Choosen By Fate

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Chapter 2

I started to walk towards the main security room, whereas usual I met Marcus. Marcus is the security head and senior after me. Yeah, If I am security chief, he is security head. If we need to take any decisions, both of our consent need to be there.

Marcus has blue eyes, dark brown hairs, broad shoulder, muscular and have short hair which are combed back neatly. He is 6 feet. Yeah, taller form me. But still respect my decisions.

When he sees me, He greeted me with his big smile on his face not to forget he got dimples when he smiles. I like that. But for confirmation I like him as my big brother not like boyfriend.

“Hey Eira! How are you?” he asks me when got near him

"I am good, how are you Marcus?” I ask him with a smile on my face.

Marcus has very friendly vibes whenever I have some problem he always makes me forget all my worries by making me laugh on his lame jokes.

“You know we have of few things to take care.” He says, by coming back to his serious tone.

“The man we found spying near the mansion.” He told me by coming back in the serious tone.

“Did you guys check the CCTV footage.” I asked

“Yes, but he was all covered in black, so we can’t really do any identification.” He told me

" It’s okay, we’ll find out. But now I have to go and check Mr. Luciano’s routine.” I told him in a flat tone.

He nodded, and I left the security room and goes towards the 1st floor.


So guys, this is my 2nd chapter hope you guys like it. If you guys have any question you can ask me in comments.


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