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//First place winner// This book is dedicated to the MBR beagles and all animals suffering at the hands of vivisection.// When the winged creatures fell out of the sky most of humanity was wiped out in a single day. All of those over the age of thirteen were consumed, their souls lost to eternal purgatory. After humanity’s fall, the winged creatures claimed their world. The surviving children were spared and imprisoned into secret locations. The younger humans were raised and conditioned to be nothing but food, but the older humans still remembered a world without suffering, a world where they had families and choices. Aurora is a nanny at one of those locations. She has helped to raise children for the last eight years, since her own capture at twelve. On her twentieth birthday, she faces the most heart-breaking transition of all; a transfer to the King’s palace. Knowing she must now serve the winged creatures as a source for food, she stands before King Cain, the most feared winged creature and leader of all his species. The moment Cain feeds from Aurora, he knows only two things. One, her soul is the purest energy he has ever tasted, and two, he could never hurt her again. Warning: this story contains upsetting scenes involving children. It also contains adult themes throughout.. This book is not erotica but there are sex scenes.

Romance / Fantasy
Kayley B
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Dedicated to the animals

This book is dedicated to the defenseless and terrified animals of vivisection around the world.

It’s dedicated to the MBR BEAGLES of the UK. The dogs that are forcefully impregnated at puppy farms to produce puppies that are legally sold to laboratories across the UK and then tortured with toxicology tests until they are dead and thrown into the garbage.

Animal testing is considered to be the most evil and barbaric practise of humanity and it is STILL happening. If you are in the UK, like me, and didn’t know that they still use dogs for vivisection then I urge you to WAKE UP. Wake up wherever you live because it is happening around the world.

Animal testing is NOT banned. There are loopholes that the governments can go through and they’ve been keeping this a secret from the public for years. Considered to be the friendliest dog breed, beagles are chosen because they will not fight back.

Join the Beagle Freedom Project fight on facebook and lets close down this horrific puppy farm and expose all of those sociopathic “scientists” that are needlessly torturing dogs for MONEY.

If you feel uncomfortable with humans being enslaved, bred for murder and slaughtered in loneliness (like the plot of this book) then why aren’t you ENRAGED that this is happening to man’s best friend? To animals around the world?


Get mad. Care. Care until it hurts and you cannot sleep anymore. And then spread awareness!

How can you help?

FOLLOW CAMP BEAGLE/THE BEAGLE PROJECT ON FACEBOOK! Share their videos, make them viral, even if you're across the world! We need the UK public to wake up to what is happening to these beautiful, innocent dogs.

If you live in the UK then you can join their protests outside the MBR acres puppy farm in Cambridgeshire. Details are on their page.

Sign the petition. Sign all of the petitions.

Don't buy any animal-tested products. Always research the company before you buy, especially hair and body products. It is actually astonishing the amount of companies that put "not tested on animals" on their labels but have been exposed by Peta. Look up Peta's safety list for 100% accuracy. If you boycott the right companies, animal testing becomes one step closer to being extinct.

Thanks for reading!

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