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Quinn's pov

I turn when I hear the front door open. It is Meg, my sister. I wish I would be left alone. I expressively told her and mum so. I should know, they never listen. She is dressed in a mini dress; I don’t know much about styles or designs about women cloth. I just like something and pick it up. What catches my attention for my sister’s choice of dress is the color she has solemnly swore to despise, mango.

“Don’t even think of it.” It is like she knows I am about to make fun of it. “I thought I would find you rolling in your vomit.” She says and places her purse on the table I am working on.

“is that what you wish?” I ask.

“No, Quinny” she says and nudges me in the arm. “she came back.”

I furrow my brows and feign ignorance, “Who?” I ask.

She shoots me a stern look, she thinks I will wilt to it, joke on her. She reminds me of our father, her golden big eyes, strong sharp nose and her thick dark hair. I took my mother’s features just not the personality.

“you know who.” She says, completely unfazed.

I stand from my desk. It is not a big apartment I live in but neither is it small. Just not what as a Nickel I pictured myself in. I bought it from the proceeds of my book, I imagined it would be okay for Cara and Theo.

She follows me to the nearest couch, “C’mon if I were you I would want to forget her too.”

“yeah,” I breath.

“Would you hold that thought just for your sister’s sake?” She smiles.

“Don’t tell me your opinion about Cara has changed?” I stand and reach for some drink and pour into two glasses.

She breaths in and out, and sticks her tongue before speaking, “Could you convince her to be my client?” she frantically asks.

Meg, has been trying to revive my father’s audit firm. She always had passion with numbers unlike me but my father would never let her be part of it. Women were supposed to remain at home and bear children, according to him.

“Please, don’t me in a position I will have to say no to you.” I beg, contrite.

She says slowly, painfully, “Please.”

I take sip of my drink, it burns my throat. A feeling I welcome; I wish it would burn my heart into ashes.

“she made a joke of me, she is not worth a nanosecond of my time, anymore.” I slid back into my desolation.

“But she is worth millions that can really help me.” She pushes the matter further.

“Haven’t you heard me.” I snap, but with a hint of healthy anger.

She shakes her head with remorse, “I am sorry, I sound selfish but I am just desperate.” She confesses.

“I wish I can help, but i….” I can barely find the correct words to describe Cara’s betrayal.

Meg nods with understanding. “What are you going to do now, you lived waiting for her?” she asks.

I look away to hide my pain. I am supposed to lead her not see me in this state. My eyes flutter a bit, I must have had too many drink since yesterday, yet my memory is awake and aware.

Her poignant question echoes in my head.

“I want to erase her from my mind, forget I ever met her.” I answer. Lost in the empty place where my myth of love once lived.

“maybe it isn’t what it seems.”

“Maybe, maybe not. I don’t give a fuck.” I crow. “I can no longer make excuses for her. The writing is clear from the start when all she wanted was just a booty Call, I told I loved her, she couldn’t say it back.” My tone is wrapped up in so much despair, it fucking stinks! I bet Cara is just having the time of her life, I never cross her mind.

Meg’s brows knit with confusion, “Booty Call?”

Realization of what I have said hits me, “Forget I ever said that.”

“Why don’t you go and hear what she has to say.” She suggests.

I put fill my cup again. “like I said I gave my unwarranted time. She disregarded it and me with her entitlement. She never answered any of my calls, she shows up with a new lover, no apologies and the least an explanation. She has never perceived me as someone worth her precious time, neither is she to me.” I empty the contents in my glass down my throat.

“You know what you should do to forget her completely. Get under someone else.” Meg says, of course that would be her solution.

“I tried, my body is just so accustomed to hers such th….”

She starts to shout above my voice, “La..La…La I don’t want to know the details,” she says.

I try to pour another drink into my cup she stops me. “You have had enough, and I know a place you can get an easy lay.”

I check the time on my phone, it still early to pick Theo from the training center. I save my drafts on my computer and safely keep my manuscript that I was editing.

“I don’t think that is a good idea.” This are times I wish I found television entertaining enough.

“You don’t have an option. You can live sulking.” She takes my arm. She is stubborn.

“Really, who has long face between me and you?”

“well, at least mine is a million-dollar sulking where by yours is love stricken pussy cat sulking.” She counters.

I smile at her failed attempt to make sense.

“I am driving, you are too drunk.” She says as we walk out

I must have fallen asleep severally during the drive. When I feel that we are no longer moving I lift my head to check our destination. My eyes go wide; I turn to find my sister staring back with no remorse at all.

“what are we doing here?” I ask through my gritted teeth.

“I had to. Every company is turning me down; I have no money to hire my CPA’s. I have to ask anyone for help even if it includes your ex-girlfriend.” The defeat in her voice is raw. “You don’t have to get involved, you can stay here while I go in to talk to her.” She adds and steps outside before I can say anything.

I immediately step out to stop her, just then I see a simple sport car stop and Cara steps out. She waves at its occupants and it speeds away shortly. She seems distraught. She swivels her head and her eyes find mine. I sought hers just to see if I can read anything from them. She stares backs briefly, then looks away. She starts to walk into the Copper Tower.

That’s it!

I start to follow her. I can hear Meg calling out my name. I ignore her and keep on following the object of my anger.

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