The Alpha's Mate

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Will Adeline fall in love with Drake just because they're fated?

Romance / Fantasy
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The ground is wet, I can feel it with my bare feet, it’s so dark that I can’t see well, but I can make out the shapes of the trees. I know I‘m dreaming because the edges of my vision are fuzzy. I reach my hand out and gently lay it on the rough bark of a tree as I step over the roots. I walk ahead slowly, poking through the brush. I look up, as the largest, brightest moon that I’ve ever seen becomes visible through the canopy of the trees. I take a small step into the clearing and take a look around. I notice a girl in the center, she looks rather small and delicate.

“Excuse me” I call out, walking closer to her. No reply.

“Excuse me miss” I call out louder as I approach her. I shiver, not from the cold, but from the pure power radiating off of her. I can tell she’s supernatural, like me, probably a witch, like me. Not like I have ever put off energy like that in my life. Feeling her energy is like touching a live electrical wire. It’s amazing, I’ve never felt anyone as strong as her before. It’s as if she’s pure energy.

She has beautiful, gently curled mid length hair that is a white blonde similar to my own, though hers is shiny, the opposite of my frizzy mess. I walk around to examine her more closely. Her face is similar to mine as well, almost as though we’re cousins but she’s the “pretty one”, though I don’t have any cousins, or any actual relatives close to my age, well that I know of. I feel as if I know her. She has the same splash of freckles across a thin nose, delicate features, and milky white skin that I do. We have the same face, except it looks better on her; she almost glows and she has perfect skin. That’s the main difference between us, my skin does not glow and is nowhere near perfect. She looks much more mature than I do. If I was photoshopped into an ideal me... it would be her.

She’s sitting with her legs crossed and I notice that she’s reading a beautiful dark brown leather bound book with symbols that I’ve never seen before on it. That’s seriously saying something considering how much my mom made me study sigils growing up. Which was seriously a lot, I mean she made me flashcards and gave me a weekly quiz. It’s a rather dense book, probably about a good four and a half inches thick. It must be an extremely heavy book. It’s the kind of book that would either be in the coven’s or our family’s library. Old. Witchy. Probably shouldn’t be messed with.

Looking around the clearing I feel as if I’ve been here before. I notice that the clearing is a perfect circle of red maple and oak trees and tall grass. The grass inside the clearing is a beautiful green and butterflies are flying around so I know that it’s springtime in the dream. All of a sudden a wolf comes barreling out of the woods straight at the girl. I hear a scream but the girl doesn’t move. Oh, I must’ve been the one who screamed. She looks up at the wolf and smiles, running her hands through its black fur while it nuzzles her neck. The wolf has just as strong of an energy as the girl does. They look so cozy together, like they belong. The wolf whines and runs off.

She stands and winks at me. She has the same deep grey eyes that I have, which I have never seen before, not even in my own family. She bent down to grab her book and walked closer to me. I look at the cover of the book and look at the sigils on it. I squint to get a closer look and my vision gets fuzzier...

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