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The road to heaven must be curved through a Woman’s thighs. When my tongue touches her core, her eyes open wide from her sleep and she smiles sheepishly, shaking her head.

“Let me take care of you.” I say. The entire I have it planned out in my head. Eat, make love, eat make love again and the cycle continues.

She leans back and covers her faces with a pillow. I must admit I like the carefree Cara this morning. I continue to lick her non-stop. She starts to pant and moan. Her hands try to grab me and her groaning becomes faster.

“Faster.” She commands. “Don’t stop” she begs.

I have no intention of stopping but I want to prolong the pleasure. I know if I go faster she is about to come. I try to move to just pleasure her vulva and neglect the clitoris for a while just to see her squirm. She is smart to pick on my intentions; she grabs my shoulder as her nails dig deeper.

She gives me a murderous looks and says, “do you dare!”

I smile and say, “your wish is my command, love.” And resume pleasuring the woman I love but drives me nuts. She falls back again on the bed, she arches her back with every lick, giving me more access to her. Her legs start to shake and she tries to hold one embarrassed, I stop her with my free hand and continue. The licking goes faster and faster until she bursts into a pleasurable orgasm. I don’t stop even she squirts; I continue until her body stops shaking.

When she moves to sit, I also move. She leans forward and holds my face and kisses me gently, slightly biting my lower lip as she stops leaving me yearning for more. Our eyes gaze at each other, she doesn’t blink. Her gaze turns from care to remorse.

“I am sorry.” She says and a tear falls down. “I am sorry for everything.” It turns into a sob.

It melts my heart, I thought I word never hear those words from her.

Her hands fall round my neck and she hugs me as she cries. I have never seen her this raw, it is surprising and awakens a part of my heart I had fought to kill. I want to stay angry at her, all I can think of is how much I love her and will never stop.

“I forgive you.” I find myself saying.

“I wanted to come with you.” She confesses. “They didn’t let me.” She sighs softly.

The last part sticks out, I release her from the embrace and turn her to face me.

“They? What do you mean?” I ask, furiously.

Her gaze falls and she moves away from me to lean on the bed’s headboard.

“I killed Andre.” Her voice comes out muffled as she speaks.

I frown, she is not a killer.

She confirms my thoughts, “He tried to kill me that night I came out.”

My anger multiplies, my fist form into balls and I feel the urge to punch anything, anyone. I should go on his grave, exhume him and punch him in his death. I actually felt sad when he died, I could imagine the sorrow Cara was. A fucking bastard!

I pull her to my chest. She was all alone fighting for her dear life while I thought she had left me stranded. I feel like the biggest fool. Then I remember her initial statement and how the media reported his murder.

“You said they, what is going on?” I ask.

“I don’t know who they are.” Her breath is warm on my chest as she speaks and it is ticklish.

I get confused, none of the things she said make sense except the part she killed that prick of her brother.

She picks on my confusion and adds, “do you remember the Black family that sold identity to us?” I nod and she continues, “someone killed them, the girl and her brother we visited last year and she didn’t want to see us, they were fake Blacks put there by Andre and his mother. They planned on killing me, setting up my brother and killing him too then assuming my identity as Cara Cooper and taking over my father’s empire. When I killed Andre, they blackmailed me to use my father’s businesses to launder money.” She stops and turns to face me.

Everything is too much to process. Why did she not trust me enough to tell me?

“why did you not tell me?” I ask, feeling both angry and sad.

“They threatened to harm Theo, yo….” I don’t let her finish; no one threatens my son.

These fuckers have no idea who they messed with.

“how did they know you killed Andre.” The Story isn’t clear to me.

“The fake Catherine, the girl I assumed her identity was with Andre that night he died and she is the one they use to blackmail me and serve their interests.” She unconsciously moves her hand to her bare breast and I lose the trail of my thoughts for a second before now trying make sense of everything.

Andre and his mother killed the entire Black family, looked for someone that resembled Cara and Catherine black to pretend she was Catherine Black, Kill Cara to Now come out as Cara Copper. Cara killed Andre, fake Catherine took care of it and she blackmailed her to launder money for them. While the real people pulling the strings stay hidden.

“Is Andre’s mother behind all of these?” I ask the most obvious.

“I think she is only involved in killing the black family, I don’t think she even knows what happened to her son. None of all these make sense.” Her face contours in confusion. Her hair is like a birds’ home, if the mood was different, I would tease her.

I am more confused than her but now that I know someone threatened the safety of my son. I can’t sleep peacefully until I do away with them.

“I don’t know what to do.” She murmurs.

I caress her back and kiss her shoulder. “I will help you,” I say.

Just then I hear Theo shout from the other side, “Dad.” He calls out again.

“Dad?” Cara raises her eyebrow.

“it has been sometime.” I say as we dress. “I have some of your dresses in my room.” I state.

She smiles warmly and the worry I had the entire night comes back, she said she loves me, we haven’t spoken about it yet and now with what she just revealed I don’t think, we will anytime soon. I can only hope she meant it and not because she was high on sex.

I open the door once we are decently dressed.

“Cara.” He rushes inside to hug her.

“look at you.” Cara rubs his head.

“Okay big boy, let’s go have some breakfast.” I pick him up. He has grown tall but that doesn’t stop me.

We walk out as we head to the kitchen. Theo is keeping her updated about his life until we step in the kitchen and my heart stops. Misha is seated in the kitchen with a cup on her a hand. Her smug fades when she sees Cara. I always wake up early to keep her away from my compound. I am having the entire ranch being fenced to keep her away. With Cara on my arms I momentarily forgot about Misha’s persistent intrusion.

“You must be Cara.” she sarcastically says.

“yeah.” Cara is too preoccupied with Theo to know what is going on.

“You should leave, I will have you arrested.” I warn.

She sighs, mockingly.

“Who is she?” Cara asks.

“This is Misha.” I answer.

She gasps loudly. She turns to look at me before turning to Misha with a grin, “Nice to meet you.”

There is nothing nice with the way she says it and I can tell none of us will enjoy the breakfast.

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