Dancing For The Mafia

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I looked between the half-brothers my sex throbbing as their eyes roamed over my body. “We’ve decided to share you our little dancer.” —— There’s one thing Connie knew she hated, the mafia. There was no amount of money in the world that could get to willingly dance for it again. Expect for two… Two undeniably sexy men.

Romance / Erotica
Paris Gill
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!Warning!- this novel contains sexual descriptions, strong themes, and possible drug abuse. Reader discretion is advised!!

Also I get my Spanish translations from Google, so beat up them for incorrect translations not me.


I clicked the speaker button on the voicemail,

“—nie, please come back to us. It’s been 3 years, we all miss you. People tell us that you left to America, I hope it’s not true. Guatemala is your home, not some colonizer country. We love you, Happy birthday Connie.”

I threw my phone on the bed besides me. I placed my elbows on the white vanity looking in the mirror. My lips quivered and I buried my face in my hands crying. I cough slightly my chest hurting as more tears escaped from my eyes. I exhaled taking shaky breaths, wiping away the tears sniffing and looking back in the mirror. I licked my lips blinking and smiled a huge fake smile.

“Are you ready to party!” My roommate Lucia came in and I sniffed patting away the tears with a small hand towel. She was typing away on her phone and she glanced up, “Babes are you crying?”

She came over plopping down next to me on the bed. I gave her a smile, “I poked my eye with the wand.”

Lucia crossed her arms, “Says the eyeliner genius, why are you crying Connie?” She held up a finger, “I’ve known you for almost three years now woman, don’t start lying to me.”

I opened my makeup kit reaching for a wipe, cleaning off the smudge eyeliner, “It’s nothing really, I think the birthday excitement is getting to me.”

Lucia eyed me before sighing, “Do you want me to cancel with the boys?” Lucia had invited some friends from the university, Levi and Miles. We’ve all been friends since freshmen year because of our similar major in Business.

I chuckled reapplying eyeliner once the area dried, “No, you know how disappointed they’ll be.” I leaned back in the chair, “Aren’t we going to a strip club, the boys won’t opt out of that.” Lucia was always planning wild events for birthday parties. And this year to celebrate my 21st she decided on a strip club.

Lucia got up typing on her phone as she slowly headed to the open door, “Get dressed, and wipe your tears.” She looked up blowing me a kiss, “I love you babes.”

I blew her a kiss, “Love you too.”

She squealed, “Now look dress slutty bitch it’s your birthday!”

I laughed sniffing and continued to fix my eyeliner. I closed the wand heading over to the closet. I looked at my different outfits and bit down a smile when I eyed some new looking dresses. Lucia must’ve bought them. I picked a black satin dress that had a deep v neck. It had a split on the side and the dress reached my mid thigh. I groaned softly eyeing my dimpled thighs in the full body mirror.

“You look beautiful.” I looked over to see Levi leaning on the door frame with his arms crossed smirking at me. He had a black shirt on its sleeves pulled to his elbows. His hair was its in usual gel down style a small curl hanging in front of his forehead.

I smiled, “I think you forgot to knock pervert.”

He chuckled walking over to me, “You know, I missed when you were nice and had your thick Spanish accent.”

I looked up at him, “I don’t.”

He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close to him, “You sounded much hotter.”

I smacked his chest walking over to the vanity looking for my jewelry box. “You’re supposed to be nice to me, it’s my birthday.”

I found the small black box my mom gifted me on 7th birthday. It had small jewels decorating the outside of it, my name in cursive at the top. I opened it up choosing a pair of small gold earrings. Levi took them from my hands, “Let me put them on for you.”

I moved my hair out of the way watching from the vanity mirror as he clipped my right ear. After putting on my left earring, I turned around giving him a small smile, “Thank you Levi.”

His hand came over cupping my face, his gaze shifted to my lips licking his own. I cleared my throat walking away, “Connie...” he muttered lowly

“It’s getting late, we should get going.” I sat down on my bed strapping my heels on.

Levi tapped the vanity before nodding, “I’ll be in the living room with Miles.”

I bit my lip watching as Levi walked out of the room. I trilled my lips throwing myself back on the bed. I looked over to my phone and I turned it so that it faced up. I clicked on the voicemail once again,

“It’s Tito Connie, please come back to us. It’s—.”

— —

“To Connie’s 21st birthday!” The three of us alongside other random people in the club clinked our shot glasses together. I downed the shot taking another drink quickly before exhaling.

Lucia pointed at the valley of my boobs where a small beauty mark was by my right boob. “I remember.” She giggled, “When I first met you I thought that beauty mark was like the cutest wittle thing ever.”

