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Quinn pov

Fuck heaven!

‘God forgive me, please don’t make me go to hell.’

The sins I intend to commit to her will make the devil shy. She is my eve, tempting me to bite the apple and as a man, I follow Adam’s path. I give in. I push the door behind me, shutting with a loud bang enough to wake everyone. Evil lurk in the dark and this time I did welcome it with a throbbing cock. I don’t let her talk. I don’t allow myself to think. It will ruin everything. It still feels like a dream, her being here, in my arms. An hour ago, I had a sex dream, I woke up to find my shorts filled with cum. I had to change them and place a cold sponge on my balls. Like an angle she dropped on my door. I will deal with the consequences in the morning. I grab her hair and pull her towards my lips again. Kissing her with roughness and fervor I can’t point its origin, licking her neck. My dick aches and i know it is because of my sexual starvation, my body near hers is enough to make me come. She wearing an ugly yellow poncho and khaki pants. My hands fight a losing battle to find its way to her tits. Today I don’t have the patience, i can feel myself getting to climax without being inside her. I continue to kiss. She smells good with her pomegranate or hibiscus or whatever conditioner she used. She tastes good too. I can’t get enough. I have to have her there and now.

She helps me remove her poncho. Underneath it her tits are bursting out of her tight white t-shirt. I pre cum on my boxers. And again grow harder knowing I am the only man that ever corrupted her, a question of, if, it would remain that, I can’t entertain it. I would burn down everything by just thinking of another man polishing her pearl. She licks her lips and inch by inch rolls her T-shirt up her body. Jesus Christ, behold, they must have grown bigger over the year. She removes her other clothes and moves towards me, her eyes filled with mischief. She grabs my cock over the layer of my boxer. Her small hands are warmer yet my balls remained frozen. if I touched her, I might wake up, so I don’t reach out when she deliberately pokes my ribs with her tits, they are so delicious. i gently lay her down on the carpet, b afraid one of the workers could find us, making it more exciting, opening her legs wide exposing her glistening wet cunt. I am proud of my work and God. I rub her lips and press my fingers on her clit. She looks so perfect, laying there, gracing me with her naked body and the tiny hole that calls on me. I release, my cock through the opening on my boxer. I have no time to remove it. I am rock hard and throbbing like hell. I even forget to function. I place my bulbous cock head on her tiny opening, I released an involuntarily moan as she arches up. Her eyes remain shut.

“Watch me like a good girl.” I order.

She opens her eyes, and finds mine. She never looked so beautiful.

“What do you want?” I tease her, slightly moving out of her.

“Please…” she beg

“Please what, sweetheart?”

She tries to push my cock inside her, I move further away.

“Please, Dad…”

She knows I hated to be called so and she knows how to vex me in order to fuck her like there is no tomorrow. She doesn’t see it coming when I thrust inside her with one mighty force. And I stop.

“Feel so good. Don’t stop.” She moans, erotically.

My face turns red, this is new and strange to me. It never happened to guys like me, ever. She stares back at me; her face turns from excitement to confusion. She is yet to know what transpired. I look away, she holds my face on her hands and forces me to look at her. When my cock slips out of her, with some cum that drips on her thighs. She understands. I was now a member of the less a minute club. One thrust was all it took to cum. She tries to hide her frustration and fails, I have failed as a Nickel, I have left a woman dissatisfied. Where am I to hide my face?

She takes my hand and asks me about my bedroom. Theo is sleeping there so we go to one of the guestroom. I was sure she will just sleep and disappear in the morning as I slept, none of us to looks at each other’s face. This has never occurred between us, never thought it would. My grandfather would say that even at hundred a nickel should be capable of wrecking a woman. I have failed. When we get there she takes me by surprise when she quickly pulls my boxers to my knees goes down on hers. I prefer not to be the pleasured, it is my duty to please a woman in bed. She is my first blow job.

“No,” I try to stop her.

“Please, let me. I taste good on you.” She is nasty and a turn on.

That is all I need to hear, “you have been a naughty girl, suck it like your life depends on it.”

I grab her hair and move her head towards the semi erect cock. She takes it all, like she did it for a living. I feel like I am in the 9th cloud, singing with the angles. Her tongue licks its length, caressing my tip slowly, sending me to the edge. She sucks and pushes it down her throat. At first I think she will vomit but after a while she continues to suck it harder, I am about to go limp and When I think I am about to die a sweet death, she stops and pushes me to fall back on the bed. It is so sexy, she is.

She climbs on top of me, “I am going to fuck you until I get the last drop of you.” She warns.

“Don’t dare steal my line. Haven’t I taught you better” I flip her until she is on her knees and her rounded arse is on my face and filthy thoughts cloud me. I tease her clit with fingers. She loves it.

She shakes her ass, “you have, i have fallen short of it.” She says in a sweet soft voices that hardens me more than anything. “punish me.” She begs, her voice laced with nothing but unmet want.

“I am in charge; I issue the threats do you want more punishment?” I spank her and it leaves a print of my hand, she doesn’t show her pain, she just pushes her ass and grates on me. She is a talented seducer; she doesn’t know it.

“Sir, please don’t.” it is so funny but I don’t even smile.

I enter her, I thrust two times. Pull it out and tease her with it before getting back inside. She feels warms. Her walls cuddling me perfectly.

“you like that? Huh!” I slam on her harder.

“mmh….” The words don’t come out.

I keep on thrusting more. “harder, don’t stop…. don’t stoooop…...like that…. please….” she screams begging. The roof might as well fall on us. I do as she asks.

“Say you are sorry.” I bang her pussy marking her.

“so…rr…y” she screams between moans. She bites on the pillow, surrendering her whole to me, trusting me and I feel like a winner. This is what I have dreamt of, submitting her wholeness to me, and me to her in oneness.

Her pussy dance on my cock, “you are so beautiful and fuck! I am lucky.” I say

It spikes her arousal. I thrust more, holding myself back for her.

“what do you want baby?” I tease my fingers circling her clit.

“you, fucking me.”

Where is my girl Cara?

“do you Fucking love it?”

“I love it.” She moans concealing her screams on her pillow.

“do you love me?” I don’t know where the question comes from.

“Yessss.” She screams without the pillow. “ I am cumming, hold me.” She adds.

With a final and single thrust I fill her with load after load of cum. We fall together on the bed, exhausted and satisfied. However, I am left both happy and confused.

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