Stepping into dark

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Megan Miller has always been a possessive girl with lots of happiness and glory in her life. The night which was unanticipated turned her world into abode of death. Her life is not the same anymore, everything turned upside down. Once she was a shy, introvert, studious and solitude over socializing. But now, she's feisty, short tempered, straight forward and talks a lot. Her kindness remaind same. But one day Cason Williams CEO of the biggest textile indusrty of the world enters her life like a ray of light with is arrongent, ruthless, cold, and merciless attitude. "Playboy", "Manwhore", "Hot", and etc are his names. No one can defy is words nor his charms. What happend when the situation comes where they have to be under same roof? Let's find out...

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

Meghan's POV
The amount of moisture on my skin made me to get up from my slumber. I then realised it's the sweat upon my body. That night came back into my sleep. I again went back there...... the old memories. They are still fresh in my mind and they will always remain the same nothing can change the past, it's all left to god how he react to this. I hope there's a day in my life which would drag me out of it.
I checked the clock beside me and it read 4 in the morning. I barely sleep these days. I have checked with sleeping pills too, but they seemed going against my body. I took the duvet off me and went straight to bathroom and washed my face. I tied my long jet black hairs into a neat pony tail using a brush and made my way out to clean my apartment.
I started with kitchen. All the dishes which were inside basin were cleaned in 20 mins. I then went to clean my room I kept all my washed clothes neatly and took a pair for today's work. I had been working in John's Corp which was owned by my best friend's father. It is not so popular but it gave me enough salary to lead my current life.
It was 6 now so I thought of taking a jog since it's part of my daily routine. I wore my black jogging sweatpants and white sports bra with jacket upon it. I was about to go out of my room then suddenly my room's door knob twisted.
"Hey gal good morning" came her sound echoing all around the room.
"Morning bae". I replied gailey. Mia is my best friend she is 2 years older then me. She Is a daughter of Mr. Kelly John. My boss!. I'm very thankful to their family. They have done a lot of esteem in my life which is really impossible to return it back. They always treat me as their own daughter they even offered me to move along with them. I thought it was a bad idea though they have done a contented things which is scarcely credible if I look. I know I'm never gonna upset them in any of the way and I've promised that too.
"Hey what are you doing this morning in here? Are u in need of something? By the way how did u get in? The keys are with me".. I said surprised. I'm wondering why is she here this morning. Then came here answer.
"Hey dude! Do you have a loss of short term memory? Dont u remember u have lend me your apartment keys last week. U fool. And yeah! I dont want anything I just came to join you for a jog". She said gleaming with happiness and I'm utterly shock.
"What? You have come here to join me for a jog all along the long way? Are u kidding me? You could have jogged near your house idiot." I said with are-you-kidding-me look. There's something fishy I wondered. A girl who never gets up early In the morning is standing Infront of me at 6 am to join for a jog.? That's out of question.
"Ok whatever! Let's go or else I will be late for my work." I said going out of my room locking my apartment with a puppy following me.

Hey guys, this is my first chapter of my first book. I'm not an experienced writer you may find some mistakes in my book but I'm trying my best to avoid them. I hope you guys like my writing and my thoughts. I'll be updating chapters soon
Thank you, please support me and write your views in the comment box. 🙏🏻❤️

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