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Quinn's Pov

I am early.

I am both anxious and happy. Things have changed from the last time we saw each other. I am no longer the same person. I am sure she isn't the same person. Time and experiences change people but what I hope remains constant is the love that binds them.

I spot Kelly. I have kept a close watch on her. I constantly stalked her, threaten, bribed her to tell me where Cara was. She said she had no idea, I didn't believe her so I kept her on a watch maybe she would lead me to her. Seeing her here tells me they have been in constant communication. It both hurts and relieves she couldn't talk to me but at least she had her friend to talk to.

I don't want to make my presence known, she may alert Cara. I am still not sure she is ready to see me, surprise may ease her readiness.

I look down on my attire. I no longer wear designers, i no longer drive the latest editions, the media no longer find me news worth except when they want to use me as an example of riches to rags. She now owns an empire. Will that change anything?

Time passes by slowly but eventually, the expected time she's supposed lands clocks. From where I am seated I can see all the arrivals. Let me preserve the best for the last, me.

I finally I get a glimpse of her. Everything and everyone at that particular moment cease to exist except her. She is the one and my heart stops like the first time I saw her. Her hair has grown longer, she has grown slim making her look a bit taller. Either way she is still attractive as hell.

As she moves she keeps looking around like she expected someone else to show up. Could it be me? I doubt. She never told me she was coming back so she doesn't expect me there. Which is why all I think is her reaction when she sees me. Where is her brother? The tabloid have only posted negative stories about him. What happened between them?

Kelly jumps to hug her. I guess now is my time to welcome her. I stop when I see another man beside her put his arm around her. A cold wave washes over me. And I freeze, everything shatters, the future I imagine. All broken and all I feel is like the biggest fool.

I can stop watching her, I had imagined a thousands times of that particular moment I would see her again, I wasn't sure that I would but I was still hopeful.

She continues to look around lost, she looks detached from the present. Our eyes lock, they don't register. I don't know if it is me she is looking at. At first they arch up full of surprise and losse interest. I know that look, the indifference.

She is no longer mine.

I throw everything on a nearby seat. History repeats itself, I remember waiting for her here only to see her speaking on the television and Anthony confirmed what I had suspected. She refused to come with him.

I am done with her. I am done with her games, I being the one to seek her out yet she shuts me out but embraces everyone else. I am done with you Cara Cooper.


I keep on driving, the image of that man's around her is burned and tatooed on my head. Who is he? The entire time i was here thinking she was hurting, she was having the time of her life. They probably would laugh at my idiocy listening to the messages I left. I gave up my life for her, my wealth for her, my divorce with Courtney coated my family everything. I stayed faithful from the moment we met. I am done, nice and charming Quinn is dead and buried.

As I drive I see a tavern. I drive back and get in. It is smells of stale ale and sweaty bodies. Men with ovrergrown bellies are being entertained by girl young to be their daughters. Few people are seated scattered, some are making out, a bawl is about to ensue between two guys. I walk straight to the bartender and order a beer. Two women are seated alone at the furthest corner. They keep on sending me meaningful looks. They seem to be in their early thirties. A group of college girls are dancing from the other side.. One is on the table twerking, two of them walk towards me. They are incredibly hot filled with youthful jolly aura. I look away,their presence remind me of Cara's betrayal. Women are deceitful.

"You look familiar." One say as they sit on the sit on both my sides.

"You are confusing me with someone."

"No. You must be famous or something." She places her hand over my thigh.

I badly want to remove it but my body says otherwise. It has been a damn whole year since I was inside a woman. And the woman I was waiting for was busy sleeping with another man. What is keeping me from sleeping with either of this girls that are shamelessy throwing themselves on me?

"My friend just turned twenty one, do you want to join? " she asks.

"Or we can go somewhere private." The other girl speaks as she moves her hand to my crotch.

There boldness reminds of Cara, it is both a turn on and turn off.

I gulp the remaining content in my bottle and stand.

"Let's go."

I will forget you Cara.

We end up in the back seat of my truck. The girls immediately start to kiss me once we are in. The last time a girl threw herself at me this easily I ended up in a booty call agreement and falling in love with her. Fuck! She can not let me be.

I turn to one of the girls and start to kiss her. Every being in my body awakens. The other girl starts to undress. When she is done I turn to her as her friend undress too. It is damn glorious.She stops kissing and starts to kiss her friend. It is not my first time having a threesome. There's a reason they called me a playboy. I don't know how Cara did it but she tamed my lust for other women until I lusted for her onlyy and now I wish to lust for other women except her.

"What do you want us to do?" They push me until i am leaning back they start to undress me.

One is plays with the other's nipples as she unzips my pants. They gasp when cock comes out. It is all erect. One girl circles the tip with her index finger and I whimper.

"Have you ever done this before?" I ask.

"No, but it is on our bucket list." The outspoken one speaks. "My girlfriend and I wanted to have our first dick together."

It is insulting that I am an experiment to them yet I still want to go through with it desperately.

I am taken by surprise when she takes my cock into her mouth, not something I would allow Cara to do, all I wanted was to please her. Fuck her! She takes the entire length down her throat and I moan. The other girl starts to kiss me and takes my hand to touch her breast. They are big, i just get tired of fodling them. I start to compare them with Cara's small and perky ones and I can feel myself losing my erection.

The girl looks up to me, my cock has shrunk back and no matter the stimulation I can not get it erected.

"Let's get out of here." She tells her friend. "What a loser!" She mutters.

That is a new one, no woman had ever called me that in my entire existence until today.

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