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It may go without saying, we look for love from the day we are born, and then one day our first love finds us in the most unexpected places. Years can pass and you think you’ve moved on from the feeling you once had for your first true love and suddenly, it all flashes across your mind, vividly, like it was just yesterday. Understanding our first loves tenderness, and struggles have never been quite that easy. For many, love doesn't always end the way we'd hoped. This book is dedicated to KAT ^.^

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This book is aspired to give you a look into why our first love attaches itself.

This story is based on true-life accounts.

It's a story of two kids struggling to keep love alive, even while faced with life’s obstacles they encounter a ray of hope to guide them through tragedy, addiction, and abuse.

But will it be enough?

Coming from the streets, David joins a gang at an early age, and with nowhere to live he relies upon his street smarts and grit to get him through some rough times.

David, discovers his first love early on in life while still a teenager running the streets as most teenagers. Well, maybe not like most teenagers, he had this warped perception about falling in love, he never permitted anyone to get close enough to ever hurt him, and as a gang member, the last thing on his mind was the thought of finding love.

He was taught love is a weakness, it weakens the heart, making you soft for the lifestyle. “Trust no woman” was the motto they used, a typical love them and leave them is the creed most of his friends tattooed on their chest.

Until one day Cupid decides to interrupt his miserable life by plunging an arrow directly into his heart.

Kathy’s a young girl who grew up in the suburbs, deciding to one night go out with her cousins who lived in a Mexican neighborhood called a Barrio.

A beautiful young girl looking for love when she runs across a gang member who can’t seem to take his eyes off of her.

Determined to learn more about him she looks deep inside this young man’s heart where she discovers he’s nothing more than a warm teddy bear.

When one thing leads to another they have a showdown to see who has the stronger will. Not true, it just seemed like a good place to write that. I mean the rest is true, except the showdown part.

You’re probably asking yourself, what is love about?

It’s said, when one person goes to bed heartbroken another could wake up finding true love; but, that’s not always the case, many will just go to bed with shattered dreams.

However, that’s not the case for these two kids. Their love provokes them to do anything for each other.

For some answers come quite easily, and for others, they’ll take them a lifetime. Let me explain myself before introducing one of the oldest tales of when a girl meets a boy.

As you know, love knows no age, it looks and feels different each time you fall, every time you feel it we discover something through the joy and through the pain of it.

For many, this is something they must go through to grow, a right of passage. For the rest of us, who could ever really understand the laws of attraction?

Their heart didn’t get to decide on who it should love nor did their love have an expiration date as to when it should relinquish and cease loving one another. This is why they couldn’t understand the matters of the heart.

Although most individuals are too attached to the past, to what they are familiar with, they somehow miss opportunities that stand right in front of them. David decided to capitalize on the open door, there was nothing going to stop him from missing the opportunity standing right in front of him.

He goes against everything he was taught, and all of his beliefs go right out the window when he encounters this young girl at the park. He's caught by surprise the moment he feels his heart beating for the very first time, not to mention the smell of jasper that came from her direction.

I suppose it happens to us all, the day we go head over heels, over that special someone who happens to take our breath away.

David finds himself going through setbacks in both his career and private life. However, he does not use it as a reason to quit; rather, he forges new opportunities. With Kathy by his side, he starts to see the world through her Kat Eyes.

Indeed, there are moments in this story, where time will be kind to the both of them, giving them an opportunity to spend an extra second, extra minute, and even an extra hour so that they can spend time together.

Although this story is factual and based on real events. You will find your own story intertwined throughout its pages.

You will also come to realize this novel has quite a different ending. It’s not your average boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy gets girl back type of tale.

We all somehow have experienced the same pain and joy through a little thing called LOVE.

“Having a first love can change your life in so many ways, my first love did that and much more. The best part of it all, I never anticipated any of it.

I remember as she walked up, she was stunning, basically breathtaking, it was her dark brown hair and an adorable smile that first caught my attention and as a result, I’ve spent the last thirty-five years captivated by my first love.”

Well, let’s just say it gave me enough courage to write this book.


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