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They said don’t get close to him They said don’t feel sorry for him They said don’t love him How did he end up doing all three

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~Chapter one~ 𓆉

Third person POV

She walked out of the mall with powerful steps as if she owned the place. A limo pulled up in front of her followed by a man opening the door for her. She stepped into the vehicle.

A man a waited her inside the limo, she sat the exact opposite of the man, crossing her legs professionally.

"What's the report" she asked the man, wanting to get down to business. "And why should I tell you" he retaliated "I mean you obviously came to me for a reason" she said with a tone in her voice.

He slumped his shoulders ever so slightly "there is nothing to report" he spoke with an even tone. "The acc is keeping him on retainer" he continued. "What" she said with a grit in her voice.

"They were supposed to give him to us!" she yelled every so slightly. "They say they need him for something important, they can't give him to us just yet" he spoke, his voice calm.

"Then how are we supposed to help him" she asked defeatedly, her god like composure already crumbling. "We just have to wait until they're done with him" he stated.

"He might be to far gone by then" she said in a quiet voice. He just shrugged and looked out the window. She sat back in her seat and looked out the window as the vehicle came to a stop outside the driveway.

The same person came to her side and opened the door, she got out the limo, her heels clicking on the concrete. She walked up to the mansion-like house.

She opened the door and went in. She went to the kitchen, she grabbed a glass of wine and poured it into her wine glass. She brought the glass to her lipstick stained lips and drank some.

As she was putting the glass done she heard a crash and a scream coming from upstairs. Her eyes widened as she dropped the wine glass and ran upstairs trying not to trip over herself.

The commotion was coming from the master bedroom, her room. She pushed open the door and what she saw horrified her. Him standing in the middle of dead bodies one of those bodies laid her husband.

She let out a choked gasp as she put her hand over her mouth. He currently held someone by there collar with a knife in there stomach, he looked up and smiled at her.

"Well hello mother" he said in a sickly sweet voice. She had tears streaming down her face at the sight. "Please stop" she begged in a choked sob. She was more hurt than mad at what she was seeing.

"Why mother it's so fun" he said as he pulled the knife out and dropped the body. Suddenly she heard crying, baby crying. He quickly looked over and his smiled widened, there lay a baby crying in a crib.

He slowly walked over cooing at the baby, "no stop, please don't hurt her" she begged reaching her hand out. She new better than to get close to him when he's like this. He ignored her and carefully picked up the baby rocking it.

He turned and stated at her straight in the eye. "Why are you crying like you care" he said turning serious. She cried even harder. He narrowed his eyes at her getting annoyed of her crying and the baby's crying.

So he simply.....

Dropped the baby.

The baby fell to the floor and there was a loud crack, he looked her straight in the eyes, lifted his foot and brought it down on the baby's head. She fell to the ground in sobs at the sight. There was blood pouring out from the baby's body.

The baby had stopped crying.

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