Choosen By Fate

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What happens when everything you have faded away in one go? What will you do fight, regret, revenge or will end your life. Find out what Eira did when fate played with her.

Romance / Mystery
Mysterious Glory
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Chapter 1

Chapter-1 started

"Dad I know we have a party tomorrow night I will be ready. But can you please tell me what is the surprise you are going to give me?” Eira’s Father says

"You need to learn how to have patience sweetie you’ll get to know tomorrow.” Eira says

“But I want to know right now.” She demanded

"Ok but there is a condition you need to be present at party at the right time with Zane.” Eira’s father says

"Why the hell ? I need to be with him.” Eira protest to her father

“Ok, I am not going to tell you?” Eira’s Father says

“Fine” Eira says

Dream Finish

She wakes up from her dream. That, she is getting daily from the last 5 years.

Oh, My bad, I didn’t introduce myself. My name is Eira Smith. I am 26 years old working as a security chief in Luciano’s & Cooperation. I am also a personal bodyguard of the Aiden Luciano, sole heir of the Anderson’s & Cooperation.

I am 5"7 short-tempered, fierce, smart, strong and strong headed woman. You think I am praising myself, but it’s true. I have proved myself in front of my boss that I am capable of handling all, matters by myself. I am also beautiful as well. I have dark brown hairs, chocolate brown eyes, nice body shape, great shape of jawline. I am quite impressed with my body shape, I don’t have any problem with my appearance.

Oh noooo, In all this introduction I am going to be late for my work. I only have 30 minutes to get ready. I hurry up myself and go to the bathroom and take a quick shower and brush my teeth. Then I wear my formal clothes also known as my bodyguard attire black jeans, white shirt and black coat.

I quickly grab my phone, my purse, my car keys and my house keys. After settling in the Audi R8. I order the coffee and a bagel from the drive-thru and finish it before reaching my destination.

Phone Ringssss-----

I look at my phone and I know who is calling me “Zane”

You must be wondering who is Zane right. Zane is my best friend. Best friend is a small word, he is like my soul mate. He knows when I am sad and when I most need my best friend.

But now, “I am sorry Zane, I can’t talk right now.” I told him when I pick up the phone to put it on speaker.

I didn’t even give him the chance to say something. Because I have reached my destination, Mr. Luciano’s House.

Sorry, House didn’t fit in the word because it is damn mansion.


Soo, How you guys found 1st chapter. Tell me what do you think how will be the Aiden and Zane character’s ?

Write in comments!!!

Thank you for reading..


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