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Cara pov

The days’ drag on in a slow agonizing pace filled with long hours of work and little sleep. My thoughts keep on playing back to what happened between me and Quinn. Embarrassing is no longer what I can describe it. Something about the way he looked at me as he left has troubled me through. agony and despair. I am not familiar with but I know I should do something about it.

I try not to give much thought of the irrationality of my action, driving in the middle of the night. It is the right thing to do, I tell myself or Kelly repeatedly told me. In the past months, I had settled in the familiarity of being chauffeured everywhere. Now being behind the wheel feels strange.

Chickening out, is no longer an option. There are few vehicles on the road, most being the long distance trailers. Highways give me the creeps; all the horrors I have watched all revolve around them. I have been driving in the past one hour, I could have opted to be flown with the company’s helicopter, it would have been fast and safe but no discretion. Yet, here I am, I had to hide to get away and something tells me I am lost. The only time I visited the Nickel’s ranch was during Quinn’s engagement, I wasn’t keen as Ryan drove.

I decide to stop; my phone is dead. My decision was impulsive; therefore, I couldn’t remember my charger. i hope, there are no coyotes or cannibals around as I wait for a Samaritan to help me find my way. Most of the people I wave down speed off like I am some ghost haunting them. Eventually, a young man who looks to be in his post adolescent stops to my aid. He is driving an oil tanker truck, which strikes me as odd for his age. Such a truck needs experience yet he looks like he just finished high school. He is kind enough to offer directions.

“Next time don’t stop at this spot; it bears its myths.” He says as he heads back to his truck.

As I go back to my car, now I have different thoughts and have to wonder the story about that spot. No wonder people just drove off. I have to turn back till where I saw a ring road and take a different turn. I stay alert and follow all the landmarks the boy pointed out until I finally spot The Nickel Ranch along the road. I start to get nervous, there is a stretch of dirt road that leads to it. I can’t believe I am doing this. It was easier being his Booty call. I enjoyed the sex we had and at the same time I could hate him. Such combination turned me on more. Sick!

He did specifically say, he never wanted to see me again. Who would have thought, Cara Cooper would drive miles in the middle of the night just for a boy! I should have heeded his words like I always did and stay away from him. However, I just want to be near him more. Never been this confused in my life. I don’t know what I will say, I just feel it is right. What if he sends me away without a second thought? The Quinn that left La Cooper is that cruel. It scares me. When I stop in front of the mansion, I stay in the car for a while, talking myself out of it. The light at the porch is switched on, the sound of my car must have alerted them of my intrusion, I duck inside my car before realizing how stupid it is. I muster all the courage I can summon and alight. The front door opens and I see Quinn walk out. He is shirtless, with just a boxer. My mouth runs dry and I forget to walk. I stay rooted at one spot as I watch him recognize me. This is where he takes a gun and chases me away like a raccoon invading his compound. Unfamiliar wave of emotions flash on his face. What I am sure is that he is surprised, at first when he walks out, he looks around like he was expecting someone else before finally looking at me. I take few steps to him. He doesn’t attempt to move or speak. it is a good sign, right? He looks tired like he has carrying tonnes of bricks.

We stay silent, our eyes watching each other, daring the other to make the first move. I badly want to reach out and touch him and relieve him of his burden. His tense gaze has some words to express an abyss. I did that to him. I did that to my brother. The two people who truly cared for me. Sometime I miss Andre, badly. He had his good side and at times think a part of him genuinely cared for me. But, looking at Quinn I realize how blind I am being. He can never do what Andre did to me, his intentions were always honest from the start. Even with the booty Call, he put rules that he was faithful to latter, no circumstance that did defer him from doing the right thing. I had no clear goal of coming here, my conscience drove me to and the loneliness that settled within me when I found myself alone in the pent house. However, I am certain what I want now.

“I….” I open my mouth to speak but I am cut when I see Quinn move in a quick move and his hands lift me off the ground as his lips are pressed against mine. I am hesitant and hold myself back, he subtly helps me out as he strokes my hair and I feel the barriers before us break down and kiss him back with passion. It feels like it is the first time we are sharing a kiss; our entire beings were being wrapped up in that kiss. As he tenderly kisses me I feel my soul leaving my body at the same time life is coming into it. I am left drained after our lips part. Without a word he bends to carry me bridal style, his eyes never leaving but enough being said through them. He kicks the door shut as he carries me in, I am not a seer but I can predict what is to come.

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