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Eternal Love

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It is a love story of Enzo Brunno and Elisabeth Collin as their lives get entangled and they struggle with their dilemmas and loyalties. ******************** Runaway bride Elisabeth accidentally runs into Enzo Brunno. What she doesn't know is someone is keeping a watch on her every move... ******************** Hi there!! This is my first writing a book so if there's any mistakes or anything like that... Have fun😉

Romance / Drama
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*Star's Collide* (chapter 1)

Elisabeth's POV

So basically today's my wedding, from which I'm not exactly happy...
Oh almighty! Just half an hour to go! Why isn't my mom here yet?
After a while someone knocked on the door come in please and when I saw my mom I just burst out with anger mom, why don't you understand? It's so simple! I yelled on her.

I won't understand anything if you shout like that sweetie she said with a confused face. Okay sorry I said as I calm my self taking a deep breath as I said mom, I really think this wedding is a mistak- My mom cut me off by saying liz, we have made enough mistakes I rolled my eyes at her I can't believe she is doing this to her only daughter.

Mom, I won't fit in that family please try to understand by raising her eyebrows she asked why?

I was losing my temper at her I don't wanna shout at her but she is making it harder for me, trying to build confidence in me I said because I'm not gold! And they only like gold!
And this time she raised her voice and said what's your problem Elisabeth? I flinch at her outburst I can see that she was trying not to shout on me, she took a deep breath and then said Liz look sweetie they planned this destination wedding. They flew us all the way from London to Serbia. They spent- I cut her off not believing at her words i said 'I don't care' I literally don't care because I don't love him, mom!

But Liz he's good-looking I rolled my eyes and what about his IQ mom?
But he's well-settled I laughed at her at the thought of well-settled and said that he is better settled in his gym because that's where he spends most of his day!

Dear, he's your childhood friend, you have known each other for so long and he likes you. Tell me if that's not love-
Mom I can't believe you, he loves only one thing in his life and that's his "whey protein".
And for god sake, his nickname is Goldie! And you want me to marry a man who's name is Goldie? Literally Goldie I was so badly controlling my laugh at that moment because I was trying to prove a point.
My mom was literally forcing me at the moment, please Liz by sitting on the edge of my bed I said please mom, even if he were the last man on earth I'm telling you, I still wouldn't fall in love with him!
My heart was aching when I see my mom's face she was hurt by me after a silence of few minutes she finally spoke love is not everything, Liz and you took your own sweet time to accept the proposal. How long do want to wait? Mom what about dad he- he abandoned us Liz, he never cared to check on us in all these years.
Exactly my point mom because he wants to meet me now, after all those years there has to be a reason why he wants to see me.
By raising her eyebrows she said if he had come without a reason, then I wouldn't have called him selfish there was pain in her eyes when she said that I can see that.
She came and sat next to me giving me her warm smile and said a bride should never frown. Now give your mother a smile. I was so confused at the moment my head gone blank I was not getting what to do and what not to I didn't say anything her voice broke my running thoughts please? Smile for me, come on Liz.
I gave her a small smile as she said good girl and walked out of the room by saying I'll be back soon. When she was gone out of my site I took the small cute box which was placed on the table next to the bed I turned the key on and it played a heart melting music when I was a kid my dad gave it to me when the music hit my ears the memory of my childhood flushed back.
'He was so happy i turned to my side and kiss on his cheek and return my kiss as I saw the smile on his face i said thanks dad I love it.'
I put the box back to its place and took the phone and play the recording which my dad send to me "I know I have no rights to make this request, but I couldn't help myself. I just wanted to meet you once, my dear I want to see my Elisabeth"
'Elisabeth' someone called me from behind and said that Lucca looks so hot in his 'wedding suit' come on let's go, they are waiting for us gave them a sad smile and nodded and we walked it was huge wedding I was dressed in a white long wedding gown with off shoulders my hairs were in a tight bun and backless which reached to my waistband, It was fitting very well at each of my curves, I applied a red lipstick and black eyeshadow with black eyeliner to be honest I was literally looking pretty. My thoughts were broke by someone's comment "Jesus! Josefina your daughter-in-law is so beautiful, she's not just beautiful, she's well-mannered, well-spoken and my Goldie's equal in every way she is a good girl then my eyes landed on Lucca he was wearing dark navy blue suit, he eyes were looking at me with lust roaming every inch of my body making me uncomfortable under his gaze.


"I love you liz", since we were kids, you were to me what whey protein is to my body I was controlling my laugh so badly at whatever Lucca was saying, with a deep breath he lean in close to me and with a husky voice he said I can't even imagine my life without you, I was so confused where is this conversation going then he noticed the confusion on my face and walk to my side and set on his knees and without even giving me tim to recognise what was happening the words came out of his mouth which gave me 440V shock "will you marry me"!
For a moment I thought he was joking so with a laugh I said huh? The next moment I saw his whole family not only his family but my mother standing there and smiling with proud like I have achieved some gold medal!

He didn't even gave me any chance to say and excitedly shout "mom she said yes!"

My mom came running to me and said Liz I'm so happy, god has finally answered my prayers! I was trying to tell her mom you need to listen to me, I then looked at Lucca and said wait Goldie- everyone was so excited no one was ready to listen to me some were clapping there hands some were hugging me I was so shocked at them, like seriously what the fuck!
Josefina came to me hugged me so tightly and said Elisabeth dear I'm so happy today that you accepted my Goldie's proposal.
I was so frustrated I looked at Lucca and pushed him aside and was trying to say something but he again stopped me frozen on the spot "I love you too baby" oh my god I didn't say anything and then Lucca pulled me towards him and said let's take a picture.

End of flashback************

Now I was standing on the asal with Lucca and the priest were vegans to I was not even listing anything my mind was not even concentrating I was not believing it was happening I was cut off my thoughts with Lucas voice I do after a while when the priest asked me do consider Lucca Costa as your husband, i can't marry him I don't even love him, I looked in Lucca's eyes and finally said I don't! And I just ran from there like literally ran not even looking back at once I can hear Lucca shouting my name from behind but I didn't stop I just ran away from my wedding from my mom from everyone.


Hope you enjoyed it🤞
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Guys it's my first writing a book so please tell me how far you liked it... Tell me in comments I'm waiting for your thoughts and reviews...
Love you all stay safe😉

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