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One year ago.

“Who are you?” I am now sure this isn’t the same girl Andre’s mother bought the identity from.

“The less you know the better.” She walks to me and gets the gun. “Just take a walk all will be fixed like nothing happened here.” She instructs. “In fact your brother needs you.”

I don’t oblige. I watch her to see if I can find any recognition on her face.

“Who are?” I repeat the question, “where is the real Catherine?” I add.

“I am just a messenger; I do what is asked.” She says as she starts to move Andre’s body.

she holds some resemblance with Catherine Black, the girl Andre’s mother bought her identity from. However, if you look closer you realize she is older, she has a more muscular pose and her hair is of fine and thin strands.

“How do you know Andre?” I ask.

We both look up when we hear the doorbell ring. I take a first step; I feel like I am hostage that I should run away yet at the same time I feel like bad guy I should hide.

“you can’t answer the door all bloody.” She points at my clothes.

I feel like the room has sucked all the air, everything feels like is spinning. I struggle but manage to put some clean clothes.

“Act Normal.” She orders.

Why am I even listening to her, is the dead body not enough lesson to learn from?

I breath in and out before answering the door.

I gasp when I come face to face with Anthony, Quinn’s bodyguard slash driver.

He is quick to notice my startled state, he served in the army and good at profiling.

“Did I startle you?’ he asks.

I shake my head and pull the door to hide the inside of apartment from him. Something he picks up quick but pretends not to.

“sorry I am late, there’s crowd outside your apartment and I couldn’t find a space to park and additionally, there was a change of plan following what happened.” He extends his hand to me, he has air tickets. “Quinn would love you to have this and when you are ready you can join him in France.” He says.

He picked France.

My heart melts, I love France.

“Where is he?” I ask.

“At the airport,” his answer is short, however his eyes are trying to peep inside my apartment.

“Are you alone?” he asks.

I nod.

“okay then, I hope you make the right decision.” He says and walks away.

I make sure he is gone before I lock the door.

When I turn I find a gun pointed at me and she is on the phone. She is giving directions to my apartment , “Make sure, she doesn’t know.” That is how she ends her call.

“you should have left when you had the chance.” She says.

“Who are you working for? I can triple your income.” I say.

She lets out one depressing and demonic laugh, “Calm your tidies princess, you can’t afford me.”

I am all confused. Did Andre want to kill me because I am his sister or there’s more.

“What do you want?” I ask.

She points for me to sit.


Present time

“What do you want?” I squawk when Catherine stands in front of me.

She smiles to reveal her ugly teeth.

“I am afraid, the deal we had one year ago is up for renewal.” She says, full of smug.

My blood boils, by her mere presence. I square my shoulders, I have learnt the art of dominating a scene, if only by sheer intensity. I am a damn C.E.O, “our agreement was one year, nothing more or less.” I state, ruefully.

“You still think you are in control?” she says, laughing out loud.

We are the only two of us, after the meeting, Catherine lurked around.

I can feel my resolve sapping. She notices it.

“l did my part and Nolan is ready to ‘buy back’ your shares.” This can’t be happening.

The corner of her moth quirk up, “My boos say business has been good and if you are good you can negotiate this without resulting to other tactics.” She declares.

“ I need to see your boss.” I demand.

“I am the face you speak to, think this through.” She cuts our conversation short like she has had enough and nothing I will say will change it.

I watch her leave, I should never have gotten involved with her and her associates to begin with. I bury my head in my hands, I am in my fathers’ shoes. Laundering money for faceless people and I don’t know how to get myself out of it.

I feel someone tap my shoulder softly. ‘Are you okay?’ the voice is familiar.

I turn to find it is Quinn’s sister.

“May I help you?” her presence is unexpected.

“Are you in trouble? Is that why you can’t be with my brother?” her facial expression is rather austere.

Is not like she ever believed my intentions where good towards her brother, she wasn’t wrong.

I shake my head and give a lopsided grin, “I am okay.”

She doesn’t buy it but doesn’t push it further.

“I would love to discuss a proposal with you.” She says.

I am not in the right mindset to discuss business especially with what her brother did to me. He embarrassed me in front of my subordinates and shareholders.

“leave your business card with me, I will schedule a day.” I suggest.

The idea impresses her; it is like she expected a different answer. She excitedly digs into her purse and retrieves a batch of cards it is like they have never been open. She nervously takes one and hands it over.

I read the information on, she is trying to start her own audit firm. No bad.

“I hope your relationship with Quinn won’t interfere with your judgment about me.” She simpers.

I shake my head, “business means business.” I assure.

She says her goodbyes and leaves. Again I am alone with my thoughts. I know the only way to fight these criminals that have infiltrated my father’s company is by the help of one person, Quinn. His father knew the people and he may know how to deal with them. The bigger question is, will he want to even see me? and a part of me knows how wrong it will be to ask for his help

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