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“You never told me how you met?” I ask Quinn, I take out a piece of cloth that he gave me and wipe the sweat on the tip of my nose.

He has been clearing the field and collecting soil sample that he intends to take it to the lab.

He stands up and looks at me. He is exhausted and the only help I have offered is my company and endless questions.

“I had visited my grandparents for the summer, I hated being driven away from the city so I had a habit of going to hide at the furthest point of the ranch. I would have my mp3 with me and my draft book where I wrote my stories. I wasn’t aware that there was someone else in the fields, at first I thought it was a snake but before I could act on my fear a scared girl came out, it was Misha. My grandparents at that time they had planted coffee. She had snuck in and on her hand she had a bucket full of berries she had stolen.” He smiles and I immediately detest my curiosity.

I unconsciously start to remove the seeds from the watermelon Quinn harvested for me when I complained of thirst. We are acres and acres away from the Mansion. It is like a village on its own and can imagine its worth. Theo isn’t far away from us; he is assembling a mini- tractor which has all of his attention.

“We don’t have to talk about it, if it bothers you.” He assures.

I want to hear about it but it still makes me sick to the stomach listening to it. Misha left hours ago and I dislike how casually she treated the ranch as her second home. The workers seem to be familiar with her, and a specific Middle age woman openly showed her dislike for me, commenting about my moaning form last night.

“How old was she when you she had Theo?” I ask remembering that Andre did tell me that she was a bit older that Quinn and my earlier interaction gave me the impression she was also more experienced.

“She had just twenty, I was two months from turning eighteen.” He says and my head now starts to make calculations. I never assumed Quinn to be that older, in fact I never thought much about his age since that would be a factor to consider if you are planning to date someone, I only needed to seduce him.

“How old are you?” I can’t help but ask.

“in four months I will be twenty eight.” He says and my mouth falls wide.

“I know, you are still a baby.” He adds to my surprise.

I turned twenty-four last month, and that is because I joined College late than my peers.

“How?” Misha story is forgotten momentarily.

“I did my first degree in literature in UK before coming back to do my second degree in Business at Primeton as per my father’s desire.” He explains. He has finished collecting the soil and uprooting the remaining wheatgrass.

There is so much I don’t know about Quinn and it intrigues me realizes there is more to him I never paid attention to.

“Does Theo know about her?” I ask him.

He shakes his head, “And I want it remain that way.”

I understand his reasons to want to protect Theo although I can help but think maybe It is not about Theo it is about his own hurt. At his penthouse he still kept her photos, letters and some book quotes which I would assume was their inside thing. What if he never got over her? He assured me she is his past but that past is here with him, it is now in his present threating my peace of mind. I hate what I feel now. I have never felt that way in my entire life, wanting to possess something so badly, label it yours and label yourself His so that the world can know whom he belongs to.

I shake my head and release my breath.

“I will head back to the house, just watch Theo I will be back shortly.” He announces before starting to head back.

“Will you bring my phone with you, I want to take some photos?” I ask. “And the horses, I promised Theo a ride.” I add.

I doesn’t cast a glance back but I know he will bring it. I head to where Theo has been seated for hours.

“What are we doing?” I talk slowly as I sit beside him on the hot soil.

“I am learning how to become the next Ford.” He says, proudly.

“Can I help?” I ask.

“Girls don’t make cars except Misha, I like her.” He says as he dismantles it again since he got it wrong.

“Anyone can do anything.” I say.

He has grown too fast and the intense kid I knew of is slowly learning to relax, although not there yet but close.

“That is no what my grandfather used to say.” He answers.

All this time I haven’t even offered a single condolence to Quinn for his loss. I may have hated the man, the new of his death shocked me and brought me no relief, but Quinn lost a father. I am familiar with that. I am terrible.

“Do you miss him?” I ask him.

He looks up to me, he has dust particles on his forehead and now I can see the resemblance with Misha. I look away.

He nods, “He was mean but he took me with him to cool places.” He looks up to me with his huge round eyes with a perfect look of innocence, “Can I tell you something?” he asks.

I smile, nod and wipe the dust particles.

“Dad misses him and you too.” He whispers like it a dirty secret that shouldn’t be let out.

“Did you miss me because I missed you?” I ask to ease the mood and show him there is nothing wrong with missing someone.

He nods with a wide smile on his lips.

A shadow blocks me from the sunlight. I look up to find Quinn glaring at me and all over sudden realize that he isn’t in the same mood he left in few minutes ago. What could have happened on his way?

“Here.” He hands my phone over almost throwing it away.

“is something wrong.” I can’t help but ask.

“We should go back to the house.” He avoids my question and I start to get irritated by his out of the blue mood.

“Where are the horses? I prom…” he cuts me off.

“You are free to stay longer If you like.” He helps Theo to his feet and helps him carry his things.

I don’t understand what happened that changed his mood. But then again, this is Quinn he doesn’t a reason.

I silently follow him awkwardly.

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