Loving and possessing Shaquan

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The ex

On the Friday, we went to class very early. I mean it's Friday, only two class then we are off to party. When we got to class when we go to class everyone was seated then the last person I never wanted to see my ex Drake he is a guest lecturer.
"Rihanna are u there." Skylar asked in a low tone. "Yh sure. Why not"I asked his eyes met mine but I ignored a went to sit ok he's trying to act smart you paired everyone like couples and I was left out Skylar and Kai great Hannah and Kelly superb Mariella and Shaquan.Drake is a bastard the class we're working on the stupid project he gave them while I roamed through mean on socialmedia. That is it I am getting out of here I grabbed my bag and got up.
"Rihanna, where to?" Hannah asked."I dunno." I said "do you want to help?"he asked from the podium."Actually, I am getting rid of you, silly " I said in a low tone and left.
I was seated in front of our apartment in that short Jean the peach crop top learning. Two suvs drove to the apartment and parked. Skylar and Hannah...got down then the three Greek gods. "Thank God you are ok. We were worried sick about you. " Skylar complained. "what are they doing here?" I asked. "Oh I invited them."🙀🙀 "You did what?" I literally yelled. "Is there a problem?" Kelly asked. "Nope. Not at all." She said smiling. "Well, I am going to my room." I declared. "A moment Rihanna." I heard Shaquan's coldly say and his brothers entered with the girls.
"What exactly do you want?" I asked and he laughed. "Well, what name should I give to the drama you put up in class?" He asked. "I dunno. I was only dissing a bastard." I said. " Does baby girl want to be like Tessa Thompson or Angelina Jolie?"
"Look, Mr. Pretty face, I am not in a very good mood to listen your jokes lemme." I spat out. "Fine malishka . Your wish." He said and drove off.
The next day, I went home. Why is everything being so complicated for me. First, my crush is now my annoying classmate and my ex is my new lecturer. That's totally insane. When I got home, my two elder brothers, Randy and Reese were outside doing nothing.
"Hey princess, are you ok?"
Randy asked. " Yh just home sick." I said and sat. "I heard The Hernandéz brothers are in ur school🙄🙄." Reese said. "Yh." I said.
"Where's mom ___and
dad?" I asked. " On a trip."Randy said. " Is that why ur lazy asses are out here doing nothing?" I asked
" Just resting. We have a very tough night ahead." Randy said "whatever. I will be in my room."
Time is ticking so fast it has been 2 weeks now Skylar and Kai god you're so cute together I just hope she will keeping Kelly and Hannah two are kind of Friends and that annoying bastard well he and mariela are so cool together I hate mariela but she is gorgeous do and me? is that what you are thinking ? Well, drake is hunting me like the disgusting devil he is.
today I attended lectures late cuz I had some severe headache. After a cold shower I wore a blue off-shoulder dress that has my curves perfectly I want a flat shoe and grabbed my bag and left. "Why are you late?" Drake asked."I'm feeling a bit unwell" I said. "Sorry sit here." He said.seriously I just said cause of respect and not to create a scene.
after his lecture I got up and went back to my usual seat." Girl are you really......"
"Sky please I don't want to talk about Drake I have moved on."I said. After the lectures the students started dispersing. " Baby girl."a husky deep voice called.I just froze "baby girl?"I heard people chorus. "You are his baby girl." Skyler asks teasingly. "No I'm not." I denied. " Baby girl meet me outside." He said and left.
"Girl your daddy says meet him outside." Hannah teased." Are you flirting with him?" Mariela asked. "Not in the mood to answer useless questions." I said leaving.
"Can't you f***ing stop calling me baby girl?" I asked angrily. "Mine so fiesty." He growled. "I don't want slots to disturbing me I'm not yours." I said he laughed. " Do I look funny?" I asked " of course baby girl you have a sense of humour." He said and I blushed. "Well it is a pleasure to make the cold Shaquan laugh." I said. " We have to talk. about Drake."😳😳😳

Hello please this is my first story hope you like it. Lots of love ❤️❤️

What does Shaquan know about Drake??😘😘😘

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