I gave her a small smile downing another shot, “Thanks Lucia.”

She stood up tapping my shoulder, “I’ll be back.”

She walked away and I called out after her, “Lucia don’t go too far, okay!”

I looked over at Levi who was sitting away from the group. Some girl was talking his ear off as he continued to sip his drink. Ever since the moment in my room he’s been off. Levi liking me has never crossed my mind. He was always talking about sex with other women to us, always. He never once showed interest until tonight, he looked at me and I quickly glanced away taking another shot. “Connie!”

Lucia came back wasted giggling, “They’re letting people dance on the stage.” She pointed towards the poles, “Come on!”

I shook my head, “I rather not.”

Lucia groaned, “Says the stripping queen! I’ve seen your moves Connie Green come on!!”

She began to tug me and Miles pushed me, “Go do your thing birthday girl.”

I stood up and Lucia screamed bouncing, “This way! This way!” I walked up to the stage with Lucia, a large guy with tattoos covering his bald head was allowing girls to go by turns. Lucia set down her drink at a random table clapping her hands together, “I’m so excited, are you excited?”

I shrugged the line moving up, “Sure, pole dancing in front of random people.” I glanced over at the crowd, “So excited.” I said sarcastically and Lucia booed me.

Lucia danced slowly to the music, “I can’t wait to dance together!!”

“Next.” The tattoo baldie shouted over the music.

Lucia screeched pulling my arm, “Come on.” We came out on stage and people began to cheer. I smiled awkwardly at Lucia before heading over to one of the poles. I used to strip back in Guatemala after my parents died, it was a good source of income. I was only 16 when I first started. I left Guatemala when I was 17 and never stripped again. I wasn’t traumatized from my old job, but it’s not the first thing I looked into upon arriving to America. I’d only do it for Lucia when the girl needed cheering up or out of boredom.

I held the pole memories of working those nights flooding my head. “Connie!” Lucia snapped me from my thoughts as she began to walk around her own pole, “I’ll let you take the lead!”

I gave her a small nod and exhaled dancing. I placed my leg around the pole spinning around elegantly. I closed my eyes memories trickling in as I spun around. The soft shouts of my younger siblings cheering me on. The smell of our home, the creaking of the stairs, the friction of the pole on my skin.

I stopped spinning and mingled in other erotic dance moves I was once taught. I slowly opened my eyes to see the crowd in awe. Only the sweet calm melody of music played and I looked over to see Lucia smiling at me, no longer dancing. She gave me a thumbs up and I chuckled continuing my dance.

As the years past I’d forgotten that dancing became more about just the money. Mom was a great dancer, she encouraged all her children to dance. Me being the second oldest and the first girl I’d gotten all the private dance lessons. Day by day until I would dance everywhere at anytime.

I stopped dancing and my gaze landed on Levi. He took a sip out his cup before putting it down and walking out. I cleared my throat softly before looking over to Lucia. She squealed coming over and giving me a bear hug, “Fuck Connie that was amazingg!”

I placed an arm around her walking over to the bald tattoo man. I whispered, “Best birthday ever.”

She grinned throwing her fist in the air, “Yes!” I smiled at my friend as we walked off from the stage.

“Excuse me gorgeous.” A deep voice boomed from behind us. I spun around with Lucia to face a tall muscular brunette. He had a stubble beard covering his jaw which looked newly shaven. “Your moves.” He started his Spanish accent prominent, “Were amazing.”

I smiled blushing slightly at the kind comment. Most guy would’ve just gave me a smack on the rear, “Thank you.”

Lucia giggled whispering loudly, “He’s so hot!”

I nudged her my neck hot with embarrassment, “Lucia...”

The older man chuckled deeply causing me to clench my thighs subtly, “Have you ever stripped before?”

I bit my lip unsure of whether to tell this attractive man my secrets, “No I just really like dancing.”

He chuckled, “Do— my Uncle has a strip club near here.” He reached into his pocket pulling out a card handing it to me, “If you’re thinking about making tons of money with your talent come by.”

Lucia took the card before I could, she smirked, “Will you be there?”

The man looked over at me and my chest tightened, “Definitely.”

He walked away and I called out, “Hey, what’s your name?” He continued to walk on ignoring my question. I took the card away from drunk Lucia and read the information on it.

Simon De León’s Gentleman’s Club
8597 NE. Lookout Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73173

I huffed and looked around the club for my friends. Miles was still doing shots with random people and Levi was nowhere to be seen.

I sighed looking over at Lucia to see her on the brink of falling asleep. I groaned, “Man how are we going to get home.”

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