Alpha Jaxon

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Jaxon is a bisexual male werewolf he is out to everyone except his parents. Jaxon also has already found his mates yes he got lucky with having 2 mates. He is 30 years old and he has been in a relationship with his best friends and his mates Jae and Jaylon for 4 years now. They found each other at a ball for werewolves and that was 4 years ago. He is scared of what his parents reactions are going to be. Also Jaylon is a Mafia King Jae not only is a werewolf but a witch as well. ⚠ This story is for a mature audience 18+ this story contains violence swearing and it talks about domestic violence. ⚠ ***This is my original work if anyone attempts to recreate this story it will be reported accordingly. Unfortunately with so many stories being copyrighted now we have to put this on our work just for protection.***

Romance / Other
A. Frost
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~ Story Introduction ~

My name is Jaxon Keller and I'm 30 years old I'm also bisexual. I'm the Alpha of the Snow Moon Pack I took over for my father 5 years ago. I have met my mate well I should say mates yes I have two mates. I met them at the summer ball we had 4 years ago. I met Jaylon Connor first we were the best of friends growing up but then we lost contact when we both when to our alpha training. We than met back up at the ball and we found out that we are mates. When we went outside to talk more that is when I met Jae Lopez my second mate. Jaylon is the Mafia Leader and Alpha of the Silver Moon pack yes his pack is the Mafia. Jaylon is 31 years old and he is gay. Jae is 29 years old and she is from the Magic Pack she is also part witch she is also straight. Everyone knows about the three of us except for my parents. I haven't told my parents that I'm bisexual yet cuz I'm scared that they will disown me. There is also a couple more this that I need to tell them when I tell them that I'm bisexual and I have 2 mates. I need to tell them about Jaylon being the Mafia Leader and Jae is also part witch. I hope everything goes well and it doesn't turn into a fucking shit show.

~ Character Introductions ~

Jaxon Keller
30 years old
Alpha of the Snow Moon Pack
Mate's are Jaylon and Jae
Wolf's name is Onyx

Jaylon Conner
31 years old
Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack
Head of the Silver Moon Pack Mafia
Mate is Jaxon
Wolf's name is Titan

Jae Lopez
29 years old
From the Magic Pack
Part witch
Mate is Jaxon
Wolf's name is Eve

Onyx Jaxon's wolf (Pure Jet Black)

Titan Jaylon's wolf (Pure Black)

Eve Jae's wolf ( Brown, Grey and White)

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