Forgotten bond

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She never expected it, especially five years later when her life had changed soo drastically, young Aluma Charlotte thought she had left that part of her life behind but somehow it managed to find her again, the one guy who had hurt her soo bad was finally standing right in front of her and worse of all she was about to tell the last person she wanted to see or talk to on this earth one of the biggest and most important secrets in the world....

Romance / Adventure
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As I ran down the hall in tears I could here his faint husky voice calling after me but I just ignored it because all I wanted to do at that moment was to leave and get as far away from him as possible, she thought all he gave her was happiness but now her perfect world had been tainted and hurt soo badly she even started to wonder how she had fallen for him, how could she have been soo blind

It was her first day of high school and she had to use the bus, she had the opportunity to chose where ever she wanted to sit because the bus was quite empty expect for one guy Andrei Dante little did she know that this was the guy she was going to fall for and the guy that was going to break her....
When she walked into his room with the intention of seeing him for the last time because she was moving to Florida the next day and he was the last person she wanted to see before she left, but once she opened his door she saw him there kissing Amelia Davina the most popular girl in school, as soon as he noticed her by the door she couldn’t help but run, run far away from that place as far as her feet could take her

Flashback over...

I just kept running I didn’t know why but I didn’t want to stop I heard him say “please stop I love you” but I couldn’t believe his lies any more, those were the last words I heard him say as his footsteps became fainter.

Once I finally ran out of breath I just decided to stay there wherever I had stopped and cried, then I lazily dragged my legs home once I was home I went straight to my room and locked the door, all I wanted to do that moment was to lye on my bed and fall asleep forever, before I could even dose off someone yelled “Aluma don’t forget to pack your things and make sure not to leave anything behind because we are going to be a long way from home.” Said her mom at that moment Aluma remembered the reason she went to him in the first place, she was moving tomorrow, so she lazily pulled herself up and sat on the bed, it was 5:47 pm so now she had about four hours to pack her clothes and clear out her room “sigh.... moving to orlando is going to be soo stressful.” Aluma sighed she immediately sprung up and started packing.
She couldn’t focus that much on the things she was packing mostly because she was trying to hold back all the tears that threaten to fall,she was done and exhausted she managed to do everything in four hours, now lying on her bed Aluma began to think of what she had seen earlier but all that thinking was just stressful and didn’t make the situation seem to solve itself, before she could think of how to react to this situation she slowly slipped into sleep.

There was a banging coming from her door followed by some muffled words, as she was slowly getting pulled out of her slumber the muffled words started to make sense “Aluma!! Don’t over sleep if not we’ll miss our flight.” Her mom yelled, “I’ll be right out mom.” She answered, she lazily got out of bed to take a shower.
She was feeling lightheaded but that was probably a side effect of waking up that early she felt like going back to bed “sigh... why do we have to travel to Florida anyways...” She said in a stressed and weary voice, she checked her phone for the time and it was 6:01 am, she then realized that she had less than an hour to get ready before they’ll miss there flight, suddenly she pushed all the sleepiness away and jumped into the shower, her body shivered a bit when the cold water touched her skin but eventually her skin got used to the temperature, she quickly washed her hair and jumped out of the shower.
Aluma now In a bathrobe and her hair was soaking wet, she walked over to her mirror to look at her self, Aluma was beautiful she was the exact replica of her mother, she had grey crystalline like eyes and beautiful auburn colored hair she had some freckles on her upper cheeks but there were barely noticeable, she knew she didn’t have any time to do her hair so she just packed it in a messy bun wet or not.
She through on her black hoodie and white sweatpants then she headed to the mirror to get her glasses, there were black and cheeky with a bit of gold by the sides obviously designers, Aluma is a shy and timid girl who always likes hiding behind her glasses, her parents thought that if they got her designer glasses it would at least boost her self confidence, she appreciated this soo she wore them everyday.
“Aluma!!!.” Her mom yelled
“I’m coming!.” She replied
She quickly packed her toothbrush, took her luggage and ran out of her room, she had to be careful when coming down the stairs because of how heavy her luggage was, her mom saw her coming and struggling with her luggage so she sent the driver to help her.

Once she was outside she saw her mom and dad waiting for her she quickly entered the car and as the driver returned with her luggage and dropped it in the trunk of the car, he got in and started the engine, as soon as the car started Aluma dosed off again.

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