Blind Love

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A mystery behind a blind love story

Romance / Action
Rashmi Rudrapaul
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Blindness is a challenge

" may I come in sir ??"

I asked the teacher, I was sure there was a teacher in that class as I could hear him teaching the class.

"are you the new student ??"

the teacher asked me as his voice reached to my ear .

" yes sir "

I replied while putting a gentle smile on my face.

" ohh come in "

The teacher replied. I unfolded my cane and went to the direction where the voice was coming with with the help of it .

"so class this is your new classmate. please introduce yourself lady."

The teacher requested me and I nodded my head as a yes. I turned in front according my calculations.

" hii .my name is rashmi paul . I hope we can be friends "

I introduced myself with a smile as the sounds of murmuring echoed in my ear.

" are you blind ??"

Someone, maybe one of the students asked . But I didn't let my smile disappear as I replied


" okay silence !! "
The teacher dismissed the class and their curiosities.

" okay Miss. Rashmi this is Mr. Das your English teacher "

" Hello sir , it's nice to meet you "

I said ,slightly bowing at him. Though the word 'meet' didn't really suit as I couldn't see him but I didn't really know how to say or what else to say.

" Miss. Paul let me help you to reach at your sit"

" no, sir it's okay..I can do it myself..just tell me the directions "

I declined his offer. After all I myself choosed that life . I decided to get transferred in this school from my old blind people's school. And I had to help myself...I couldn't relay on people forever. If being blind is a challenge in my life then I had to accept it.

"Okay then,Miss. paul you go straight and the third bench is empty, you can sit there."

"thank you sir"

I said as I moved further with my cane touching the floor around me to save myself from bumping on the benches or falling accidentally. Once I felt a bench without any books or person I sat there .

It was maybe half an hour since the class had started, I tried to listen to the teacher clearly so that I could remember everything he was teaching. Suddenly I felt like some thing was moving beside me,a cologne of sandalwood ran through my nose as I heard some sounds which only can be heard in dead silence as if the culprit was trying hard not to get caught. I quickly grabbed that thing once I felt something touching my finger and by my judgement I guessed it was a hand .

"what are you trying to do ??"

I asked the owner of the hand.

" ohh sorry . I didn't mean to scare you .umm.. can you give me one of your pen ?? actually I forgot mine in the locker ."

the person or should I say the boy asked me .

"ohh sure ."

I gave him a pen as I didn't want to get myself on trouble at the first day of school cause of a little pen.

Finally the class ended as I started to pack my stuffs when suddenly a sound came from behind which made me flinch and my hands automatically reached my chest to keep my heart from almost popping out .

"sorry sorry . I didn't mean to -"

'Oh! Its the boy from earlier' I thought, I could recognize him by his voice.

" it's okay "

I said while taking a deep breath trying to relax.

"by the way I am kookie .your classmate "
the boy introduced himself, but after hearing his name I felt weird like 'is it his actual name or a nickname??'

" umm..sorry to ask but is this your actual name ??"

I asked him.

"uh...yeah actually my mom thought it was a cute name so...."

the boy replied .

"ohh...I get it . hi my name you already know but you can call me Rush "

I said to him.

then I felt a hand touching mine and pulled it a little forward for a handshake . My mind was like 'his hand is so warm😌😌..... what the hell rush 🤐🤐!!SHUT UP🙄🙄 !!'. I quickly scolded myself before my cheeks could turn in a dark shade of red.

"uh ...can you read this and tell me which is my next class ..actually it's not written in braille."

I asked him with the routine in my hand trying to set my mind at other matter cause if I continued to think about him touching my hand I fear he would obviously find my red cheeks.

" sure ...uhh ...your next class is math, and we have same class so let's go ."

He said .

"ohh ..wait let me take my cane first."

I couldn't walk without my bestfriend whom I needed twenty four seven . But as I was about to search for my bestfriend inside my bag I felt gentle tug on my wrist making me return to my previous position.

" you don't need them when I am with you"

And my mind went like 'Da*n this boy ...what is with him ?? Why his words making my heart beat like I just ran a marathon???!!!'

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