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Two friends One love story Leena and Ethan Ethan is an arrogant jerk who never cared about girls except one . Because of his ego he left her. But she never left his mind Leena is an introverted girl who had built her walls so high that no ever looked past that except him For her family is everything that one can ever dream of , what happens when she discovers the secret She loves her family after that only one that has entered into her life as family how her life gets changed

Romance / Other
Lucky Lucky
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Chapter 1

I am no where near any skilled writer's
skills and I don't know anything about literature and my present profession does not even go there .
So,if there are any mistakes please let me know.
I don't have that of creativity to do with so bear with me and if u like this story just let me know
And I suck at description of any thing and don't be rude
Thank u .

Let me introduce the characters then let's dive into the story 🀠

She is from an Anglo-Indian family, her father is a cardio thoracic surgeon and her mother is some where between a housewife and a fashion designer,like she runs some clothing app. She doesn't care much about that
Leena's dad Rohan Ramachandran
Mom Riya Ramachandran
Leena's goal is to become a doctor like her father.
She is very smart ,kinda nerdy but in a good way, introvert and anti social to put in terms,
And she has a friend named Charles but quite opposite to her very extroverted and he makes her brain roasted .
She met Charles when she was in her 1st year of high school at the same time a jerk of her life left without a word.

That jerk name is Ethan
Ethan Evans he was there when she was encountering a struggle every single hurdle he was there like a pillar for emotional support,he is her 1st love,1st friend ,1st of anything she could feel,
But he just left her as if she was never there in his life,
She thought she is important to him

Ethan Evans
Ethan is from well educated and very Richie rich family to be true we can just take him as everything that someone could ever dream of maybe I am just exaggerating it any way, his mother Stephanie Evans holds a couple of firms in law and a group of hotels and his father Watson Evans is the chairman and founder of E&E group of industries and many other firms his father started this company after they had ethan eventho Evan's grandpa had very firms but it's Mr. Watson's desire to start everything from scratch.
Even then they shifted from Evan's grandparents mansion to a house next to Leena's maybe it is not big as their mansion but it is enough for a family with 2 kids
Yes, Evan had a sibling that is a sister younger one.
Ethan has moved to Leena neighborhood when he was 8 and leena was 7 they are just a few months apart and they attended same school ,same class ,and same desk
They were friends no bffs as we already know but something has changed between them when they reached there puberty
They are not distant from each other,but something they never expected to happen had happened leena started liking him in other way than friends but he was never knew off, and what made them even more away is their silence and patience that they will talk to each other when one of them have a trouble but it went more than that when leena introduced a friend named Charles out of nowhere
They fought with eachother but he took it too far by punching Charles right on his face making a fractured jaw this infuriated leena she slapped him right across his cheek hurting his alpha ego.
She thought he would come around but that didn't happen instead he left everything between them and moved out of the town without a message or a letter what made her frustrated was he demanded his parents to move from this place over a night .

Could their opposite paths make a cross over ??
Do they know what's waiting for them in future ??

This is for the introduction u guys can imagine whoever suits the characters am not gonna keep a limit for ur creativity and sign-in off

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