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Welcome to the final book of His series. I had to go mourn Andre 😅😅😅. It has been a journey and here we are. I don't normally do this but this book is all about forgiveness and second chances. We all deserve them as man is to error. I can guarantee happy endings for some characters, it will not be easy but they shall overcome.

Come with me for this journey.....

One year later...

Quinn pov

I look ahead of me, the bare land that had so much promise. All of the wheat planted was infested and the loss incurred is devastating.

"Dad, Dad..." Theo calls out.

I turn to see what has him all happy. He has a kite, he has learnt how to make one and fly it. He feels untouchable, like young Tesla who has made a new invention. Ah! it is priceless to be young.

"You are doing well, son." I say and continue to see where I went wrong, I am damn sure I did everything, yet here I am counting my loses.

"Will we go horse riding after, Dad?" He asks excitedly. He is growing too fast.

"Maybe later, I still have some work to do." I answer.

Life has tragically changed in the last couple of months, it has been seven months since we laid my father to rest, since then it has been a sequence of horrors in our lives. The latest being the loss of yeild on my wheat plantation. It is like karma is out to punish me.

He comes and gives me tight embrace. And his innocent well intended action melts my heart. "We will try again." He says, like he can feel my disappointment.

"Let's go have something to eat." I say.

I help him board the trucktor as we drive back to the ranch. The one place I had to retire to and now has become my home.

The drive is a short one. I find, Frank, my farm manager and give him instructions to have the field cleared, before walking inside the house.

I head to the kitchen to prepare a snack for both of us. Theo follows as he explains some of his stories. I am happy the bond between us has strengthen and he no longer sees me as a brother but as his father, and I am proud to be one.

I quickly fix a sandwich and we sit to eat it.

"Mr. Nickel." One of my worker walk in. He pauses for a second then states his reasons for being here, "This came for you." He hands me a letter.

Even before I open it, I can sense what it is all about. I have been receiving this unanimous letter after my father died. They are quotes from different book and the last two have been from one of my children book's that I published recently. This quotes when put together seem to tell a story. If I didn't have a lot going on, I would be intrigued. Sometimes I tell myself they are from her, but who am I kidding, she never bothered to know me that well to know my favorite books and the quotes to move me. Only one person shared that interest with me, Misha.

"Thank you, Paul." I dismiss him.

After we are done with our snack, I take Theo to the entertainment room and put some cartoon to keep him occupied. I throw the letter on the pile of the other ones. I don't bother to know the contents. Like I do everyday from the last time I saw her. I pick up my phone and call her number. She never picks up but I still leave a message anyway. I promised to wait on her. I am, until she is ready.

It has been a year since I last saw her or heard her voice. She disappeared from my life with no single goodbye or a reason. I understood with everything sorrounding her, Andre's death and her brother's arrest. I left countless messages that I was here for her. She never reached back. Months later she disappeared and no one knows to where.

I have looked for her, but just like Misha, she doesn't want to be found.

My phone starts to ring, I check and find it's Ryan.

"Hey cowboy?" He says when I answer. "How is the country life?"

I smile. "Nothing to hate about, and how is the honeymoon?" I ask. He just got married two weeks ago.

"It is great, thanks for the gift. This place is amazing."

That getway I gifted Ryan was meant for Cara and I. It could have been me and Cara. She would have loved the island on our honeymoon.

"You are welcome." I say and ask what I have in my mind. "Have you found anything?"

"I have." He says and I can something awakening in me.

"I found her, or rather her name came to my radar. He says.

"And..." I am impatient, all my search wasn't in vain.

"Her name is on a flight that will be arriving tomorrow." He states.

I breath out and lean back on my chair. She is coming back.

"Thanks bro, I owe you." I really do, he is the only friend that has remained after the Nickel empire crumbled down, the rest distanced themselves even, Courtney.

"We are brother's, I got your back." He assures. "I'll sent you the rest of the information on when she will be arriving, where and so on." He hangs up.

She is coming back, back to me. I'll make sure I am the first person she sees when she alights from that plane, waiting for her like i have promised her in over the year. I throw a fist in the air.

I order dozens and dozens of all types of flowers before going to my room to pack some of my clothes and Theo's clothes so that we leave for the city.

Theo is confused by my rush desicion. He can't understand why we are going back to the city after I promised him that we will never go back. The reporters traumatized him during my father's court hearing. Funny enough, she never showed up and somehow my father was convicted. I expected after the ruling she would resurface, after all, everything she ever wanted, she now had it. Anyway that is in the past and we are in the present. The thought of seeing her tomorrow, makes it feel like less than a year.

All I can think of is her eyes lighting up by my presence. I will the best surprise she sees tomorrow.

His booty Call is being turned into a game so I have to edit it and that may hinder me from uploading daily. I promise to try so that the book is complete in less than two months.

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