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Cara’s Pov

Nolan’s Car stops in front of the Cooper Twin towers. He forgot his portfolio at his hotel. Today I have a meeting with the shareholders, there is a ghost shareholder we intend to entice with a buyback. He is ghost, the face that represents him is the fake Catherine. So far I have I bought back most of the shareholders, only three are remaining. I intend the company is run solely by Oliver and I. He will come around.

As the cars leave I find myself gazing around, somethings have changed that I didn’t recognize yesterday night. Suddenly I find myself staring at a pair of angry eyes. I inhale sharply and turn to walk inside the tower. I don’t why but I do it anyway. God! This is what Oliver meant, I act based on what I feel, the right thing would have been facing him and talking to him yet here I am behaving like an adolescent pumped with hormones.

I look back and he is following me.

“Cara,” he shouts my name, angrily.

I keep walking, the people inside watch us.

“I am talking to you.” He shouts again.

I step in the elevator just as it is about to shut and he is left outside. I know Quinn too well; it doesn’t end there. As soon as I get to the second floor where there is a conference room to hold our meeting I step out and rush in as one of my assistants try to talk to me. I release my breath once inside. The shareholders haven’t arrived yet. It will give me time to compose myself.

The door flies open and it is slammed shut.

“You enjoy the chase, don’t you?” He asks.

I shake my head. He takes calculated steps towards me. I swallow and move back. His nostrils are flaring. Only God’s mercies can save me from him.

“Tell me princess, do you get off being a sadist.”

“Don’t call me that.” I shoot back. I can shake the distasteful looks he rewards me with.

I hate it. I can’t bear, I want the Quinn that looked at me with so much love and hope. i swiftly move to his position he is caught off guard. My heels compensate my lack of height I am directly proportional to his nose. I can see how much he is fighting to breath normal. I feel triumphant. There are at least some feelings left in him for me. This is selfish, I shouldn’t awaken them if know that I can’t return them. I can smell the whisky in his breath. how did that escape my observation, he is drunk?

I wish he can shout what he is thinking he watches me with unspoken expectation. His silence is more daunting than his words. The anxiety prevents me from breathing, what am I thinking? I am closer to his face, it is no longer that smooth and spotless. It is weather beaten. My hands itch with a deep desire to touch it. He is not moving, just frozen. Any reaction from him would make this easy.

I can’t wait any longer I move in and press my lips against his. He neither moves nor responds. I am not giving up. I have missed his kisses for too long. I attempt to for my tongue in. Nothing. This is embarrassing. I move my hands down his crotch, he is turn on. The action makes him gasps making it easy for me to deepen the kiss. Once my tongue is in, he returns the kiss with fervor and my knees weaken. My heart somersault with victory. However, that is short lived because he pushes me away and breaks the kiss.

“You may be used to getting whatever you want, not this time, Cara.”

“I…” he interrupts me.

“What? Don’t like that or you hate the truth as well?” he is filled with smug.

I can tell he is trying to hold his anger back; his eyes have nothing but hate for me. I step away from him my face red with embarrassment.

“I am sorry…”

He raises his hand and his voice to cut me off, “Save it, you couldn’t take up the responsibility to come say that to my face so I will take it that you aren’t sorry.”

“Quinn…” I breath yet I find i have nothing to say.

His eyes bore into mine.

I instinctively close my eyes, when I open them Quinn is still watching me.

“Do you love him?” He asks. “Is he the reason you couldn’t come with me?” he adds.

“Not in the sense you understand by love. He is gay. And no he wasn’t the reason I couldn’t join you.”

“Why then?” it is a brief question that bears a lot of weight.

Theo and Oliver’s face come into mind.

“Because I had no idea how to feel about anything.” I partially say the truth.

I see his left cheek twitch a little and he turns to give the deadliest side eye. “You kept me waiting for an entire year, I worried about your safety yet, what you were protecting was your indecisiveness.”

I look past him and realize that the shareholders are here. My eyes circle the room, everyone in the building could see us. They saw his rejection and my pathetic kiss.

“Are we interrupting something?” Catherine’s eyes burn through me with unspoken warning.

I shake my head, all the energy in me has evaporated.

I watch her and two other men walk in and make themselves comfortable. Quinn’s sister also joins us and I am surprised by her presence. The last I spoke to her was at Quinn’s engagement party to Courtney. Shortly Nolan walks in, his hotel is not that far off.

“Are you going to join us Mr. Nickel I understand your father has some shares here still.” Catherine smirks at me.

I close my eyes briefly and pray to whatever mighty deity is there than he declines the offer. When I open them he is beside me, he takes me by surprise when he forcefully presses his lips against mine, it is a wet sloppy kiss. It is disgusting. He pulls back with a smirk.

“I never want to see you ever again.” He turns to Catherine. “Swimming with the sharks is better than anywhere she is.” He spits.

“I am a Nickel; I will sit on behalf of my family.” His sister says.

“Suit yourself.” He carelessly says and walks away.

The Quinn that walked isn’t the same that walks out. He is the arrogant playboy I hated.

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