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Loving the enemy

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Loving the enemy is so wrong, yet it feels so right. Sofia Romano, the daughter of the most feared Italian Mafia boss, is a mafia princess, beautiful and attractive. Daniel Hernandez, a young Mexican mobster is being handed down the mafia from his father. Being forced to move to the university Daniel attends, a whole year it will take for her to complete the task. Little does Sofia know that she will begin to catch feelings for someone she is trying to take down. As fires ignite, electricity flows, the two individuals start to feel something they've never felt before. How will Daniel react when he finds out the real reason why Sofia is at the same university as him? Will love prevail or be the ultimate endgame for both of their downfalls? A prohibited love, action and a whole lot of romance. Join their forbidden journey of love, destruction and growth

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

1| A ride back home


I’m currently munching on a place of pancakes, more like a stack of golden syrup and goodness. “Puoi passarmi dell’altro succo d’arancia, mamma?” (Can you pass me some more orange juice mum?)

“Usa le tue braccia Sofia” (Use your arms Sofia) She replies and I glare at her even though she can’t see so my glare is directed towards her back.

I get up and get myself more orange juice from the fridge and dip my finger in the batter, licking it and fake puke when mum nearly hits me with a wooden spoon for acting like a child. “Jeez, mother" I complain in a mocking tone and sit down at the table, back to devouring my pancakes. My phone rings beside my glass of Vitamin D filled juice and I contemplate whether I should receive the call, interrupting my breakfast or ignore it and throw it across the room.

“Pick it up Sofia before I throw it outside!” Mum shouts at me from the stove where she’s creating the batter for more pancakes. The first choice it is. I mentally grumble and pick it up without looking at the called ID. “What?” I answer in an annoyed voice followed by a huff because some idiot decided to ruin my breakfast. After a chuckle, they continue “My little hot-head”.

“Who is this?” I’m genuinely confused.

“Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten me” The masculine voice sounds familiar but I think it’s all in my head. It can’t be. Can it?

“Stop being a prick and tell me who you are!” I practically scream into the phone, that’s when mum comes over, worried, after turning the stove off and motions a ‘give me’ gesture so I put it on speaker.

After a pause, the caller continues in a deep, authoritative voice, “Santiago Romano”. My heart skips a beat, not because of happiness or excitement but because of anger, fear and betrayal. My mum stares at the phone with tears pricking her eyes, threatening to stream down her face. There’s a pause and I see mum shaking her head “Don’t you dare Romano” in a collected voice. Slowly turning my head towards her with a single tear that managed to make its way down my cheek. Why is she speaking so calmly? My head starts to spin and darkness forces me to close my eyes and drop down on my knees as I fall back into the black hole that I tend to fall into when I’m alone or in my nightmares. The last thing I hear is “They’re coming to take her home” and my father ends the call, leaving my mother sobbing.

˜“*°•.˜“*°• --- •°*“˜.•°*“˜

Rays of sunlight hit my eyelids and I start to wake, squinting my eyes and groaning from the discomfort of the position I’m in, I hear someone closing the curtains in a fast movement, hearing the harshness of the curtain hitting the end of the window. I hold my neck, and twist it right and left to crack it from the strain it was in. Opening my eyes a tall and muscular build of the specimen is sitting in front of me, smirking as he leans forward with his hands intertwined on his lap. “Hello, sister“. He says in a raised voice so other heads are snapped towards my direction. Fisting my eyes from the blur, my vision now much clearer, my eyes widen from realisation and a wave of memories. I start crying endlessly and he chuckles along with other voices as I just jumped into his lap and held onto his shoulder for dear life. Hugging me back tighter he strokes my hair and inhales and exhales into my hair, a sign of contentment?

Moving back to see his face clearer, he smiles down at me, “Hello, brother" I reply with what’s left of my sassiness because of my drained energy. He laughs, “Missed you dickhead” and wipes my tears with his thumbs and then wipes my salty tears onto my arms. “I missed you too bro” and shake my head, snorting at his immaturity.

From behind me, someone taps my shoulder, “What about us?” and I snap my head back to the voice and it’s the rest of them. My brothers. My smile widening so much that my cheeks hurt from smiling so much, I leap like a monkey and latch on to his shoulder as I did with Jose the youngest of my three brothers and personally my favourite. What? Everyone has favourites but I guess my preferences change depending on who’s being most annoying. I’m hugging my oldest brother Antonio so hard that he throws me across him to Miguel, the middle of the brothers, with such ease as if I weigh nothing. I’m a fat cow, how are they throwing me like I’m a piece of scrunched up paper.

“I missed you all” I mumble into Miguel’s shoulder with my eyes closed in the peace that I’m finding at this moment. That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Peace. But that’s probably never going to happen, seeing as I’m the daughter of the most feared Capo (Boss), of the Italian mafia

“How did I get here?” I question the three of them at the same time while looking around to see that we’re on a plane. Cool.

Wait, a plane?

I look to their faces, turn by turn as expressions of nervousness and secrecy are painted over their ugly faces.

“Where are we going?” I walk over to Antonio who is looking anywhere but me. “Antonio?“I question in hope that he’ll answer me.

Looking back at my other two brothers, Miguel chooses to sit down and sighs with his head in his hands, after a short pause he says “We’re going back home”, and lifts his head to look at me.

Horror paints my face. “He’s a fucking traitor!” I yell at them, looking at them for a sign of hope that they’ll turn back.

“Sofia, you have to” Jose sighs and holds my shoulder. Moving away from him in disgust I look away. “I can’t even look at you three right now” I snap in anger.

“He needs you, we need you” Antonio decides to open his mouth, “Shut the fuck up, I didn't ask you!” I snap and his eyes widen and then he relaxes as if justifying my reaction and replies “Sofia, you have no choice”.

“What about mum? Did you forget her on purpose” I’m literally tearing the whole fucking plane down. Good, I hope they drown.
But you’ll die with them you cagna. (bitch)

“I wanted to bring her with us but after our little family reunion, she declined and said she wouldn’t come and that she wouldn’t let us take you. But we had to” Antonio explains.

“If she didn’t want me to come, then why did you take me?” I question with my arms crossed, narrowing my eyes at them.

“Sorella, father said we had no choice and that all three of us go to bring you home, our sister, the light of our home”. He says sweetly trying to butter me up.
“Fucking kidnappers” I mutter understand my breath as I exhale, processing everything they’re telling me.
I hear Jose chuckle, probably because he heard me.
“Questa dolce azione non funzionerà per me Fratello” (This sweet act won’t work with me brother) I say sternly and he gives up, sitting back down at his seat and doesn’t speak for the rest of the flight.

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Shut you tramp.

After what seems to be a few hours more, my brothers are sitting down, Miguel on his phone, Jose sleeping strangely on the left seat next to me with his left leg stretched on the floor and the right on my lap. Why are his legs so fucking long for? A minute goes by and Antonio gets up randomly, I think to speak with the pilot as he goes to the front of the plane and comes back a couple of minutes later with a smile on his face. What’s he so happy about? I should punch him.
No, you should drop kick him. Tempting

“We’re here” He announces and looks straight at me with a smile and I give him the biggest dirty look. Ignoring me, he goes back to his seat.

Finally here, the fears that I had thought I left behind in that mansion weren’t actually left behind, I carried them as I left three years ago and now I’ve brought them back with me. The demons that have haunted me for these three long years, the demons that I’ve wanted to get rid of for this long period, feel closer than ever.


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