in her presence, just on her mercies.

As I get closer, I realize I might be wrong. The shadow has a short hair and she is curvy. It is not Cara, that is for sure. I stop to catch my heart in my chest holding back my assumption of the stranger in the dark. I try to recreate the last I saw her face, but I am nervous. I shake my head and breath in slowly, it has been over ten years since seeing her face. I take another step. I pray Theo doesn’t wake up. Her face come to sight, just like I remember just with few lines on it. A smile spreads across her face. It is bittersweet feeling. Tragic!

I step beside her and knock on the door, announcing my arrival.

“Quinn...” Misha whispers, remorsefully.

I get angry, “Do I know you?” I ask.

“I am sorry.” She says. There she goes, saying what should be said. she was nothing like Cara. You would wait for ages for Cara to just say a simple sorry.

“You should leave.” I say as I hear key noise from the other side of the door.

“I made a mistake once not again.” She still talks and I try not to look at her, there was just something virtuous about her that would soften your heart.

The help opens the door. “Thank you, Ann.” I say, she asks to take Theo to his room which I decline and she goes back to her room.

“Can I at least see him.” Misha pleads when I start to walk in the house.

“you are ten years too late.” I say.

“I know.” She was too good at acknowledging her mistakes and also disappearing.

I turn to look her at her face, I regret it immediately. Her face is weary and exhausted hiding her beauty beneath it, one can wonder the life she has had. It is incredibly painful just seeing her in that state. However, my anger outweighs my sympathy. All I think of is Theo and how this will affect his life.

“you can’t just leave and come back and expect things to be the same. It was hard, and life has been complicated for this kid and somehow we are at a place where things are making sense to us now. I can have you complicate that for him.” I say with a finality and walk inside the house, she follows and stops me from locking it.

“I am his mother.” She also realizes things aren’t going as she hoped. “is this because of that Cooper girl, you don’t want me in his life?”

Everything somehow finds its way back to Cara.

I sigh frustrated, “Just leave and stay gone.” I say and push the door away from her.

As I lock the door I hear her say, “I was forced to go.”

Yeah, there is always an excuse and I no longer care. Just I don’t care where she goes this night, I peek through the window as she leaves. okay, I do care for her safety. I am her grandmother’s neighbor, although she died three years ago. So I am sure she has somewhere to go and hope she never comes back. I have had enough pain to last me a lifetime and I would die protecting my son from the similar pain.

I decide to take Theo with me to my bedroom. Him learning I was his family, was enough pain and betrayal at his age. Now learning his mother, whom we told him died, abandoned him is enough to destroy him and never to trust again.

I oversleep and wake up late in the afternoon. I find Theo’s spot empty and cold, he woke up early. I can hear the sound of the tractors’ engine. I walk to my window to confirm what Is going on. I check down and I am met with Misha big eyes, she waves at me. She is in a denim overall. She knew how cute I thought it was. She is helping repair the tractor and Theo is with them. I quickly turn around and wear the nearest clothe I find and rush down stairs to where they are.

Theo looks up when I get there.

“Dad, look, a girl repairing a tractor.” He points at Misha. He is so much like her, he excels at technical things, that’s why I had him transferred to a less academic and more vocational school.

“Theo go inside the house.” I order.

“But she is so cool, I want to stay here.”

“Go in.” I shout and it scares him but he does as I say.

“I told you to leave and never return.” I angrily say.

She drops a wrench; her hands are soaked with oil.

“I heard you.” She wipes her forehead leaving a dark oily smudge. “ Theo needs me.” She says.

I scoff. I realize she has no plans of staying away unless I take action.

“Get off my property.” I instruct.

“you do realize you father, stole my grandparents land. So I would be careful with your threats.”

She gets me off guard it so unlike her to issue threats. She wipes her hands with a dirty towel and starts to walk away.

“this time don’t come back.” I say as she leaves.

“I am not going anywhere Quinn.” she answers and continues to walk away.

What a nightmare. I have no longer peace in the ranch, back in the city I will be tempted to seek Cara. Fuck! Even now I am tempted to send I need you text.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

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