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The Alpha's Mate

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Chapter One: Adeline

I sigh, thinking of my dream, as I pull into the gates of the compound. I punch the gate code I was sent into the touchpad. 54126. I drive down a dirt road lined with beautiful trees, the kind that bloom with pink and white flowers in the spring. The further down the road I get, the more side roads I see. Each small road leads to rows of small houses, kind of like a neighborhood. I guess it is one it’s own way. When I get to the end of the road I come to a big circle driveway and a large house. I knew this pack was bigger than mine but I had no idea just how big.

I park my little truck in the driveway in front of the house. I step out and take a deep breath to calm myself, smelling a hint of jasmine in the air. I’m nervous, though I know I shouldn’t be, and the scent calms me. I walk up the brick steps, past the white columns, to the huge double wooden doors and ring the doorbell.

I’m greeted by Alexander ‘Alex’ King, a wolf about a year older than me. He came to visit my pack last summer. It’s typical for sons of Alpha’s to visit another pack the summer after they graduate to create and keep alliances. Since I’m the Alpha’s daughter, albeit the illegitimate one, I was in charge of showing Alex around. We became fast friends. So, when I applied to colleges I applied to one in the King’s territory. Our families have been allies for generations, so my dad was pretty cool about me going to school in the King’s territory. Alex wraps me in a gigantic hug that lifts me off the ground. I laugh at his antics.

“Ady, how ya been, how was the drive?” Alex asks, leading me inside.

“It wasn’t that bad” I shrug. My pack is in Georgia and the King’s pack is in Virginia. Not too far, but far enough to not feel like I’m being watched all the time. Which is exactly how the child of an alpha feels, especially a daughter.

The foyer is beautiful. The walls are covered in pictures. From family photos to candids to pictures of the pack. Apparently I’m gawking too much because Alex laughs, shakes his head, grabs my hand and pulls me down the hallway, leading me to a large kitchen and drags me to a beautiful woman.

“How wonderful, you’re finally here!” the middle aged woman, who could rival someone half her age in beauty, exclaims. She has a timeless beauty, with her shoulder-length dark hair, naturally tanned skin, and chocolate brown eyes. Alex looks just like her, except his height. She’s of average height and he’s about six foot four. The Alpha, I assume, walks in. He’s tall, which must be where Alex gets it from. The Alpha’s muscular with blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. I gather all of my courage and I walk up to the Alpha and offer him my hand.

“Hello, Alpha, I’m Adeline Dell, George Dell’s daughter” I say to him looking him in the eyes. He shakes my hand. He laughs slightly.

“Well, Adeline Dell, it’s very nice to finally meet you, but I’m no longer the Alpha here. I handed over the reins to my son, Drake, a few months ago, so you can just call me Aaron” he said with humor in his eyes. Oh my dad’s gonna be so pissed. He thought Aaron was still in charge and dad’s never Drake. Dad’s not going to trust someone he’s never met with his only child’s safety. As if he could read my mind, or maybe the look on my face, he started shaking his head.

“Don’t worry about your dad, I’ve already spoken to him about it. He was pretty hard to convince, but my son runs things the same way I did, you’ll be safe here.” I almost sigh with relief, if I had to go home I would seriously lose it. Not that home is bad, of course, I’m just tired of being watched everywhere I go.

. Two girls come barreling in, basically fighting to get through the door. I jump back.

“Why didn’t you tell us she was here, you idiot”, says the blonde girl next to Alex, while the dark haired girl nods and crosses her arm. Alex rolls his eyes and pushes me behind him slightly.

“Maybe I didn’t want you to steal her away just yet”, he says with a wink towards me. I roll my eyes at his idiocy. I step around him to introduce myself to the girls, who I know from pictures he’s shown me are his sisters, Emma and Gina. I offer Emma my hand but before I can get a word out the front door slams shut and I wince. I hear someone start down the hall and the closer the person got to us the faster they went. The person smells amazing, like woodsy musk.

Then a man walks in, with his dark hair a medium length, sapphire eyes that I could get lost in, a tall fit physique, you could say he was gorgeous. I could look at him all day. But what really got me was the fact that his energy felt like wolf’s from my dream. His eyes snapped to mine. I feel like the world’s stopped spinning. I think I stopped breathing. Everyone in the room ceased to exist.

“Mate” He whispers, looking at me like I’m the most wonderful thing in the world. Everyone froze.

“That’s impossible” I half laugh “I’m only half wolf”, we rarely find our mates. He takes a deep breath in, sniffing the air, taking a step closer to me with the happiest look on his face.

“Don’t you feel it, the bond?” he asks. I pause, checking to be sure that I feel the telltale bond where I feel an impression of his feelings. When we actually complete the bond we’ll be able to feel each other’s feelings and share thoughts. When I nod he steps closer to me slowly like I’ll run. I realize everyone’s watching us silently. The closer he moves to me the harder it is for me to breathe. He takes me by the hand and pulls me close to him, sniffing me once again. His face goes dark. Turning to face Alex, he pushes me slightly behind him.

“Alexander”, he breathes harshly, “why in the fuck does my mate smell like you?” Alex pales slightly and gives me an ‘oops’ look and that’s when I remembered our hug. You don’t touch a wolf’s mate before they complete the mating bond because of how possessive they are. It calms down after they bond but not by much.

“It was just a friendly hug” says Alex, holding up his hands in surrender.

“Better have just been friendly” growls the gorgeous wolf. He turns to face me, grabs my hand and pulls me from the room. Pulling me down the hall we arrive at an office.

He opens the door for me and shuts and locks it behind me. This must be the alpha’s office because it’s really nice, with dark wooden bookshelves and a matching desk. To be allowed in here without the alpha he must be high ranking. Maybe a beta. I sit down on the dark brown leather couch that’s in there. He holds one of my small hands in both of his large ones.

“Sweetheart, my name is Drake,” he starts with a smile, “I assume you’re Adeline, from the Dell pack”, it’s not really a question, but he waits for me to nod before continuing “I’m so happy to finally have found you”. That’s when I realized what Aaron had said. Drake is the Alpha. If he’s my mate then that would make me the Luna. Oh fuck no. I start freaking out.

“No, no, no, no, no-” I shake my head violently. He gets closer to me, wrapping an arm around me. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?”, he questions.

You can’t, I can’t, We can’t” I pause and take a deep breath “We can’t be mates.”

“Oh yeah? And why’s that Sweetheart” he asks with a smirk and humor in his eyes.

“Because I can’t be a Luna” I say lamely. He laughs, literally laughs at me.

“You were made to be a Luna, Sweetheart.

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