Loving and possessing Shaquan

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The trio

"Bitches, we're gonna be late for classes" I yelled at Hannah and Skylar.
"Coming bitch" Hannah said coming out
"Skylar get your butt out here. I heard we have some fishes to catch."
"Seriously" she asked
"Yeah" When we got to clas the three new guys we seated there. Obviously, it's Shaquan, Kai and Kelly. The youngest most eligible bachelors in USA.🥰🥰
As usual, the queen b, Mariella and her minions were seated in front of them trying to draw their attention 🙄🙄🙄. Gosh, ladies are sometimes so slutty.
"What do we have" Skylar asked. "Calculus" I said.
"Ughhh, that pot belly man." Hannah groaned and we laughed
After lectures which was as usual boring, the class became noisy."let's leave" i blurted out
"Huh?we basically have 3 Greek gods here and you want us to leave? No come on Rihanna." Skylar said pouting."I will be in the library."I said and left. I was in the library reading 'fifty shades' when someone just took it. Like seriously?? I followed her out only to realize it was Mariella and her minions.
"We are not doing this are we? You are matured stop being so childish."🙄🙄
"Fifty shades of grey. Seems these girls are not small after all." A husky voice said from behind. We turned and saw them. "Hi" Mariella said "Who does it belong to?" A deep husky voice asked. "Is that supposed to be a question or rhetorical. If you want it you get when I am done." I said. "Cute, fiesty. A kitty cat. Well, come for it." They took my book. Okay it's not mine it belongs to Skylar.
I gathered all the courage in this world and went to them for it with my girls as my escourts which I wouldn't like to explain the sexual tension that took place between Shaquan and I. It was really terrible.
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