Loving and possessing Shaquan

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"What do you mean? how do you even know him?"I asked "did I ever asked of your name?" He asked. "Never"
"It should let you understand the fact that I know him through my own means." He said. " And what makes you think I will tell you I will never tell you." I said confidently. " Rihanna don't complicate things for me." He said rubbing his face with his palms. "Use the method used to find our names to find something about him." I said cockly. "Rihanna are you that difficult and complicated? ok tell me I'll give you what you want." He said. " I don't want anything." I said don't walked out.
Why does he want to know something about Drake besides I discovered Drake's darkest secrets after we broke up without his concern and notice but I'm sure he has found out." Rihanna what is bothering you?"Skylar asked as we sat together to dine." Shaquan wants to know more about Drake." I said. " How did he know him" Hannah asked. " I dunno. He's so mysterious." I said. " Even Kai told me everything about me." Skylar said. " Mysterious." We all said in unison and laughed. " Are you going to tell him.?" Skylar asked. " No, I mean Drake is a bastard but I should not be the reason he'll be killed or whatever they will do with him." I said ." Yh you are right." Skylar said. " I can't wait to get out of this sh*t." I said and sighed. School is so boooooooring. Same thing every day.😟😟😟😟

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