Loving and possessing Shaquan

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A new job, a new life.

I got home and found windy and Reese in the living room."where did you go" Randy roared. "I-i-i-i am sorry." I mumbled. "Rihanna we told you to stay home. Stop being stubborn already." He added. "Why are you so over protective? I want to work. I don't want to be jobless. All my mates are working and I am here being spoiled by you two with money. This won't last forever." I said and they sighed." We know, bunny. We want the best for you. We are looking for the best job for you." Reese said🙄🙄🙄. "What's with the tears? Did you lost the interview? He asked. " I quitted" I said. "Wait....what? Does it mean you have been working behind our back? How long" Randy asked. "A month and like two weeks." I said in a low tone but to their hearing.
" That's just gros disobedience bunny. You can be penalized for that. What work and where?" Reese asked. "An estate agent in Elite estate agency." I replied. "So why did you quit?" Randy asked hiding his hands in his pockets."Is someone bothering you?" He asked pulling me to sit between them.

"Not really. Some bitch who was my enemy back in school is in charge and she's in charge now and is trying to f*ucking use me so I quit." I said
"You should have let us know at least, doll. Anyways, I've got u a job." Reese said
"Your PA"I asked and they laughed. "What?" I asked.

"Will you model for my company?"Reese asked. "Really" I asked raising one of my brows. "Yh. I'm in need of a very beautiful sexy lady for our magazine, products and stuffs and I think you are the best." He said making me blush.
"The same thing you say to your sluts, huh?" I asked.
"Of course not, you are very special to us." He said. "Whatever but I'm doing it for you and you" I said pointing to each of them.
"Ok." They smiled
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