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“I am sorry; I didn’t know we had company I could have made more tea.” Misha says with feign pretense and I immediately dislike her.

Wait, We?

“You live here?” I find myself asking.

Way to look possessive Cara. I mentally slap myself.

“Quinn didn’t tell you?” her voice is laced with smug, like she knows something I don’t.

Quinn decides to sit beside me, all over sudden I feel like I am trespassing a family moment. However, I sit there nonchalantly pretending like it a normal thing, like watching a bird fly. Do they do this each day? How long has she been here? Has he been seeing her the entire year he would send those sweet messages. I can’t help but wonder.

“She doesn’t live here.” He answers my question.

“But I live around.” She announces with victory.

“I see.” I breath and Quinn picks up on that as he gives me a concern look.

She sits beside Quinn and he is sandwiched between us. The mood fluctuates, I wish I can be updated on what is going on, but I just sit there awkwardly as the three of them have cups of tea except me. Quinn notes, stands up and breaths out in relief as if we were suffocating him. He proceeds to make a cup of coffee for me.

“So are you two together?” she takes a bite of her bacon.

It is a trick question, a landmine, probably to mock me if I answer. What if they have been dating all that time and sleeping together. And this is a way for Quinn to embarrass me for going mute on him for a year?

I turn to look at Quinn and I find he is also staring at me with interest, probably wants to hear my response too. The morning has been equally pleasurable waking up to Quinn between my thighs and also awkward as the memories of last night hang around us, precisely when I screamed that I loved him. I can tell he badly wants to talk about if not celebrate about it. I don’t, especially now.

“My dad said Cara will be my mum when she comes back.” Theo innocently speaks and I am relieved I am no longer the object of attention which I soon realize I am wrong when I find Misha’s eyes narrowed on me. I now have a clear look on her and I feel ugly before her, she attractive, Andre wasn’t wrong. Her eyes stand out and like a window they draw you in. warmth, emanates from them although not towards me.

“is that true, Quinn?” Misha turns to him.

He brings my coffee over, although I no longer have the appetite.

“You should leave Misha.” He scowls at her.

I am confused to what is going on here, no one wants to update me.

She goes silent, thinking hard, clicks her tongue and stands to leave. As she leaves, she gives me a cold glare that sends shivers down my spine. This is just the beginning, her eyes tell.

“Dad, can I go play with her?” Theo asks fondly.

Quinn’s hands fall in defeat, “Sure.” He says.

We are left the two of us and take a sip of my coffee, before talking. “Why did you not tell me?” I ask.

“it was one of those things that slipped my mind. It shouldn’t worry you much.” He kisses my cheek.

“She is your ex, the mother of your son. Someone you share a significant past with.”

“you said it, the past. Are you jealous?” He teases.

I huff, “Pfft.”

Quinn laughs and squeezes my nose, “you are.” He insists.

“Seriously, put me out my dilemma.” I beg.

He lifts and puts me on his laps, “Where is my Cara, the Cara I know wouldn’t be this patient she would have walked out and not beg for an explanation.” He pulls me to kiss him.

“Because the before Cara knew the Jerk she was dealing with wouldn’t offer one. He would just smirk.”

“Are you calling me a jerk?” his hand moves between my thighs and I feel it moving sensually up to my core.

I nod, hoping that will persuade him it takes it further. I haven’t had sex for a year. Last night just awakened the hunger more and all I have been feeling is horny. If only I can have him on this sturdy mahogany dining table. My pants soak by the mere thought and he catches me grinning childishly.

“you are having dirty thoughts about me, aren’t you? He smiles.

I bite my lip in response.

Gosh! What is happening to me? There are serious unsolved things between us and all I can think of is having him inside me while the entire household is awake. His baby mama and kid are outside, for Christ sake! I have finally lost it.

“Don’t do that,” he warns and I feel his dick harden poking my ass.

“or what?” I taunt him.

His hand moves to my core; I have no pants on. He plays with my lips and he brings his lips on mine. They taste of tea and sweetness. We should stop, we should address everything but my lust can’t allow it. I am afraid if we stop for a second to talk it will go back to where we started from. There must be an explanation as to why Misha is here, otherwise he wouldn't be kissing me now. Meaning they aren’t together. What if… I shut that voice and kiss his back with fervor.

He lifts me up effortless until I am straddling him. The big T-shirt is long; it reaches my knees. So it lifts up to my mid-thigh when I straddle him, hiding what is about to go down.

“Can you repeat what you just said.” He breaths heavily.

We are now face to face and warm butterflies rush through my stomach by just looking at him. At that particular moment everything ceases to exist and our worries vanish. I lean in and start to kiss him. It starts out slow progressing into a rough kiss filled with desire. His hands elicit a loud groan from me when he lifts my T-shirt and his warm breath touches my nipple. My head falls back surrendering to the pleasure. I don’t know the trick he does with his tongue on my breast but a loud moan escapes from my lips bring me close to an orgasm until a someone clears their throat. I whip my head forward, jumping from Quinn and finally seeing the intruder who is none other than, Misha. Quinn shows no concern for her presence and doesn’t dare to zip his jeans that evidently shows his hard on. He has a boxer but it bothers me. I move in front of him to hide it from Misha’s eyes.

She looks away embarrassed.

“Thank God, it wasn’t Theo that walked in.” She says once she composes herself.

“what are you still doing here?” He asks, angrily.

“Theo wants some water.” She says.

Quinn stands and walks past me after he has zipped up, “I will take it to him, just leave.” He orders.

I stay rooted as the familiarity of their exchanges settles in me. Once upon a time, we were the way he is now with Misha. He would shut me out as I tried to seduce him into a booty Call but eventually he gave in. I dread to think that the same will happen between them. After all, what can we call our relationship?

“You can join us outside,” he says to me as he carries a jug with him.

“I will go dress up.” I say.

Misha blocks my way as I try to leave.

“I taught him that trick, the one he uses his tongue….” She points at her tongue as she tries to jiggle it in the air and I feel sick listening to her. “…Always remember everything he does with you, I taught him.” she adds.

I don’t say a thing I just stride past her. I hate her is all I can think of.

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