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Choosen By Fate

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Chapter 3

I start walking towards the 1st floor ready to bear the cold attitude of our boss Mr. Aiden Luciano.

On the first floor it is both his office and bedroom. So first I need to check in his bedroom and then his office, main chances I will find him sleeping in his bedroom.

Yeah, he is lazy but a really great businessman, and I am also his personal secretary because I can’t take any chances with his security after his last secretary was involved with his rivals who want him dead.

After that incidence we decided I will be with him for all his time that means I have to be is Personal Secretary and be with him all the time. But main problem he is pain in the ass. Yeah, I know I say that he is a great businessman but only till you know him only professionally and for me, I know him both professionally and personally. Personally, he is a player correct word. Because after office Mr. Player go to club every day and girls throw them on him. Oh, lord my virgin eyes, he just wants them till bed after that he didn’t have to do anything with them. He didn’t care if I am present there or not. I know how I handle everything.

You might be thinking why girls throw themselves let me tell, He got Greek god looks dark forest green eyes, short nicely trimmed hairs, 6"4 taller, 6 packs and huge biceps and dimples when he smiles that every occasional because mostly he just smirks. That what I hate besides good looks, he is cold-hearted, arrogant and self obsessed.

He thinks everything he can get with money but here he is wrong self-respect can’t buy from money. You right he also tries to get n nerves but tell me tell you when I show me true self he got scared because I know when I got angry I am really dangerous. I can’t control my tongue, my words and myself from doing what I should not do.


Here, chapter 3 completed tell me comments how you feel about Aiden.


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