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“I should leave,” I say as I text Kelly back. She did send me a message earlier asking about my wellbeing and if I asked Quinn for his help. Quinn’s foul mood distracted me to reply. It has improved through the diner; we did have some conversation though his eyes hold some darkness in them.

I feel his arm wrap around me, “Already?” He nibbles my earlobe and I laugh.

“A lot of people are depending on me.” I say thinking about my employees and the work that awaits me back in the city. Being a CEO is hard work.

“I need you.” His warm breath tickles my skin and my legs get weak by those words, it has been a while since he said them.

“what’s up with the mood, few hours ago you were all sour and now….” I don’t find the perfect word to describe his mood now. Horny would be close but you can never second guess with Quinn.

His hand moves beneath the shirt I am wearing and his fingers rest on my naval area.

“It isn’t worth piss stains on a mattress,” His hand moves further up to my chest. “I prefer you with no wrinkles on that pretty face so don’t stress over my mood.” He adds.

I know those words are meant to ease my worries but they triple. It is clear things haven’t been easy for him and his family since he lost his father and a big percentage of their wealth. I could see his pain as he cleared the fields and it is no brainer that it was a loss on his part. I want to help him; I just don’t know how to bring the subject up. Maybe that is what is making him moody, I can only assume.

I turn to face him. “So I will be discarded once I grow old and my skin has lost its elasticity?” I raise my eyebrow daring him to respond.

I expect him to make a joke or be stoic as he has previously been. Instead he releases me from his hold and looks away, “let just live in the present.” He says.

That is new from him, he has always spoke about our future.

“I love you.” The words escape my lips before I can think about it

In the morning I didn’t want to talk about it because finding MIsha in his kitchen made me think there was something going on between them but the time I have spent with him it has proven otherwise. And hearing him saying those words, like there wasn’t any hope for the future, for us, scare me. After he said that, I just realized I will do anything not to lose him.

He now turns to look at me, he isn’t excited like he was yesterday when I moaned them.

“Say something,” I beg him when he just stares at me.

In a swift manner he moves forward and takes me into his arms. I amazed and scared of what he might do. He tucks a lock of my hair behind my ear and his lips crash to mine. I feel my breath hitch in my throat. I don’t think twice I return the kiss. His hands hungrily caress my body; I twitch when he my nipple a little too rough.

“ouch.” I step back.

“Sorry.” His voice is flat.

I don’t to get to catch my breath before I feel my body being lifted and carried to his bed. I try to speak but his index finger stops me when he softly places it on my lips. He pulls my shorts from my body and I lift my butt so that they can come off. I am confused with all the unsolved issues between us. I try to maintain a mental fortitude as I direct my head into more peaceful thoughts. I shudder when I feel his fingers brush my clit and all the confusion vanishes. I sit up in an attempt to remove his clothes but he is quick to stop me.

“This won’t take long.” He coldly says and gently pushes me to lay on my back and pushes my legs apart and I am all exposed to him, yet he is fully dressed.

He removes his cock through his zip. This is new. He slaps it on my just above my pelvic area. His face holds unreadable expression and decide not to think too much trying to understand it.

This time there is no teasing or preparation, I gasp when he finally penetrates me as the sensation shots up my entire body like a tendril of electricity. He starts with a slow tantalizing thrust and sheer pleasure sends my eyes at the back of my head. It is too sweet to ignore. His thrust quickens and become harder as he pounds on me. My breath becomes heavy, he doesn’t slow down, it is like he is punishing me. He doesn’t moan, groan he just remains indifferent as he fucks. Everything just feels different but that doesn’t stop me from exploding when I reach my climax. He continues and never stops until I feel his dick throb inside me as he comes to a release, inside me. He gets off me and picks me up in his arms like a sick kid. We lay in each other’s arm silently.

“come with me to the City.” I speak.

“My life is now here.” He answers.

I badly want to ask what about the life he had planned for us but I have feeling based on his earlier response, live in the present, that will be his response again.

I stay silent instead.

We both stay silent.

“We should rest you have a long journey ahead of you tomorrow.” He says and reaches out and switches the lights off.

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