Royal Saga

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Tesla Abena Aboagye, is the little princess of her of her family. She was sent to the states to continue her studies after her secondary school education. She did everything she was asked to do and even got a job as an accountant in a firm. Stan Silver, the beloved grandson of Queen Maryl the third, is the beloved prince of the Valeria. A grand and powerful kingdom associated with the Royal family of England. Prince Stan is the grand - nephew of the Queen Elizabeth. Because he's kingdom is a kingdom ruled by women, his family had been pestering him to get married. Through a business trip to New York, these two individuals meet under unfavorable circumstances. Let's go on a journey of love, betrayal and romance between a ghanian princess and a an English prince.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny morning in New York City. The morning sun shine bright with it's radiating glow. Workers went to work as usual, the crowded noisy traffic-stricken roads and the hustling and bustling of people. The morning sun peaked through the window in Tesla's room. She jolted off her bed at the chime of the alarm. She checked her time and was shocked.

"Oh shoots.. am late" she quickly ran into the bathroom to get ready. This was her third time being late for work. She had spent another night listening to her mother's nagging about her still being single at the age of 27. ' African women and marriage' she commented inwardly. There was a knock on the door as she was putting on her stilettos.

"Coming!" She yelled out while walking towards the door. She almost staggered. She opens the door to find her best friend, Jasmine standing at the door with a fuming expression.

"Tesla Abena Agyapong....l have been waiting half an hour for you." She screamed in annoyance. Tesla made a pitiful face.

"Oh no I'm not falling for that anymore" Tesla pouted at her.

"Am sorry " she apologized. Jasmine's anger reduced a little after the apology.

"Uhh... Just hurry before Mr. Burner gets to the office. This is already the third time" She said while dragging Tesla away.
When they got to the office, their boss, Mr. Burner , a fifty- seven years old British-American businessman with a bald head , short height and a huge temper had already arrived. As they tried to sneak into their offices ,they heard him call them.

"Tesla... Jasmine.. you girls are late again. Huh.. do you want to give me a heart attack one day?" He kept on nagging. Despite his bad temper, he was a very generous and caring person. Seeing his angry expression, Tesla made a pitiful face and blinked her eyes a few times.

"We are sorry". Tesla said while giving him a naughty smile. Mr. Burner looked at his troublesome employee, who he sees as his daughter and sighed. She always knew how to get out of trouble.

"This is the last warning... Don't be late again" He warned before leaving.
"Hwew... That was close " She sighed in relief while wiping an invisible sweat on her forehead. She turned around to see Jasmine staring at her.

"What!" She exclaimed innocently. Jasmine shook her head and walked into her office. The day went smoothly as usual and it was already time for the employees to go home. She quickly bath and change into her nightwear immediately she got home.
Being a royal is crazy especially in Africa. Hee life hasn't been bad buy she still feels the stress sometimes. After settling on her queen-size bed, she falls into deep slumber.

In a coozy office somewhere in London, a handsome man sat with an aloof expression. There was a knock on the extravagant mohogany door.

"Come in". His deep magnetic voice sounded in the office.

"Sorry to disturb you Mr. Silver.. but your grandmother just called..... She wants to see you before you go on the business trip." His secretary, Ben said.
Elton Silver, the CEO of Silver Corp and other big companies, is the grandson of Queen Maryl the third. The Queen mother of Valeria, a grand and prosperous kingdom in Switzerland. After his parents died, the the weight of the kingdom was on him. His grandmother who was getting old was pestering h to get married so the throne can be passed on to another woman. He had declined many marriage arrangements that were set. This had made the Royal family a bit restless. He sat in his office with a serious expression. He secretary stood beside him while waiting for instructions. He got up and took his coat to leave. He went it tge roof of the company building where a helicopter was waiting.

"Welcome my prince" the pilot greeted. Elton nodded in acknowledgement and got into the chopper. The helicopter flew from London to Valeria. The helicopter landed on the free way near the maze in the palace. He got off and walked towards the grand palace. The palace was grand with a big Gardiner's in front. It was exceptionally beautiful. As he entered the, the head Butler came forward to greet him.

"Good day your highness" the butler greeted with a bow. Elton nodded at him. They were all used to the Prince's attitude and behavior.

" Where is my grandmother?". He asked.

"She is at the private garden in the south" the butler replied. Elton strode off towards the south. He saw his grandmother watering the flowers. Despite her being an elegant and well bred lady, she always did what made her feel comfortable. She sensed someone behind her and so turned.

"Oh my dear grandson". She placed the watering can down and walked towards him. She hugged him. He pecked her on both sides of her cheeks as a formality.

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