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"I can't believe you didn't ask him," Kelly says as she sits beside me, she is wearing a super short white tennis skirt that leaves her butt cheeks few inches from everyone's sight.

"I couldn't, I have hurt some many people and worst the people I love."

"Love? You are admitting you love him," she asks.

I get a warm feeling at the thought, "I finally told him and his response was a cold silence."

Her mouth stretches into a wide grin as her hand falls onto her mouth both happy and surprised. "You kids love too much drama." She says.

"If you think that is drama, Misha came back," I say and that captures her entire interest.

"This is starting to feel like some Lifetime movie." She signals for the waitresses to come to our table. We are at a Café' that is near her College. She has been too busy I hardly see her.

"It even gets sick when she had to tell me about her intimate moment with Quinn."

"Bleargh." She gags.

"Yeah!" I agree.

"It has been a while since I was in touch with my witch side, we should destroy her." She says just as the waitress she called earlier shows up.

I tell Kelly to order on my behalf since she is familiar with the quality of their food and she knows my likes.

"Don't mess with Misha, she is Quinn's problem," I say because I know how cheeky she can be.

"You think?" she scoffs. "I can tell you she is back to win Quinn over. She's your problem too."

Just then a figure stops at our table and I look up to find it is Detective Conan, the guy who was in charge of Ryan's mother's murder case. The last time I saw him, he didn't have a beard. He doesn't ask for permission to join us, he invites himself and sits beside Kelly.

"You are still stalking me," I say.

"The last time we crossed paths you were Cara Black a lot has changed, you can't blame me."

"I was cleared," I say.

"I am here to cut you a deal." He says as his eyes anxiously wander around the room.

I look around and only see a bunch of college kids, just then I see a familiar figure, Roxanna, my ex-best friend. Before I can catch her complete form she disappears.

"I had nothing to do with her death, her case was closed."

"I am not here because of that, Your uncle was an informant for the police regarding the role of La Cooper in aiding Money Laundering. I want to help you and in exchange, Andre's case won't be opened." He says.

"I don't know what you are talking about," I say with a blank look.

"I think you know exactly what I am talking about." He places his hands on the table

The waitress comes back with our orders. I silently watch her place our orders on the table.

"Is there a Roxanna here?" I ask.

She nods, "Her shift just ended." She says before she makes her exit. While I am left to wonder why Roxanna would be working here, she is an heiress.

Detective Conan takes my iced Tea and starts to drink it. I watch him as he finishes it, Kelly makes a face at me.

"This is my card, I will be waiting for your call." He speaks as he stands up.

"You will be disappointed because I have no idea what you are talking about," I say now angry he took my drink.

"You don't want me as an enemy, just because you are now a Cooper you aren't immune to justice." He goes from an icy glare to a satisfied smirk.

"I didn't even consider that but thanks for reminding me," I say completely unfazed.

He gives up and leaves.

"You should have accepted his help." Kelly pipes in.

"It is hard trusting anyone after my ordeal with Andre and his mother, he could be working with them or trying to set me up," I say thoughtfully.

"Or just wants to advance his career by helping you help him catch those faceless criminals." She shoots me a stern look.

"It could be but I am not ready to go down that road of uncertainty," I say, calmly.

"But is it not the same road you are taking with Quinn?" Her eyes sought mine as she asks.

"It is different with Quinn," I answer.

"Is it? up to this point, both of you are playing Tom and Jerry seeing who has more power over the other. I have never met two people who deeply care and love each work so hard to destroy something beautiful." Her eyes bore into mine and I don't give in to the temptation to look away.

Her words hit a nerve but they are true.

I remain silent as I process her words.

"This time you should take the initiative to fight for your love before That Misha makes her move. Quinn has done what most men wouldn't." She adds. She has always been emotionally mature for her age and the most mentally balanced person I have ever met until I sometimes envy how some issues she easily handles while I am the eldest.

I check my phone and note that I have spent more time than I intended to.

"I will see you over the weekend, right?" I ask her.

she nods, "Yeah."

I did carry anything except some cash and a phone, I left everything in my car so I just stand ready to leave.

"Here," I hand her some cash.

She pushes it back, "I got my first contractual job to design a dress for some cosmetic model." She answers.

"Oh my God, why did you not start with that. I am so happy for you." I mean it, she deserves every success that comes her way.

"Because I knew we would celebrate and you won't want to ruin the moment by talking about anything bothering you." She says.

"Congratulations. "Her news momentarily wavers my decision to leave only that the stack of files waiting for me in my office makes me not to wilt.

After our goodbye, I drive back to work. I have my private parking space underground. The security man nods at me as I drive in, just as I near where I should park. I see a familiar face and my heartbeat increases. It is Quinn. I almost jump out of my moving car just to run to him. The few seconds before I can park and get out of the car seem like a thousand years.

He sees the smile on my face which I can tell he didn't expect that gives him the push to meet me halfway to the large parking lot. Once we are finally facing to face, we are both speechless. I lean forward to kiss him and he stops me.

"I love you, too." He says before leaning forward to give me the slowest and peaceful kiss we ever shared. And all the problems disappear.

Oh, boy was I wrong.

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